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     Season One 
  • During his segment on Nintendo's lack of same-sex marriages in Tomodachi Life, John shows a few clips of Nintendo's other characters enjoying those rights. Mario and Link kiss, Peach and Zelda have a Sexy Discretion Shot, Yoshi marries Toad (complete with Yoshi doubling in size by kissing him), and finally, Bowser (with a mustache) receiving death benefits after his longtime partner Donkey Kong passes away. To make up for that last one, it then cuts to Bowser and Donkey Kong both alive and well, now having brunch together.
  • In the segment on police militarization, an advert for a police tank is shown. The advert is ridiculously over-the-top, and accompanied by a song called "Die Motherfucker Die."
  • Stephen Hawking himself administering multiple third degree metaphorical burns to Oliver over the course of their short interview.
    John: You've stated that you believe there could be an infinite number of parallel universes, does that mean...that there is a universe out there...where I am smarter than you?
    Stephen: Yes. And also a universe where you're funny.
    • John follows that train of thought, to see if there are any universes where he gets to go on a date with Charlize Theron:
      Stephen: No.
      John: What, not at all? In no univers-
      Stephen: No.
      John: In none of the infinite universes does that happen.
      Stephen: No.
      John: It's completely beyond the bounds of scientific possibility, is what you're saying.
      Stephen: Yes.
      John: [beat] ...Quick follow-up question: in any of those of potential universes am I the one rejecting her, and that's why it doesn't work?
      Stephen: No. You do realise that typing a response is difficult for me, correct?
      John: Ok, yeah, sure, I'm just trying to play this out, see if there are any hypothetical univers-
      Stephen: No.
  • The entire segment about Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
    "Australia is for real Australians, like Tony Abbott, who was actually born in London, England."
  • When discussing FIFA's request that Brazil change the law in order to allow alcohol in sports stadiums, they played a clip of a French FIFA official asking them to do so.note  John then continues:
    John: [in French accent] Maybe I look a beet arrogahnt, but uh, how you say, fuck your laws, and your pooblic saff-ty. Is zat right?
    • Also, regarding the fact that FIFA has a billion dollars in the bank when the chairman says that they're non-profit.
    Sepp Blatter: This a reserve.
    John: A reserve? A reserve of a billion dollars. When your rainy day fund is so big you've got to check it for swimming cartoon ducks, you might not be a non-profit anymore.
  • "Antarctica: Stop Coming Here!"
  • When pandering while describing the issue with Dr. Oz, Oliver brings on George R.R. Martin to demonstrate pandering.
    John: Hey, George. How's the writing going?
    John: What?! It's not Arya? It's not Arya, is it!? George, it's not Arya? Please tell me it's not Arya! GIVE ME A CLUE, DAMN YOU, MARTIN!
    George: [shrug]
  • In setting up his interview with Pepe Julian Onziema, a Uganda LGBT activist, John showed a clip from a Ugandan morning show that Pepe was on. The first question out of the interviewer's mouth was "Why are you gay?" Naturally, thinking this is how all interviews in Uganda start, John had this as his first question for Pepe.
  • The fake attack ads against Allison Grimes and Mitch McConnell. Especially the latter.
    For too long, politics in Washington have been dominated by old, white, wrinkled dicks. And no dick is older, whiter, or wrinklier than Mitch McConnell's.
    (A close shot of an old, white, wrinkled penis appears)
    Think about that, Kentucky. And don't just think about it - look at it.
  • The discussion of gambling addiction commercials in Singapore.
  • When discussing Kansas possibly profiting from porn, John rattles off a series of Parallel Porn Titles, capping with (to milk The Wizard of Oz connection) "Swallow the Yellow Dicks' Load".
    • He takes it all the way. He describes the various items for sale, and advises people to treat this like a charity auction, where people overpay for things that they don't really need. This is finished with him advising the people of Kansas to buy an 18-inch double dildo and proudly display it in their living room, and when they have guests over, to take it off the shelf and wave it in the faces of the guests.
  • John Oliver, sad over the broken prison system of America, tries to talk to a bunch of Muppet children about his worries. One of the kids says that his dad is in jail for a minor drug offense. John agrees with the kid that his dad probably shouldn't be in prison for that. But then one girl speaks up.
    Muppet Girl: Well, my daddy's in prison because he killed four people!
    John: [a little stunned] Well, okay, he's actually a dangerous individual who NEEDS to be in prison.
    • As well as the crocodile whose father is behind bars too... at a zoo.
    Crocodile: Well, it looks the same to him.
    John Oliver: Those are zoos! Those are zoos, your dad is an alligator in a zoo!
    Crocodile: I'm a crocodile. I'm a crocodile! Oh, we all look alike, right?
    Monster: Ah, Jesus. Here we go.
    • You can see John Oliver Corpsing after the above line, covering his mouth to hide his smile. He recovers in time to respond to the crocodile with a straight face.
    • Also, he talks about how a woman had sugar put in her C-section. The Monster kid then asks what a C-section is, if it's the Letter C (which he pulls out). John Oliver says that's what he means.
  • A good portion of his Nuclear Weapons segment is him detailing the utter ineptitude of the system and people watching over these Nuclear Weapons, culminating in:
    Let's recap: That within the last 12 months, we were in a situation of the event of us launching a nuclear strike, the president's command would have theoretically gone through a man gambling with fake poker chips, who would have then tried to call a drunk guy wrestling with a Russian George Harrison, who would have needed to send someone with a bag full of burritos to wake up an officer and tell him to grab an LP-sized floppy disk and begin the solemn process of ending the world as we know it!
    • There was also this:
    Some of our most powerful weapons are Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, I.C.B.M., which is both an acronym, and what you would say if you saw one coming at you. That's a little joke for all you gastroenterologists out there.
  • Due to laws in Thailand that prohibit insulting their monarchy, John is put on their military watch list (as a threat, no less) after he does a segment mocking said monarchy. His response is to complain about their reveal of his middle name and to promptly burn several more bridges by insulting all the monarchies of countries that have similar laws.
  • Syrian president Bashad al Assad has LMFAO and Right Said Fred among his iTunes purchases. The former leads John to note that "a guy with the political interests of a young Joseph Stalin and the music tastes of a 14-year-old girl from Orange County named Tiffany.” The latter brings Right Said Fred to sing a version of "I'm Too Sexy" ("You're an Asshole"). And John looks downright giddy carrying a sign.
  • During the coverage of the Argentine banking default, when it's revealed that one of the American hedge funds that lent to the government apparently tried to repossess one of the country's naval crafts after they couldn't sufficiently pay their debts:
    John: Just... just think about that. A secretive millonaire's hedge fund essentially boat-jacked a warship, like a Somali pirate in an Armani suit.
    (Picture of Barkhad Abdi as Muse wearing a gray three-piece appears on-screen)
  • When covering the issue of the Wage Gap between men and women, John closes the show with a faux commercial for "Ladybucks", a way for corporations to pay women the same amount of money as men, but with the value being 83 percent the value of actual currency. One notable payoff is when a female employee gives her male employer a "thumbs up" when he peeks in her cubicle, but then flips him off with both hands the second his back is turned.
    • The Side-Effects Include... gag capping off the Ladybucks add (which honestly should be what happens to businesses using the wage gap):
  • The entire discussion on the Scottish Independence debate, especially John's mini-rant on British Prime Minister David Cameron.
    News Clip: He's seen in Scotland as the personification of everything that's wrong with England and the UK.
    John Oliver: Yeah, I agree with that. He embodies all the things I hate most about England and I'm English! Let me prove this to you. (photo of several Oxford University students, including Cameron) This is a picture of him as a student at Oxford. He's in f***ing tails! Now, Cameron says he's desperately embarrassed by that photo, which is why it pains me so much to be showing it to you.
  • Law and Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit, featuring more than a few cameos from Criminal Intent.
    • And during the credits, Jeff Goldblum even repeats a line that inspired a great retort from John: “Tenny Mucho Mucho Deniro in Su Trucky Trailer”.note 
  • The reason why robots in home improvement retailers are not a good idea, plus the follow-up Home Depot Commercial.
  • Basically, the entire first few minutes of the State Legislatures and ALEC episode showing how they're basically Cloudcuckoolanders full of racist and loud, angry people. Though, it quickly goes into Fridge Horror territory when he says they're the ones passing most bills. Yes, those loud, angry, and racist people pass more bills than Congress.
    John: It's not really a surprise that you made that mistake with a microphone, you don't seem like someone who can tell whether something's turned on or not.
  • The Salmon Cannon, in which John goes Shamu Fu on a truly impressive number of celebrities. Naturally, the first victim is Jon Stewart.
  • The parody ad attacking the Washington Redskins name.

     Season Two 
  • On pharmaceutical companies spending more on marketing than on R&D:
    John: Drug companies are a bit like high school boyfriends. They're much more concerned with getting inside of you than being effective once they're in there.
  • The show prepared a farewell message for Radioshack to use, with the commercial asking What the Hell, Hero? at the jokes made at their bankruptcy.
  • From the How is This Still a Thing? featurette on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue:
    Narrator: Even S.I. seems to know it's losing relevance — which may be why, every year, like clockwork, they provoke an attention-grabbing controversy, whether it's using other countries' citizens as props [...] objectifying woman with an actual object [...] or this year, baiting the media with THIS bullshit.
    (The 2015 issue appears, featuring model Hannah Davis pulling down her bikini bottom)
    Carl Quintanilla: When the line goes this far, what's left?
    Narrator: The vagina. The vagina is what's left.
  • The footage of Vladimir Putin, after making a big show of Russia's military force while visiting Egypt, having to listen to his country's national anthem be butchered by a soggy, off-key brass band. He looks so sternly bellicose that even John cracks up.
  • John when talking about our infrastructure and how highway funds get money from a gas tax, but the tax hasn't increased with inflation.
    John: The fact that it hasn't increased means that in real terms the gas-tax has gone down 39% since 1993. Much like koosh ball sales or respect for Bill Cosby.
    Norton: Well then tighten [the bolt] goddamn it!... Okay, listen to me! Listen to me, listen to me... lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.
    Buscemi: I'm the best damn inspector in the business - and I'm here to inspect this dam.
    • This exchange:
    John: Here's how obvious our need is — just two days ago, even a total idiot agreed.
    [cut to Donald Trump at the 2015 CPAC]
    Trump: We have to rebuild our infrastructure! Our roads are crumbling; everything's crumbling, and we're rebuilding China!
    John: Okay, now, glossing over whatever the fuck he was talking about regarding "rebuilding China", that upside-down piece of candy corn in a wig made of used medical gauze is right!
  • When John makes the red-tailed hawk the official raptor of Last Week Tonight, a live hawk is brought out to demonstrate. John does his level best to keep going while cringing in fear of it, and the trainer even stretches his arm so it will be closer to John.
    • Watch closely: the trainer looks at John cringing, and then grins at the audience before he sloooowly moved the hawk closer.
  • John takes on the government surveillance:
    • After flying to Russia to interview Edward Snowden, he waits for an hour longer than he expected to - and halfway through that hour, he was informed that their Russian producer had booked them a room that overlooked the former KGB headquarters, and current FSB headquarters in Russia.
    • He also asks random people on the street who Edward Snowden is. The answers he got range from "I don't know" to "He's the founder of WikiLeaks," the latter of which actually refers to Julian Assange. John then said to not confuse Snowden with Assange.
      John: Julian Assange is not a likable man. Even Benedict Cumberbatch could not make him likable! He's un-Cumberbatchable! That was supposed to be physically impossible!
    • John frames the debate in terms everyone can understand: dick pics. Snowden has an amazingly baffled look upon opening a folder John has told him contains very sensitive information. It's a picture of John's dick. The level of Innocent Innuendo in the explanation given by Snowden of the programs that follows (e.g. "Upstream is how they snatch your junk" and "PRISM is how they pull your junk out of Google, with Google's involvement") is huge.
    • John's look of terror at the conclusion of their interview, when Snowden tells them that now they're "associated" and the NSA will be putting him on "the list".
      John: Okay, just to be clear, NSA, I never met this guy [a still picture of the interview is still on the screen] so take me off your f***ing list! 'Cause I do not want to get stuck in Russia! [running through Moscow] I-wanna-go-home-I-wanna-go-home-I-wanna-go-home-I-wanna-go-home!
  • "Standardized tests! The fastest way to terrify any child with five letters outside of just whispering the word "clown"!"
  • When John rolls out his mascots for various federal agencies, the mascot for the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Explosives is Bob Balaban... that is, the real Bob Balaban, standing there in a jacket and tie, looking awfully confused. You honestly get the impression that they hired him and then deliberately told him nothing about the gig, just to sell that reaction.
  • The sequel to his disdain for FIFA (or as he called it "FIFA II: Electric Boogaloo"), when the news hit of FIFA officials being arrested. To say he was gleefully and hilariously vindictive would be an understatement; he probably had jokes prepared years in advance in case this happened.
    John: It's like a Sony executive green-lighting a sequel in the middle of watching Aloha. "This is absolutely terrible and I need to make sure there's more of it. We'll call it Aloha 2: This Time We Mean The Other Meaning."
  • And the followup to that: just two days after he ran the FIFA II episode talking about the arrests in the FIFA scandal, the universally hated president of FIFA Sepp Blatter resigned. Oliver at the time, due to the unlikelihood of Blatter leaving office, mockingly asked FIFA sponsors in the previous episode to pull support in order to pressure Blatter by saying he'd wear a truly ridiculous pair of Adidas shoes, take a bite out of everything in the Dollar Menu at McDonald's, and even drink a Bud Light Lime. Despite the fact (stated by John himself) that there was no indication of any of those companies pulling sponsorship or that Blatter resigning was because of them, John proved he was a man of his word and did all three; Special mention goes to the Bud Light Lime segment: while he said he'd claim it was delicious, he never said about what he'd say before drinking it.
    John: ...Bud Light Lime tastes like Jolly Green Giant's ejaculate, it tastes like the Great Gazoo urinating in a public pool or a lime Jolly Rancher fished out of Mickey Rourke's mouth!
    • Not only did Oliver drink the bottle, he CHUGGED IT.
    • There was also the matter of Blatter's resignation happening around the same time as the North American release of United Passions, a biopic about the history of FIFA that had been financed by FIFA and was suspiciously glowing in spite of the years of accusations of corruption directed at the organization.
    John: The reviews so far have been phenomenal: The Guardian said that, "As cinema it is excrement," and The New York Times called it "…one of the most unwatchable films in recent memory." And remember, this is the same week the Entourage movie came out. #THEBOYSAREBACK
    • His comment about the Adidas, which was unfortunately almost lost in the crowd's reaction: "Who needs arch support when you look like Louis XIV going to a rap battle?"
  • Discovering that Thailand has a weird obsession with Hitler, featuring him in chicken restaurants, laxative ads and boy bands, John suggests Rip Taylor as a better replacement — he's also ostentatious, fun, and has a mustache, but isn't a reviled genocidal madman.
  • On his segment, John got Helen Mirren to narrate for the CIA Torture Report Book. Afterwards, he got her to narrate a Beatrix Potter book to alleviate the disgust of torture, this is what he got:
    Mirren: "But while Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail were on their way to pick blackberries, Peter was chained to a wall in farmer McGregor's basement. He'd been badly beaten, and a tray of carrots and raisins was pureed and rectally infused."
  • During his segment on online harassment, John rickrolls the audience twice and briefly brings back the "Carlos Danger" dance after an Anthony Weiner joke.
  • The spot-on recreation of a '90s Internet ad, replacing its characters with two men marveling at how they can use the Internet to destroy women's lives, all with the same cheerful delivery as the original.
  • In order to celebrate the "Leap Second", LWT staff bought the domain name "" - John points out that no one had thought to say it out loud prior to purchase.
  • The 5-year montage of all the conservatives who predicted that Obamacare would soon be repealed, ending with one still thinking about trying to repeal it.
  • During the Pride Week episode, John plays a clip from CNN where the commentators seem eminently fearful of a picture of an "ISIS flag" marching unnoticed at a parade in London, speculating about its purpose and calling in one of the network's terrorism analysts. What nobody reporting happened to notice, however, is that it wasn't a "very bad mimicry" of the actual ISIS flag, but a parody by sexual activist and performance artist Paul Coombs, with all the writing replaced by dildos and butt-plugs. And, yes, CNN held on the graphic image for over 7 straight minutes. John delightedly mentions that, as of airtime, not only had they not apologized, but had ignored the incident completely.
  • July 4th, the annual American tradition of reminding the sky who runs shit.
  • While talking about stadiums and discussing how they failed to stimulate the economy, he brought out a clip of an economist saying that it would be more stimulating for the economy to take the money that would be spent on the stadium and dump it out all over the city and let the populace grab it and spend it. This led him to pitch a new Reality TV show.
    John Oliver: Tune in this Sunday for Ryan Seacrest's Billion Dollar Dump! ONLY on NBC!
    • From the same episode, Oliver talks about a group of fans who created a rap song to promote the idea of a stadium by noting that San Diego was the "second largest" city in California, as if rappers normally boasted in any of their songs about being the second best anything.
    John Oliver: Yo, I got the second-hottest car 'cause I'm the second most paid / When I go to the club, I get the second most laid! Second most! Second most! I'm up there! I'm #2, yo! #2!
  • John getting baffled by Laibach and their work.
    John Oliver: [after playing the band's cover of "Sympathy for the Devil"] Finally, we have an answer to the question: What if Freddie Mercury was trapped in a cave, had just swallowed a frog, and was trying to sing it out?
  • The advert encouraging Canadians not to cheat on their spouses has a few gems.
    • "Moose, you keep right on moosing. This doesn't concern you."
    • Showing a bunch of idyllic locations supposedly of Ottawa, then admitting it's actually Paris.
    • The segues into random sex acts, such as "unsolicited cunnilingus" and finger banging in the carport.
    • "So in conclusion, don't have sex with someone else's husband named Gordon. Have sex with yer OWN husband named Gordon."
  • John having a bunch of kids sing a modified version of the 50 States song describing how Congress is screwing over Washington, D.C.
  • Concerned that teenagers aren't getting decent sex-ed from their own schools due to statewide abstinence-only mandates or low funding, John puts together his own star-studded instructional video.
    Laverne Cox: Here's how you put a condom on a banana.
    Megan Mullally: Oh, this is a lot less curvy than I'm used to.
    (Nick Offermannote  nods at the camera with a "Yeah, that's right" grin on his face)
    • Near the beginning of the segment, Oliver screens a now-famous clip from the 1974 film "Linda's Film on Menstruation", featuring a young Jonathan Banks as "Johnny", Judy's befuddled boyfriend who can't understand how she's suddenly doing so well at the bowling lanes; at the very end, Banks appears to bitterly remark that periods don't actually make you any better at sports.
    • Especially funny for Gravity Falls fans - it's impossible to hear Mabel explaining puberty and sex to you without laughing.
  • Go ahead, call 1-800-THIS-IS-LEGAL, as advertised at the end of the televangelist special. Go ahead and call it. John Oliver will eventually break down into a hilarious psychotic tirade commanding the caller to give him money.
    Reverend John Oliver: I wouldn't bless you if you fucking sneezed.
    • One of the seed donations is simply a five-dollar bill attached to a very blunt and direct note: "Take my seed, you rat faced bastard."
    • Even better, going to the website now brings you to a short letter detailing that they're shutting down, and why (but not before saying that it wasn't because of the law).
    "We’re closing because multiple people sent us sperm through the mail. And when someone sends you jizz through the mail, it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing."
    • In the very last segment detailing exactly that, John reveals they were sent a four-foot-high wooden phallus and the message "Rub this for the seed you seek!"; after he angrily demands they "shut this shit down" and give all the cash donations to a more worthy cause, workmen take away everything save the giant dildo, which Oliver clutches tight and insists he's keeping.
      • They also sent a shirt reading "John Oliver is a rat-faced bastard!"
    • Regarding the vials of semen received:
    "And I think some were fake, but some were not!"
  • John asked every single presidential candidate from both parties, "Would you support a passage of a federal law or laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, specifically in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation, and access to credit?" Only four candidates provided an answer: three of them said "Yes" and a spokesman for Rand Paul responded with, "We'll pass. Thanks." John was, understandably, confused.
  • The end of the segment about the Refugee crisis facing Europe, where they managed to get Sammy and E.J. from Days of Our Lives to appear in-character solely for Noujain Moustaffa's benefit, as she'd literally taught herself English by watching their show, and felt sad that EJ had been killed off.
  • During his segment on Mental Health, John Oliver points out that prisons hold more mentally ill people than state-funded psychiatric care hospitals. While that is absolutely horrifying, he quickly makes it funny.
    John: That is terrible. Finding out jails are our largest providers of mental health treatment is like finding out Lil Wayne lyrics are our greatest source of sexual education. [picture of a teenager with a Lil' Wayne poster] No, Darren, you can't "smack it up, flip it like a spatula". Where did you even learn that? What does it mean? "Flip it like a spatula." Would you like it if I did that to your mother? No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't, Darren. So don't say it.
  • In order to convince North Dakota to get angry about their ridiculously under-regulated oil industry, John had an actual animated billboard put up telling them "Be Angry. (Please.)"
    • Before that, as the narrator is trying to convince them to get angry, it cuts to a hissing possum.
      Narrator: Holy shit, not you possum!
  • John brings Mike Myers out to help him tell Canadians not to re-elect Stephen Harper, capping off with this reference to Kanye West's outburst during a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser (during which Myers was left next to him in Stunned Silence).
    John: Exactly, don't [vote for him], and I'll tell you why: Stephen Harper doesn't care about black people! [music stops abruptly]
    Myers: Oh god... not again!
    John: Oh, sorry, my mistake. What I meant to say was 'Stephen Harper doesn't care about Muslim people'!
    Myers: ...Totally fair! I think he made that pretty clear.
    • The "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer regarding a Canadian law that seeks to charge non-citizens (up to $5000 and/or six months imprisonment) who induce Canadians to vote or not vote for a candidate. Then the end of the skit where he and Myers happily throw Canadian $20s at the camera.
  • During his "Medicaid Gap" episode, he goes to talk about the Mississippi elections and how Phil Bryant repelled the Medicaid Expansion. Luckily, his opponent said that he'd expand it... problem is, his opponent is a trucker who didn't even spend more than 100 dollars on his campaign and then forgot to mention he was running for Governor to his own mother!
    John: Holy shit! There is a difference between running a low-key campaign and not having name recognition within your own family!
    • In the same episode, when he goes on to talk about Virginia and how one person who's a massive obstacle to Medicaid is a man whose name is Dick Black.
    John: Whose name, yes, sounds like a category heading in an adult bookstore, but believe me, he's considerably less fun than his name suggests.
    • Also, as it turns out, Senator Dick Black shares the name with an accordionist who actually released an album called A Taste of Dick Black.
  • If Sepp Blatter got a yogurt in the FIFA office refrigerator before he got suspended, it could still be there when he returned... if not for the fact that Janice in Accounting don't give a fuck. If the fridge had an euthanized lion, she wouldn't give a fuck either! And let's not talk about that disputed South China Sea territory.
  • While discussing a certain Crown Jewel that was stolen from India, which India now wants back, John gives what's probably the real reason England is refusing to do it: they stole virtually everything they have, so that the entire British Museum is basically an active crime scene, and if they gave anything back then they'd have to give it all back, until they're left with only a painting of Tennyson and a pair of Gary Oldman's running shorts.
  • While talking about how bringing up the Japanese internment camps is bad form, he decides to show the scene of Hyde Park On Hudson where FDR gets a handjob from his distant cousin while in the middle of a field of flowers with soft focus cinematography. After showing it, he says, "Did I have to show you that? No. Did I want to show you that? Absolutely I did."
  • This speech from George Bush Sr. that John Oliver adds onto with his commentary:
    George H. W. Bush: This is crack cocaine. Seized a few days ago by drug enforcement agents in a park just across the street from the white house. It could easily have been heroin or PCP. It's as innocent looking as candy. And now, with the help of this bag's contents, I shall ascend into the cosmos on the wings of a dragon to a place where joy is everlasting and fear is but a memory! (Snort) LET'S DO THIS THING! LET'S DO THIS THING Y'ALL!!!!!
  • The Continuity Cavalcade in the season finale: John brings out several of his past mascots, Wanda Jo and the wooden phallus from his church, the band that does his theme song, and Janice from Accounting in person. She steals his chair and his mug.
  • When talking about the Washington Redskins getting their trademarks cancelled by federal courts for offensive names, John brings up their counter-attack: pointing out all the trademarks that have been approved with even more offensive names. These names cannot be mentioned on prime time news because of how hilariously offensive they are, but HBO has no such restrictions.
    John: Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention: if you have children in the room, they should have left before the previous thirty seconds.
  • On Mohammad Usafi, a translator who worked with US forces, getting his name changed to FNU (First Name Unknown) Mohammad on his SIV visa (that he had spent far too long trying to get):
    "Fnu is fnot a fnucking fname!"

    Season Three 
  • When New Zealand politician Steven Joyce was hit by a dildo, he decided to Tweet John preemptively, figuring John would make a story of it anyway. John took this as a challenge and made a spectacle of it, including a choir, an image of Joyce's head being hit by by dildos from every direction, two dildo mascots on wires, and New Zealand native Peter Jackson waving a modified New Zealand flag depicting the exact moment Joyce was hit by the dildo.
  • The "How is This Still a Thing?" piece on Hollywood whitewashing is one of the most immensely, justifiably angry segments in show history; as such, it's also pure gold, tackling everything from white actors playing different ethnicities, to how the stories of people of color are often told with a White Male Lead as an Audience Surrogate, to why "half the country goes apeshit" whenever a traditionally white role is differently cast.
    • The icon used to depict whitewashing at the very beginning is just Fisher Stevens as Ben Jabituya / Jahrvi.
    • On Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, and his comment that he needed known Caucasian actors to bankroll a big production:
    Entertainment Reporter: Director Ridley Scott told Variety Magazine he can't mount a $140 million film "and say that my lead actor is Mohammed So-and-So from Such-and-Such. I'm just not going to get it financed."
    (Cut to Joel Edgerton looking very silly in bronzer and a shaved head)
    Narrator: Yeah, you needed the white-hot star power of whoever the fuck this guy is.
    Narrator: Yes, if you're black, even if you're an actor who sometimes dresses like French Waldo, people will still say you're too street.
    • On Tom Cruise as Nathan Algren:
      Narrator: This guy is the last samurai? THIS guy? THIS guy's the last samurai. This guy, this guy is the last samurai. (Beat) Fuck you.
      • Incidentally, even through the makers of the film insisted that the title "The Last Samurai" does not refer to Tom Cruise's character, but to the Japanese character Katsumoto and his samurai followers, the segment points out that all the samurai in the movie are in fact played by Japanese actors. Cruise's character is an American (making this an example of the White Male Lead as an audience surrogate).
  • After detailing Donald Trump's numerous failings and basically proving that he'd be a horrible president, Oliver calls back to a moment where he mentioned a tweet from Trump basically mocking Jon Stewart over changing his last name (while claiming that "he should be proud of his heritage"), while also noting that the name "Trump" has a kind of power to it from how it sounds, which is a problem when it comes to dis-empowering that name. Then he reveals Donald's hypocrisy over the previous tweet by noting that Donald's German grandfather changed the family name to "Trump" from "Drumpf" (which is much less dignified to English-speakers), not only highlighting Donald's hypocrisy, but then proceeded to run with it, encouraging his viewers to "Make Donald Drumpf Again" and troll Donald Trump by calling him by his family's original last name.
  • When talking about some cheeky fellow from Egypt setting up an eBay page to sell "One slightly-used Field Marshal" (current Egyptian president El Sisi), John remarks that it's not the stupidest thing ever sold on Ebay and puts up a picture of someone selling "Possibly the World's Largest Raisin Bran Flakes" for over a hundred dollars while speculating on what idiot would want to buy that.
    John: And let me just say....[picks up the frame holding said flakes] That idiot is very happy with his purchase!
  • The unexpected return of the "place you think about so little" Running Gag, in the middle of a video they filmed with a bunch of California school kids for a contest.
  • After an episode about how Apple is just barely keeping ahead of all the people trying to hack into its products, we get a more honest commercial of the tech crew freaking out about a virus and trashing their office. The slogan: "Join us as we dance madly on the lip of the volcano."
  • The alternative to Trump's plan to build a wall around the Mexican border: buying waffle irons for every American citizen. It will cost less, do nearly as much to keep out immigrants and drugs, won’t harm the US relationship with a major trading partner, it's only racist towards Belgians, "and unlike the wall, this makes fucking waffles!"
    John: So come on, America! Let's ask ourselves, what kind of country do we want to wake up to? One that spends billions on an impossible, impractical symbol of fear? Or one that smells like breakfast? Exactly!"
  • The segment on fundraising culminates in John drinking out of a Long Island wine bag with congressman Steve Israel.
    John: What better way to end a bittersweet career than with the bittersweet taste of Norfolk chardonnay?
  • In response to New York Yankees COO Lonn Trost saying the premium seats' buyers were uncomfortable sitting next to fans who scored tickets for a fraction of the face-value cost, the show offered Yankees tickets right behind home plate to their audience for $0.25 on the condition of dressing like "you have never sat in a premium location". Winners included guys dressed as Ninja Turtles, girls dressed as unicorns and sharks, and two guys dressed as dragons.
    • The following week's "And Now This" is devoted to the news reports on the fans, ending with a rather poorly researched one that calls John "HBO's Jon Stewart". The audience is suddenly caught between laughing, cheering, and groaning disgustedly. (John also feels it's awkward, to the point it takes a while for him to start the main segment...)
  • During the segment on Lead Poisoning, John brings out some Sesame Street characters as a follow up to a song lesson they did about the same issue 20 years earlier. Which among other things leads to this exchange after Oscar the Grouch complains about the Strawman argument on the costs of cleaning it up:
    John: Wow, that is an astonishing level of economic insight coming from someone who lives in a trashcan.
    Oscar: Hey, this can is rent controlled. I've had it since the 60s.
  • The segment on Scientific Research is filled with Take Thats (“There is no Nobel Prize for fact checking. Incidentally, ‘There is no Nobel Prize for fact checking’ is a motivational poster in Brian Williams’ MSNBC dressing room.”). But the best one regards a scientist advocating hugs for oxytocin:
    John: First of all, don't call yourself Dr. Love. That's the name a tabloid gives a dentist who ejaculated on his sedated patients. And second, there's no way I would be happier giving eight hugs a day. I'm English! That's four lifetimes' worth of hugs.
  • The segment on 911 call centers ends with an "Honest" 911 PSA featuring Rob Riggle.
    • A particular highlight is when the dispatcher discusses how some places have better systems than other. The kid with the grandma in Maine is fine. The one with a grandma in Georgia?
      Dispatcher: Ooh, she is fucked.
  • Describing the 2016 election as:
    • The Clowntown Fuck-the-World Shitshow 2016
    • America's Fucktastic Cirque de Dismay 2016
    • America's 3D IMAX Shit-Fit Dumpster Fire 2016
    • A Horrifying Glimpse at Satan's Pinterest Board 2016
    • Uncle Sam's Rock-Bottom Yankee-Doodle Suicide Pact 2016
    • Lice on Rats on a Horse Corpse on Fire 2016
    • The Holy Shit, Please Make It Stop Trash Fire Two Thousand Fuckteen
    • America's Shit Salad Fuckstravaganza 2016
    • The Fiery Two-Party Pileup on the Hellbound Fuckspressway
    • The Shit-Filled Cornucopia That Just Keeps On Giving 2016
    • Lady Liberty Convenience Store Robbery Gone Wrong Descending into a Hostage Situation and Now She's Demanding a Chopper 2016
    • Oh, I Get It: We All Died, and This Is Hell, and Satan Has Cursed Us to Live Out This Nightmare for All Eternity 2016
    • The Electoral Equivalent of Seeing Someone Else Puking So You Start Puking and Then Someone Else Is Puking and Pretty Soon Everyone Is Puking 2016
    • What Did I Do to Deserve This? I Always Tried to Be a Good Person Is This Because I Stole Candy Once in 4th Grade Please Stop Punishing Us 2016
    • I Honestly Don't Even Know If I Can Make It Another Two-and-a-Half Weeks I've Been Drinking a Lot and Lashing Out and Frankly My Family Is Worried 2016
    • I Don't Even Believe in Past Lives, but I Must Have Done Something Really Fucking Terrible in a Past Life to Deserve This I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry 2016
    • Of Course Election Day Is on November 8th — the Last Possible Date the Election Could Fall On. This Must Be the Universe Punishing Us for All the Masturbating We've Done, and It Was a Lot 2016
    • I Thought I Wanted It to Be Over But Now That It's Over I Wish It Was Still Going On Because It Turns Out the Ending Is Even Worse Twenty-Fucking-Sixteen
  • John says the sheer absurdity of the savings plan for the show's employees actually made Janice in Accounting give a fuck.
    • Given a savings plan advertisement had escalating dominoes, once the show does their take on said videos, the last domino accidentally crushes guest star, Kristen Chenoweth. Naturally, the segment ends with a statement that No Kristen Chenoweths Were Harmed.
  • John asserted that not even death would stop Donald Trump from tweeting, and provided a sample future tweet in which Trump says he's unimpressed with God's beard, and His inability to lift a rock that He himself created (a reference to the omnipotence paradox), finishing with a one-word sentence: "Sad."
  • "Fuck the European Union", an anti-Brexit ad produced by John which insults every country in the EU while also asserting the importance of remaining a member. Sung by a child.
    • During the same segment, when a UKIP member says the one kind of person she doesn't like is "Negroes," and she has no idea why, John calls it official proof that not everything sounds smarter with a British accent.
  • John considers Lance Armstrong to be a Consummate Liar. Why? Because he said biking was cool and "we believed him".
    • After we have to watch an entire video of an Olympic athlete chaperone having to watch him pee, John pipes in with "That is the look of a man who is questioning every single decision he's made in his life."
  • After playing the clip of Khizr Khan's speech about the constitution, John describes what he just witnessed.
    John: Oh, shit! That was an American founding document being inspirationally used as a middle finger! I did not know that was technically possible!
  • When the American Petroleum Institute used the show's opening style (font included), John produced a new opening based on one of their previous ads featuring Rebecca and Andy, who use the time to insult API for its practices. They also mention that its logo looks like it's being penetrated by a polar bear's dick, complete with animated graphic... which they show for an uncomfortably long time, with both actors staring at it thoughtfully.
  • The web segment on birds. "FUCK YOU, BIRDS!" Penguins get a pass, though.
  • While covering Wells Fargo and their fraudulent accounts, John discovered an old ethics video shown to Wells Fargo employees ten years ago, complete with cheap prop comedy comparing ethics violations to a rubber band that would snap back and hurt you if you stretched them too far. When the show's team tracked down the man who starred in the video, they were quite surprised to find he's one of the show's own writers, who was quite happy to do a new video, complete with comparing their ethics violations to putting a dildo boomerang, as it would inevitably come back to "fuck them in the ass."
  • Four Fox News reporters all cringing as Donald Trump brings up his fat-shaming comments completely unprompted, and just keeps going on about them.
  • In Guantanamo, one of the ways for the soldiers to torture prisoners is to blast loud music at them. Unfortunately for the soldiers, one of the prisoners really liked the song (Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again"), so he sang along. And then John compares it to the band's usual Intercourse with You...
  • The return of the Most Patient Man on Television.
  • John taunting Donald Trump with the Emmy Last Week Tonight won.
  • When Anthony Weiner's scandals bring the Hillary Clinton email investigations back into the public and thus shake the election further, John has no choice but to admit to the danger. Carlos Danger.
  • In School Segregation, John shows an old clip of a white female student going to a school mostly attended by African-Americans, with the boys lewdly calling her "vanilla ice cream". As terrible as it was, John manages to make it funny with this:
    "Ok, that is clearly horrible. But on a side note, using the terms chocolate and vanilla is actually the best possible argument to bring races closer together because what happens when you combine chocolate and vanilla? I'll tell you what happens. Fucking Fudgey the Whale happens! And it is superb!"
  • After discussing how multilevel marketing companies are blatant pyramid schemes, John shows an especially damning clip of a spokeswoman for one of them at a convention, where she outright says it's a pyramid scheme early in her spiel. John then keeps interrupting to ask her to go back to the part where she "definitely said pyramid scheme."
    • John explains that MLM companies have hierarchies of distributors, which are climbed up typically by selling product at a sufficiently fast rate; Kyani, for example, has ranks named after gemstones, with one particularly high rank being named "Double Black Diamond", which John points out is also skiing terminology for very dangerous trails. Later, while showing MLM events in other countries, he shows an Herbalife event in Mexico where CEO Michael Johnson slings a Mexico flag around his shoulder while greeting the audience, calling it "douchebaggery at a double black diamond level."
    • His response to and mocking of an excerpt from an interview with Johnson in which Johnson expresses pride in working with the Latino community, more specifically stating that "the Latino—the blood, if you will" runs in the company and "it feels great":
      "Oh, I love the blood of the Latino community, I just wanna bathe in it! I wanna bathe in your blood, Latinos! How's this sales pitch going? I feel like it's going bueno!"
      "You know what? Now might be a good time to point out that when someone says, 'Their blood is in me and it feels great,' that is what a fucking vampire says!"
    • John closes by asking the viewers to send the episode to five people, with instructions for each of them to send it to five others, just like the MLM companies do. And as it was revealed that thanks to the magic of exponential equations, such a strategy theoretically reaches every single person on earth in just fourteen cycles — "to the point where we need to start fucking to create more people to watch it" — he takes the opportunity to say hi to Beyoncé.
    • John's response to a Telenovela that had an Enforced Plug for a product of a multilevel marketing company, wondering about how much drama there must be in the commercials.
    "aaahhh, Meester GEICO Lizard, I want to save 15% or more on car insurance, but how can I, when you are sleeping with my wife?
  • In his last pre-Election Day segment on the 2016 Presidential election, John shares an Old Shame — a clip of him on The Daily Show a few years previous, actively encouraging Donald Trump to run, because he thought it'd be hilarious.
    "In my defense...I have no defense for that, and was hoping to think of one before finishing this sentence, which oh shit it's over."
    • Moments later, he follows this up with another clip, of him stating that the Chicago Cubs will never win the World Series. The episode aired just days after the Cubs did just that.
  • The season finale ends with a "tribute" to 2016, which was a terrible year in general. It mostly consists of people talking about all the bad things that happened, then ends with a montage of people raising their middle fingers and shouting "Fuck you, 2016!" Well... most people.
    "Weird Al" Yankovic: 2016... Ffffffffffalls well below my standards of quality! (raises his pointer finger instead of his middle finger)
  • The "actual audio" from both Barack Obama's meeting with Donald Trump, and Trump appearing to realize for the first time just what being the president entails: the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song. John then states that's the new national anthem.

    Season Four 
  • The Season 4 Promo has the narrator talking about HBO's award winning and praiseworthy show is returning, which makes John think he's talking about his show, only for the camera to reveal the narrator was actually talking about HBO's other hit series on Sundays (Game of Thrones), hit comedy series entering its fourth season (Silicon Valley) and hit comedy series returning from a hiatus (Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was Un-Cancelled).
  • The Bait and Switch where he mentions The Young Pope as the most interesting thing to happen during hiatus before getting into politics.
  • Offhandedly calling Sean Spicer "Melissa" in reference to Saturday Night Live's parody of Spicer.
  • "And Now, Donald Trump Cannot Shake Hands." A montage of Donald's awkward, yanking hand shakes, complete with Stock Sound Effects.
  • After lambasting Trump for his reliance on Fox News Channel and questionable news websites for his news, John declares that he had filmed infomercials that would air the following day on Washington D.C.'s affiliates of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN to inform Trump about subjects like the nuclear triad, the Geneva Conventions and that there are actually other people than Trump.
  • At the beginning of the episode about Vladimir Putin, as an example of how big his memetic popularity is in Russia, they put a clip of a techno pop song made about him, "A Man Like Putin", by Poyushchie vmeste ("Singing Together"). So, how can they convey how bad Putin is concisely and in a memorable way? By doing their own cover of "A Man Like Putin", of course.
    • During the episode, it was also noted that some opponents of Putin had some bizarre and allegedly coincidental things happen to them, such as people defecating on the hood of their cars. So, partway through the song, John has to run onstage to interrupt the song so he can beg Putin to not have anyone shit on his car. Then the song resumes.
  • The entire debacle with the Trump administrations numerous contacts with Russia is dubbed "Stupid Watergate," with them trying to make a similar labyrinthine conspiracy while no one has any idea what they're doing. John specifically points out Paul Ryan visibly suppressing a laugh during Trump's promise that he'll be getting down to business now.
  • John Oliver tackles the situation of the Dalai Lama and China. Naturally, like Snowden, he visits him as well. Highlights of the meeting include:
    • How he convinced Mongolia to stop drinking vodka... in exchange for horse milk. Understandably, John is rather baffled at his claim, along with how one even obtains horse milk.
      Dalai Lama: Drink much less vodka-
      John Oliver: Yeah, they love to hear that.
      Dalai Lama: -Yeah instead of that with a, uh, traditional sort of drink. Horse milk.
      John: ...Wait, hold on.
      Dalai Lama: Horse milk.
    • How the Dalai Lama embraces the fact that he's called a demon by China. And on that note - and again, similar to his interview with Snowden - John was subject to an Oh, Crap! moment when the Dalai Lama takes his willingness to criticize China to say that John should become a demon too.
      John: No no no, you can't transfer- you can't reincarnate the demon into me.
      Dalai Lama: Yes, yes.
      John: No no no no! Don't make me a demon. No no, you can't do tha- will you cu- you cannot do that. Can he do that? Oh no... this is not how I wanted this interview to go.
  • On the subject of the March 2017 CIA leaks:
    • Regarding the reports that the CIA explored the possibility of hijacking cars' softwares:
      News reporter: This could do a whole lot of things, from playing the music to playing control of the car entirely and crashing it if you want to assassinate somebody.
      John: Well, that escalated quickly! First I'll make them listen to Coldplay, then it's murder.
    • When talking about the reports of a malware supposedly able to use Samsung smart televisions as listening devices, John first takes note of a news reporter's really sassy way of breaking the news.
      News reporter: If you got a Samsung TV, it's like: "You think you're watching TV? Oh honey, that thing is watching you!"
      John: Okay, first: She should deliver all of the news. "19 dead in a blazing apartment fire? All of them children, girl-frrriend!"
    • After pointing out that the documents themselves note that the supposed malware only worked on TVs made from 2012 and 2013, and that it had to be installed with an USB, John points out that on top of that, it also works on Cut the Juice rules.
      John: ...experts still advise there's still actually a potential way to circumvent it; it's a little complicated, so I'll walk you through it: Step 1: Unplug the TV; and... that is it, end of steps, you're off the grid.
  • In the wake of the controversy caused to Samsung due to the CIA leaks (on top of their spectacularly bad few months of their smartphones catching fire and their washing machines exploding) they release a commercial that has the announcer panicking as every single product bursts into flames.
    Announcer: The one promise we can absolutely make you is that none of out products will explode any more. [smartphone explodes] Shit! Oh-kay, maybe the phones, I guess, but definitely not the— [laptop explodes] Aaaah shit! No! No! Put the vacuum up! Put the— [vacuum is on fire] Oh my God! Oh my God, it's on fire! The vacuum's on fire! How is it still moving?! [smart TV is completely engulfed in flames] What! Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck! Is the watch OK? Tell me the watch is OK; you fucking tell me the watch is OK! [watch explodes] No! Oh God! Fuck me! The point is: Our dryers, they are fine. [dryer expels fire] Oh fuck you! Samsung! Hey, at least our logo works, right? [the logo explodes] Oh come on!
  • While discussing the current laws on marijuana use, John repeatedly screws with any stoners named Greg who happen to be watching, claiming he's talking directly to them and can even read their minds.
  • After Sean Spicer's comments saying that Adolf Hitler didn't use chemical weapons, John takes issue of Spicer's use of the term "Holocaust Center," saying that it sounds like the name for a hockey arena for the alt-right. We then see the entrance for the hypothetical arena, complete with having Pepe the Frog as a mascot.
  • John poked fun at the fact that Donald Trump remembered to slip what was basically a commercial for Mar-a-Lago's chocolate cake that he was having for dessert ("the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen") into his recollection of the night he fired Tomahawk missiles into Syria, but couldn't keep track of what country he was raiding.
    Donald Trump: So what happens is, we've just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq—
    Interviewer: Heading to Syria.
    Trump: Yes, heading for Syria, sure.
    John: Obviously, she should have just kept naming places to see if he agreed with her. "Heading to Egypt?" "Yes, heading to Egypt." "Heading to Dollywood?" "Yes, heading to Dollywood." "Heading straight to us?" "Yes, heading straight to us, right now."
  • John notes that after Trump said that North Korea could be easily taken care of by China, he later changed his mind "after listening for 10 minutes" to the President of China Xi Jingping, as "[he] realized that it's not so easy." This leaves John speechless, as he wants to know how the President of China managed to explain something that complicated in just 10 minutes, "because if this show did a segment on grapes, we'd need 20 minutes and an appereance from a marching band."
  • Regarding the April 2017 Afghanistan airstrike that used the "Mother of All Bombs," John wants to appreciate one thing first:
    John: Okay, now there's obviously a lot to unpack there, but let's just take a minute and appreciate the fact that we finally reached a point where mothers can be bombs. #MOMBOMBS #FEMINISM
  • On the 2017 French presidential election:
    • After showing several commentators saying that the election could define "the fate of Europe," John notes that the fate of Europe is in the hands of "a country that looks at snails and says, 'I have got to get you in my mouth.'"
    • In response to several commentators saying that depending on the election, France could also leave the European Union, and that in turn could be the end of the union itself, John calls it "the most disastrous French exit in history, and that is acknowledging that a French exit normally refers to drinking an entire bottle of red wine and then leaving a party with the host's wife."
    • After a description of French's election system (in two rounds, the first with all candidates, the seond one with the two who got the most votes in the first):note 
    • John's run-down of the candidates is a doozy:
      • He notes that one candidate, Jacques Cheminade, has a platform that includes colonizing Mars. He then plays a clip of Cheminade explaining it using Shout-Outs to Star Wars, except that he calls Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca "Larry Skywalker" and "that weird bear," respectively. John then says that now he thinks that those should have been their actual names.
      • John then shows the campaign ads of Jean Lassalle, which John describes as "almost offensively French": Traveling in a train in moody black-and-white, working on his farm, dancing, and mowing a hillside shirtless (all while wearing a beret). John says that he seems to be attempting to win a reality show called "So You Think You Can France."
      • John goes on to describe how François Fillon, former Prime Minister, was once the leading candidate, but fell back on the polls due to a scandal called "Penelopegate" (in which he is accused of having paid his wife, Penelope, and their children with public money for little to no actual work). John then says that with a name like that, it sounds more like "a scandal involving selling weapons-grade uranium to Penélope Cruz."
      • John's response to Jean-Luc Mélenchon using holograms to appear in two campaign rallies at the same time (and activating them with a giddy grin)? His trademark "Cool."
      • After a commentator describes one of the frontrunners, Emmanuel Macron, as "generally inoffensive" and "not super attractive to anyone," John says that makes him sound like "the guy who played the main character in How I Met Your Mother." (John doesn't even mention the actor's name, saying that he doesn't have one). However, John notes that there's something interesting in Macron: He married his schoolteacher, who's 20 years older than him, and as a result he has seven step-grandchildren at the age of 39. John then says that a man in his thirties ending up with seven step-grandchildren sounds like the plot of a Direct-to-DVD Ashton Kutcher movie called "Even on a Nine-Hour Flight This Movie Is Unwatchable."
      • On a sidenote, John mentions that Manuel Valls (a former Prime Minister and an ultimately unsucessful candidate in the primaries) and Fillon got cups of flour thrown at them during the campaign, and after describing Macron, he adds, "If you're wondering if Macron did get any baking ingredients thrown at him during the campaign, well, what do you think?" (For variety's sake, he got an egg rather than flour.) He summarizes that, with two cups of flour and one egg, he doesn't know if the French people are any closer to picking a President, but they're halfway through making a decent crêpe.
      • This finally leads to Marine Le Pen, the candidate for which he considers the election is making headlines worldwide. John first mentions how her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, said to one Jewish critic that "we'll put a batch in the oven next time." John calls it "the kind of vile, horrific anti-semitism that gets most people permanently banished from society, as well as an Oscar nomination for directing Hacksaw Ridge."
      • John notes that after that, Marine kicked Jean-Marie out of the party and worked to present a softer image, as shown when one French voter says that with her "there's an elegance." John is quick to caution that elegant presentation does not negate its content, putting as example that a Klansman is still a Klansman even in a monocle, a top hat, and a cane, while showing a picture of a Klansman dressed as such. He then asks for the sheet to be removed, revealing him to be Mr. Peanut.
      • John shows an interview made to Marine Le Pen about immigration, in which she said that, when inviting immigrants to one's flat, they could such things as "stealing your wallet and brutalizing your wife," but what caught John's attention was that she also said that "on top of that, they start to remove the wallpaper."
        John: I never thought I'd say this to someone, because it doesn't really make sense, but I hope someone steals your wallpaper! I don't know why they would Marine, but I hope they do.
    • After all that, and with polls suggesting that one-third of French voters might abstain from the election, how does John appeal to French voters? By appealing to their "Frenchness" turning his set into a scene out of a French film, complete with moody black-and-white, an accordionist, smoking cigarettes, and speaking entirely in French. He even goes as far as to talk about Larry Skywalker and that weird bear too.