Trivia / The Late Late Show

Craig Kilborn's run

James Corden's run

  • Actor Allusion: When Chris Pine was a guest, James made several references to Into the Woods and how, during production, Chris would hang out with a certain future talk show host.
  • Creator Backlash: The Foo Fighters have been quite open about disliking their time on Carpool Karaoke, saying that they were completely exhausted at having to spend hours upon hours in the car singing songs on a loop only to find out that there was more location shooting to do once they finally got out of the car.
  • Follow the Leader: Corden's run is heavily influenced by Jimmy Fallon's Late Night and The Tonight Show, plus The Graham Norton Show.
  • Old Shame: As mentioned on the main page, James loves to Invoke this by bringing up an embarrassing early project/experience of one of his guests and showing a clip or picture (much like Graham Norton, whose show's format is very similar to James'). The reaction of the guest usually elicits an Oh, Crap! moment.