Funny / Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion
Homu Mogu Mogu

The balance of Hope and Despair equals zero, right? For every drop of Nightmare Fuel and every tear shed in Rebellion, there's a genuinely funny moment to balance it out.
  • Kazuko's meltdown at the beginning flip-flops between creepy and hilarious, especially considering the reactions of the students in attendance: none. According to Madoka, this is a common occurrence these days. In fact, Kyoko looks almost bored. Then Kazuko snaps out of it to introduce Homura to the class, and no-one ever mentions it again.
  • Sayaka breakdancing during her new Transformation Sequence.
    • During her transformation, Madoka is dancing (and jumping!) with the soul gem on her head.
  • Hitomi having a freakout when Kyosuke reveals he turned down hanging out with her in favor of his violin practice for the nth time. Specifically where she air-juggles a pillow with a series of punches before rounding it out with an honest to god Shoryuken.
  • Kyoko shoves a whole burger into her mouth after her conversation with Homura.
  • The Cake Song. It comes out of nowhere, the background music has absolutely no coherent melody, and the whole song is sung-spoken to a weird rhythm similar to the Anthonies' equally weird chanting in Episode 1. Let alone that it's the last thing you'd expect from a Madoka movie.
  • Homura makes some food to resemble the girls' Soul Gems, and Kyoko jokingly threatens to eat Sayaka's "gem," holding it out of reach to tease her. Then Kyubey snatches Sayaka's "gem" out of Kyoko's hand and eats it.
    • It's less funny if you think about the symbolism of how Sayaka became a witch in the anime.
      • Even less if you remember what Kyubey does to Grief Seeds, and therefore, Soul Gems.
    • Same scene, blu-ray version: Mami takes her eyes off her lunch for a second, and almost instantly Bebe starts helping herself. A few seconds later, Mami has a hand on Bebe's head, holding her back from stealing the rest of her lunch.
    • Same scene, manga version : The food made by Homura now resembles the faces of Kyubey, Bebe and magical girls.
  • The scene in the flower field is heartwarming, tearjerking and les-tastic in equal measure. But when Homura has her Eureka Moment, one of the Zeppelins from Another World shines its spotlight down on the two of them, in a literal "the lightbulb goes off" moment completely out of place in such a scene. Of course, it becomes slightly less funny when you realize this was pretty much the exact moment Homucifer was born.
  • The intro fight against the Nightmare. Words simply do not do it justice, so here it is. Highlights include:
    • The Nightmare's squeaky-toy sounds and the ridiculous nature of its attacks.
    • The first clear shot we get of Mami? An egregious closeup of her boobs.
    • Madoka nearly pwning herself with her own attack.
    • Not to mention during one of the scenes when the Nightmare's ballerina familiars appear behind it, you can see Madoka has sneaked herself into the troupe unnoticed.
  • When Hitomi is saved from the Nightmare, her self in the dream world is represented as a gummy version of her own head, with a goofy smile. Is that a yukkuri?
  • Bebe is visibly excited at the prospect of "becoming cheese". Mami (as a joke) just told her that if Bebe keeps eating that much cheese, she'll turn into it herself: she runs in circles joyfully before tripping and falling adorably on her face. And Bebe's idea of a "treat" after defeating Nightmare? "Mascarpone, mascarpone, mascarpone!"
  • Mami humming Credens Justitiam (her transformation song) while brushing her hair near the beginning.
  • At one point, Homura enters a "Tunnel of Love"-like boat ride with cartoonish paper cutouts of Kyoko, Mami and Sayaka to emphasize the fact that the fake world is making a mockery of Madoka's rules. The Sayaka one has the stupidest face. It's probably how Homura sees her.
  • There is a perfectly climatic Kyoko/Sayaka moment in the middle of the final fight. They talk about dreams, regrets and such stuff...and then Nagisa flies past them screaming "I wanted to eat cheese one more time!". Cue Sayaka facepalming: "Thanks a lot! Way to kill the mood!"
    • Bebe/Charlotte/Nagisa in general, really. She's easily the most overtly childish and comical of the group.
  • The Climax: Madokami descending from above, majestic and glorious with appropriate background music. Following not far away behind, Sayaka and Nagisa are riding a chariot pulled by Walpurgisnacht's narm-tastic green elephant.
  • Evil!Homura getting beaned with a tomato.
  • "I don't get it". Said by countless Incubators just as Homura and Madoka destroy their barrier and kill them in the process. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    The english dub alters the dialogue as "This is so illogical!".
  • Kyubey revealing his plan is him at his smuggest, dog-kickingest, blood-boilingest WORST. He punctuates a moment of his monologue to scratch behind his ear and under his chin like a small animal.
  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but during the first half-hour, when Sayaka and Kyoko are arguing about homework and running around Madoka, Madoka sighs and you can see Kyubey pat her head sympathetically. It's all part of the act, but still funny.
  • Madoka jumping off a bridge and glomping Homura. This is only compounded by the Clara Doll acting as the oarsman for the boat they're on. As it is one of Homura's familiars, and acts depending on her mental landscape, it pulls out a pair of sparklers and begins dancing joyously as Homura realizes Madoka is mere inches from her.
  • Mami's Tiro Finale Railway Cannon is ridiculous and awesome in equal measure. Nagisa getting caught up in the shockwave and sent flying is pretty funny as well. What's TRULY hilarious is afterwards: Mami is tending to her, and Nagisa has her Bebe face on, with a dazed, googly-eyed expression.
  • The end sequence where Mami saves Nagisa from a cheese-a-lanche.
  • As Homura realizes she's become a witch, the bus she was riding announces "Stop Requested" before falling out of the sky and exploding on impact with the ground.
  • We all know everyone hates Kyubey. According to the PMMM wiki, his design is based on female reproductive organs, primarily a uterus an fallopian tubes. At the end of Rebellion, he is being tormented by Akuma Homura, who has supplanted Madoka as the supreme being in the universe. He is literally a God-damned ***.
  • A meta example for the merchandise, you can now take a bite of Kyubey.