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"We pray for hope, embrace curses and protect you from the dark. We're magical girls. We traded our souls for our powers and a destiny of battle. A destiny that ends in oblivion. For the only way to escape our despair is to vanish from this world. The end will come for all of us. So we continue our fight and wait for the Law of Cycles to come and lead us away. In this broken world, doomed to repeat its tragedies and hatred, I dreamed of someone I knew and saw her familiar smile again."
Homura Akemi, Opening Monologue.

"Puella Magi Holy Quintet!"
The five magical girls, about to be seen fighting together for the first time.

All: Big cake, round cake, right in front of me
Who do you think this cake could be?
Bebe: Is the cake Sayaka?
Sayaka: No, it's not me.
I'm just a little, old raspberry.
That big, round cake's too red, don't you know?
Could the cake be Kyoko?
Kyoko: No, not me!
I'm the juicy apple in this story.
That big, round cake loves Bebe, can't you see?
Is the cake Mami?
Mami: No, it's not me!
I am the cheese.
This big, round cake is tumbling, you see.
Could the cake be Homura?
Homura: N-No, not me!
I-I'm the pumpkin, full of seeds!
This big, round, cake looks sweeter than sweet.
Could the cake be Madoka?
Madoka: No, it's not me!
I'm the melon, don't you see?
When you slice the melon, it will bring you sweet dreams.
All: So why is the dream so bitter of late?
'Cause the kitty's dream is the one on the plate.
It's so plump, it's gonna taste great!

Mami: Mind your manners at the table or you're going to turn into cheese!
Bebe: Turn into cheese! Turn into cheese!

    This folder contains unmarked spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

When I try to write love, it only turns into horror. Thinking about it with a clear head, feeling such deep emotions to some other person you don't even know is truly a terrifying thing. Also, I wonder if love isn't a manifestation of madness in some way.

Mami: What is this? What's going on?
Nagisa: Please don't be mad. I can explain.
Mami: Wait, who are you? ...Bebe?!
Nagisa: I'm sorry I didn't say anything 'til now. Mami, promise you won't get mad about what I'm going to tell you.

Running back into your own little time again, huh? That's a bad habit of yours. You count on that trick too much.

Sayaka: When you find the witch who made this labyrinth, wotcha gonna do with her, Homura?
Homura: Well, obviously... I'll...
Sayaka: You'll what, kill her?
Homura: *start*
Sayaka: Why? 'Cause she's a witch?
Homura: What are you getting at?
Sayaka: *chuckle* Is this really so bad? I mean, really? We don't have to kill anyone. We just keep working together and having fun. *chuckle* Is the person who wished for a life like that so evil that she deserves to die?
Homura: *gasp* Hold on. Are you siding with a witch?
Sayaka: Like you said, they're what we become. Go figure I'd sympathize with them.

Homura: There are three people in this world who don't belong in it. The first one is the witch who made the labyrinth. The second one is Bebe, who looks just like a witch. And the third one...is you, who remembers witches. Who are you? Are you really Sayaka Miki?
Sayaka: Oh come on. *chuckle* I'm the same old Sayaka you've always known, transfer student.
*Cue Oktavia's reflection in a puddle*

Homura: This farce is wasting the sacrifice Madoka made for us. And I won't allow it.
Clara Dolls throwing pomegranates: Gott ist tot! Gott ist tot Gott ist tot!

Homura: I had a dream and it scared me.
Madoka: Why?
Homura: In my dream, you went someplace far away and it was so far, I wasn't gonna be able to see you again. And everyone forgot about you. No one remembered you except for me! I was the only one in the world who could! I was so lonely... and sad... but no one understood how I felt. I started to think all my memories of you were just things I made up. I thought I was going crazy.
Madoka: You're right. That dream does sound awful. But it's okay now, really. I'm not going anywhere, especially if it's so far away, I couldn't see you again. I'd never do something like that!
Homura: You wouldn't? But how? How can you be so sure?
Madoka: You know how wimpy I am. If I did anything that'd make someone as strong as you cry like this, it would break my heart.
Homura: It would break your heart... Leaving us behind would hurt you that much?
Madoka: Of course it would. I'd hate to leave you and Sayaka... or Mami and Kyoko... or my mom and dad and Tatsuya... even Hitomi and all our friends from class too... I wouldn't go if I couldn't see you guys again. I know I don't have the courage to do something like that, even if I didn't have a choice.
Homura: You're right... I know you wouldn't! (thinking) I knew it would hurt you more than anything. But still... How could I have been so stupid? I should have stopped you back then. I should have stopped you, no matter what I had to do. I shouldn't have let it happen. (out loud) ...Madoka. I want you to know that when the time comes and you have to make a hard decision, you will have the courage to make it. One day, you'll find out there are things only you can do, and then you'll know just how strong and how kind you really are. Believe me, it's the truth.

It's true... I'm not a magical girl anymore. How could this happen? How? Why? Why would I end up as this? When did it even happen? When did I become a witch?!
Homura Akemi

I'm sure you didn't really want to know the truth. And yet, you couldn't bear it if you didn't seek it out. Human curiosity is quite fascinating... and illogical.

What is it that cleanses magical girls and makes them vanish? It's something you call the "Law of Cycles." Well, we wanted to know what happened to a Soul Gem when it's cut off from this phenomenon. Thanks to you, we witnessed some very interesting results. We observed a peculiar closed space, one that could shape its own reality as well as lure in trapped victims. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is the power of that "witch" concept you explained to us before.

Homura: Tell me what your real goal is, Incubator.
Kyubey: Of course. The "Law of Cycles" has been a hypothesis up to this point. Now we can observe it.
Homura: For what purpose? Satisfying curiosity is illogical. You said so yourself. So I can't believe you'd go to such lengths just to confirm Madoka exists.
Kyubey: *turns away*
Homura: You want to control Madoka, don't you?!

As you are now, you won't know this but you see, the reason I chose to become a magical girl was to save Madoka. I stand by that choice! You want me to betray her but I'd rather turn into a witch before I do. And I will never let you Incubators touch her again!

So this is being a witch... My emotions have all come back to haunt me again. I can't remember anything anymore. Just glimmers of light and regret. Yes. This is it. My despair. Madoka! I just want to say thank you for coming here, to this god-awful place. I can't even say goodbye to you in the end. I'm sorry.
Homura Akemi, becoming Homulilly.

Kyubey: W-W-What are you?
Nagisa: Sayaka and I once brought hope to the world but we succumbed to despair and spread our curses.
Sayaka: Thanks to the Law of Cycles, me and her are working to free the world from that destiny once and for all.

Kyubey: So, the two of you are actually part of the Law of Cycles?
Sayaka: No, not exactly. We're more like her private secretaries.

Kyoko: I had a horrible dream about you last night. You were...dead. But it wasn't a dream, it was real, wasn't it? This right here, us fighting side by side... this is the dream, ain't it?
Sayaka: It'd be sad if it were... but it's not like that. Not really. But I thought I didn't have any regrets when I died. But the truth is, when I found out about this assignment, I jumped at the chance to come back... 'cause in the end, I did have one regret. You. I missed you.
Nagisa: Seriously? I came back 'cause I wanted to eat cheese one more time!
Sayaka: *groan* Thanks a lot! Way to kill the mood!

Madoka: Please, Homura. Stop. I told you; you shouldn't go off by yourself.
Homura: Madoka...
Madoka: Whatever happens to you, good or bad, you're still you. And I would never abandon you. So don't give up. Have faith!
Homura: I'm sorry... I'm so weak... I just wanted you back with me. I didn't care what I had to do... I'd commit the worst sins for one more chance. Even if it turned me into a monster, it wouldn't matter. As long as I could have you back.
Madoka: Let's end this together. You ready?
Homura: Uh-huh...
*They charge their attack*
Madoka: You're not scared, are you?
Homura: Uh-uh, I'm fine. I'm not afraid. I'm ready.

This is so illogical!
The Incubators, as their plans are destroyed in a Rain of Arrows.

Kyoko: Sayaka and Bebe... They're gone, just like that?
Mami: Not yet.
Kyoko: Huh?
Mami: They're helping Madoka take Homura away.
Kyoko: Is that... Madoka Kaname?
Mami: Yes. She's the Law of Cycles and one day, she'll take us too.

Madoka: You waited for me all this time. I'm sorry it took so long but I'm here now.
Homura: Madoka...
Madoka: Come on, let's go. From now on, we'll be together.
Homura: You don't know how long... I've waited for this.
*grabs Madoka*
Madoka: Homura?
Homura: Now... I've got you.

Homura: I don't expect you to understand. No one in the world could possibly understand. This emotion is mine and mine alone. And I've been saving it for her.
Madoka: Homura, don't! You'll rip me apart!
*Madoka is split from her goddess self*
Homura: It has to be this way. I'm never going to let you go again, Madoka.

It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passionate than hope, much deeper than despair. Love.

I'm not a magical girl or a witch. Madoka is as sacred as a god, and I pulled her from the heaven. So if you want to know what I've become, I suppose, if anything, you could call me a demon now.
Homura Akemi, ascending.

Kyubey: There's no doubt now. Trying to put human emotions to use is just too dangerous for us. We could never hope to control something whose final form is so irrational.
Homura: Is that so? The curses that have spread across our world still have to be dealt with. And you Incubators have become necessary for that task. You're going to stay and help... In-cu-ba-tor.

Sayaka: You broke off a piece of the Law of Cycles! It's the only salvation us magical girls had!
Homura: I only took a tiny sliver of it, that's all. The piece that used to be Madoka before she ceased to exist. For some reason, you were all pulled in with her and now, you can't return to where you came from either.
Sayaka: You have no right to screw everything up like this!
Homura: I'm an existence called "Evil" now. And if evil is supposed to disrupt the divine and be a force of chaos, it's only natural for me to upset the laws of a god.
Sayaka: Oh yeah? What'll you do next? Destroy everything?
Homura: After all the wraiths have been wiped out, perhaps I will. When that day comes, I suppose I can be your enemy then. The question is, will you be able to stand up against me? You're having a hard time remembering things, aren't you?

Sayaka: Even if I do, there's one thing I won't forget: You, Homura Akemi, are a demon!
Homura: We should pretend to be on good terms. If you're always attacking me, Madoka might end up hating you.

Yeah, I'm fine, it's just... I don't know, I guess when I saw you guys and heard you both say good morning again, I guess I got super happy, that's all.
Sayaka Miki in Homura's new world.

Um... My name is Madoka Kaname. It's nice to meet you. Ma, Mom, my... I'm sorry, I mean, my mother, she was transferred to the U.S. so we had to move there. We lived there for three years and just moved back and now that we're back, I'll be starting school here today. And, uh, it's... it's nice to meet you!
Madoka Kaname, transfer student.

Homura: How does it feel to be back again?
Madoka: Oh, well, I guess everything feels familiar? And, at the same time, it's different. It feels strange.
Homura: I'm not surprised. It's been three years.
Madoka: No... it feels like nothing's changed at all. In fact, if anything's changed around here, it's me. Yeah. It is me... I should have a different form. A different purpose here... So why...?

Homura: Madoka Kaname. Do you treasure the world you live in? Or would you break its laws to follow your heart?
Madoka: Well, I, I, uh... I don't... I, I mean yes. I do treasure this world. But I don't think a person should go and break the rules just because they feel like it.
Homura: *sigh* I see... Well, then, I suppose, one day, you will also be my enemy. It's fine. I don't care.
*Homura pulls off her hair ribbon and puts it on Madoka*
Homura: I'll keep wishing for a world where you can be happy.
Madoka: Homura? Um...
Homura: I knew it. They always did look better on you.

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