Haiku / Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion

All Good to me lost.
Farewell hope, and farewell fear.
My own Hell I reign.

Who is the round cake?
Is the round cake Madoka?
No, I'm the melon!

Come along children.
And let's watch a movie where
Paradise was Lost.
—> WC-83

I guess this is it.
We're going to get a happy-
Secret Fan 14

Oh great, Madoka
Ain't a god anymore. Well
Thanks Homu-Homu.

Well, it sure looks like
Bunnycat is still a dick.
At least he gets his.
The Otaku Ninja

Are they finally happy?
Homura's gone Super Saiyan
Well shit, I'm out

Everything was set
For a happy ending; then
execs fucked it up.

My fave character
Is not a Yandere bitch
How could they do this?

Well if you ask me
That ending did not happen
Not in my version.

Madohomu is
Happy and in Valhalla
Thatís how it ended.
Master N