Funny / Dwayne Johnson

The Rock: walking, talking master of the Funny Moment.
  • Basically, every damn time he grabbed a mic, as he's one of the best shooters in the industry. Also, any promo following his 2003 Face–Heel Turn. ...Hell, just search for "The Rock Funny" on YouTube and have a blast for a few hours.
  • All those times the Rock embarrassed Jonathan Coachman: forcing him to sing "Copacabana", dance the Charleston, and say his prayers, among other hilarious tasks. The Coach's ridiculously goofy compliance only adds to the comedy.
    • Speaking of the Copa, as Coach was singing, the Rock grabbed the microphone and chewed him out...only to discover that he accidentally disconnected the cord when he grabbed it. Rocky then took the microphone, reconnected it, tested it to made sure it worked, then went back to his promo like nothing happened. What made this funny was that it was a LIVE edition of SmackDown!
      The Rock: As The Rock was saying...finish your song.
      Coach: At the Copa, Copa Cabana—
    • The Rock would be on such a roll that even Coach had trouble keeping a straight face while being clowned, as seen here.
  • "Michael Cole, The Rock thinks you should go suck on a monkey's nipple ... well, go on! Go suck on a monkey's nipple! GO!"
  • Before Coachman and Cole were even employed, The Rock's personal Butt-Monkey was Kevin Kelly, who he'd often accuse of being an "ugly hermaphrodite". "Shut up, Hermie!"
  • The Rock's "And God Spoke To Billy" promo, which not only unleashed the "IT DOESN'T MATTER" catchphrase to the world (which in turn led to several other great Rock comedy bits and Mick Foley's eventual subversion of the gag that got a 20-second standing ovation), but gains its status here by basically ending the idea of "Billy Gunn, main event prospect" in four minutes.
    • "Billy Bitchcakes!"
    • "Oh, dear God...You see, my name's Billy. And I just won King of the Ring. But there's one problem. Everybody still thinks that I absolutely SUCK!"
  • The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Kane had to team up against the NWO (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac). The promo right before the match was comedy gold. Kane had been sliding out of his "Big Silent Giant" gimmick, but it was still hilarious to see him go from silent scary monster to mocking Hogan's and Rock's slogans. Take note of The Rock mouthing "Kanenites?" in confusion, it's easily the capper to the entire hilarious promo.
    • Before that when the nWo, consisting of Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, came back to WWE Hogan wanted to get a picture with the Rock for his son, he then mutters an offhand insult that the Rock just happens to hear, he then lays into all three of them in his signature Rock Style.
  • The Rock / Hamburglar... I mean Hurricane Feud. For Your viewing pleasure.
    The Rock: Do you know what haku machente means?
    The Hurricane: Well, apparently...from what I saw behind that curtain, it means "The Scorpion King got a tiny ding-a-ling".
    The Rock: (screams) No! No! (scream) No! There's a reason why they call The Rock "The Rock". Oh yeah, (rubs leg) Easy, big fella!
  • During a match with The Undertaker, The Rock went to do his People's Elbow. When he bounced off the ropes to deliver the final part of the move, The Undertaker sat up like he usually does...and the Rock kicked him in the chest to flatten him out and dropped the elbow anyway.
  • His riffing on the "12 Days of Christmas" song to Test.
    ''"On the night Test faced the Great one this is what he'll see..."
    "Twelve Sharpshooters stinging, eleven eyebrows raising, ten spines-a-busting, nine noggins knocking, eight kicks-a-kicking, seven punches punching, six Suplex smashing... FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE... SECONDS OF THE PEOPLE CHANTING THE ROCK'S NAAAAAAME!!!"
    (Cue "Rocky" chants for more than five seconds...)
    "Four Rock Bottoms, three People's Elbows on your two buck teeth, AND AN ASS-KICKING ALL OVER NEW ORLEANS!"
  • During one promo, The Rock managed to get out-funny'd by Kurt Angle. Note The Rock's reaction as Kurt starts talking about "jugs of milk". According to Angle, he apparently just ad-libbed the promo, given how The Rock spends the rest of the segment grinning like he's trying not to outright laugh.
    Rock: (As Angle leaves the Locker Room) Go get them jugs, Kurt!
  • When The Rock came back to Torooonn... ...Toronnnnn... The rest is up to you to watch.
  • This and many more.
  • Vince McMahon once placed The Rock as the special guest referee during a WWF Championship match between Triple H and the British Bulldog. The Rock detested both, and wasn't interested in giving either any sort of victory. At one point he knocked out HHH and when the Bulldog went to cover, The Rock went to make the count and well - "1...2...IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROCK COUNTS TO 3!!!!" He also played the Easily Distracted Referee for all it's worth. Chatting up the fans at ringside while Triple H hit the Pedigree and covered. When he did see HHH hit the pedigree and cover, he was so awed by the Pedigree that he forgot to count, instead applauding HHH and offering him two thumbs up. The Rock spent most of the match just doing commentary.
    • This is the match that gave the world the most electrifying sliding move in sports entertainment, the "Sliding People's Elbow". When bouncing off the ropes for the last part of his People's Elbow, he slides from the ropes to the center of the ring due to his dress shoes, looks shocked for a moment as he does so, but maintains his balance and finished the move anyway, turning what could've been an embarrassing botch into a legendary highlight.
    • And as if it couldn't get more amusing, The Rock eventually knocked them both out, took the championship belt, rang the bell, and declared himself champion!
  • Taking to task the other five combatants in a six-man Hell in a Cell match.
  • The Rock speaks Swedish. And Chinese.
  • Even after he turned heel in 2003, the Rock was just too damn funny to truly evidenced by his interview right before his match with Goldberg where he called him a "whisker-biscuit bald-headed bitch" and referred to Terri Runnels as "Lemon Panties".
    The Rock: "The only thing the Rock hasn't done is make a white baby!"
  • His Shut Up, Hannibal! moment at Michael Cole during his return on RAW:
    "Now what you do, Michael Cole, is you sit on that announcer booth, you take off your headset, and you don't say a word. AND I QUOTE: You know your damn role, and shut your damn mouth!"
    • And he does the entire episode.
  • After a rather epic rant at John Cena, he finished it up with:
    "The Rock is back to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your Fruity Pebbles you Yabba Dabba Bitch!"
    "The Rock ain't no rapper, and clearly, neither are you."
  • From a Birthday RAW, The Rock shutting Michael Cole up AGAIN.
    "You drunk hobbit jackbag bitch!"
    • He then Rock Bottomed Cole with a "Go Heat, Bitch!" followed by a People's Elbow. For context, Cole was wearing a Kevin Garnett jersey in Miami.
  • September 27, 1999: The highest-rated segment of RAW ever. Mick Foley decided to give The Rock a birthday present, but it didn't quite turn out as planned... "THE ROCK: THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!"
    The Rock: The Rock's birthday is May 2nd, you stupid son of a bitch!
    • And when Mick Foley did it again, with John Cena as the target this time, during the special 3-hour Raw on 11/14/11, The Rock simply walks in, Rock Bottoms Foley, and leaves quickly has to be pretty damned hilarious.
    • Mick and the Rock together usually means you're in for some great laughs. One promo had Foley try to accompany The Rock through his catchphrases, much to the Rock's chagrin.
    The Rock: [To Chris Jericho] You are exactly twenty minutes away...AND THE ROCK MEA-
    Mankind: [Simultaneously] THE ROCK MEANS TWENTY MI-
    The Rock: [Glares at Mankind] Don't you ever do that again, jabroni. [Barely keeps from Corpsing] IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEE-
    Mankind: La-la-la-la-la...
  • This interview before WrestleMania XXVII. After he puts over the new talent for working so hard despite having to follow the Attitude Era, an interviewer brings up John Cena.
    The Rock: Yeah, I'm gonna fuck him up! (grins) Heh... that was a lot of class I just brought to this interview.
  • During WrestleMania XXVII, The Rock had a backstage segment with Eve Torres and Mae Young where he cracked jokes regarding Mae's age. Unfortunately, the segment was overshadowed by its Crowning Moment Of Awesome ending.
  • The Rock has a talk with "John Cena".
  • The Rock hits on Lillian Garcia and the world is introduced to the "People's Strudel".
  • The Rock teaching the people about the History of Boston.
    The Rock: (to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy") Johnny Cena went to town, riding on a pony... Rock stuck a feather up his ass and called him a jabroni!
  • The Rock's rock concert on 3/12/2012, dissing Cena, Cena's fans who are grown men (calling them all nerds who dress like Kirk and Spock), and even Cena's mom. Even Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole start losing it towards the end. Behold!
    • If you look here we might get an idea where the Cena feud began.
  • Rock drops his glasses.
  • Mick Foley steals Rock's catch phrase.
  • The Rock says Daniel Bryan is what would happen if "a homeless lumberjack banged an Oompa Loompa." Once again, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler can't hold it in. CM Punk on the other hand just points at Daniel.
    The Rock: "Oompa loompa doompity ding, 'you look like a troll from Lord of the Rings!
  • His turn on Saturday Night Live as The Rock Obama in 2009.
    • Who magnificently returned in March 2015, this time joined by She-Rock Obama (played by Leslie Jones; her Michelle Obama form is played by Sasheer Zamata).
  • (To CM Punk) "It doesn't matter if you matter"
  • The Rock serenading Vickie Guerrero at his January 14, 2013 "Rock Concert" on Raw. Once more, the guys at the announcer's table couldn't restrain themselves from laughing. Even Vickie Guerrero looked like she was about to lose it.
    (to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight")
    You abuse all your power
    And waste everybody's time
    You dress like a hooker
    Just not the expensive kind
    So get your ass to the airport
    Take a one-way flight
    Because "Biatch, you look horrible tonight."
  • The Rock, possibly in direct response to being accused of having a silver-spoon-fed life by delusional heel CM Punk the night after taking the title off of him, finally takes an advantage of a 3.6-year-old meme-in-waiting by giving Punk the following two choices:
    "You can come in this ring, and face me like a man, or you can stand on that stage in front of the world like a punk-ass bitch."
  • "Story Time with The Rock:" Talking about his younger days, he reveals two things:
    • One, in high school, he couldn't get any attention from girls, since he was already 6'4" and 225 pounds, because everybody assumed he was an undercover cop.
    • Two, he got his first car at 15 by hustling a crackhead in a bar for $40 for a beat-up old Thunderbird. When he was driving along, he found another crackhead in the backseat, decided it was probably stolen, so he ditched it in a parking lot at 2am.
  • During his match with Stone Cold at Backlash '99 The Rock grabbed a camera. Hilarity, along with a 30 second encapsulation of the Attitude Era, ensued.
    Rock: "OH SHIT!"
  • During one of the Rock's backstage segments, after an already very funny Cheap Heat moment where he was singing an insulting Canadians, The Hurricane shows up. After launching into a tirade basically summing up What the Hell, Hero?, the Rock looks around, confused, slowly takes his sunglasses off, clears his throat, and says "...Who... in the green hell... are you? No, no, no, no, no, don't answer that! The Rock knows who you are! Yeah, the Rock knows exactly who you are! Green shirt, 'H' on your chest, green mask! Oh, you're the Hamburgler! Yeah, you're that cat that works for McDonald's! Go get me a cheeseburger! Go get the Rock a cheeseburger, no ketchup!"
  • The otherwise horrible Raw X special featured Rock cutting a promo on just about everyone, including this line to Deserving Victim Stephanie McMahon:
    "Blow the candles, not the pool boy!"
  • The Rock sings "Happy Birthday" to Stephanie:
    "Happy birthday to Steph
    You're a ho with big breasts
    So take the night off from hooking
    If you smell what the Rock is cooking"
  • The Rock and Y2J.
  • His part in the opening of Wrestlemania XXX is gold. The first thing he does after his first couple of catchphrases is poke some friendly fun at Hulk Hogan for botching the name of the stadium they were in (Hulk first said that they were in the "Silverdome," which was the site of Wrestlemania III).
    [We] are finally back at the Ssssssuuuuuppperrrdome!
    • And later, when relating the historical importance of his colleagues, he claims that his matches at Wrestlemania are responsible for an influx of kids nine months later.
    The jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, "The Rock's in the ring/No ifs, ands, or maybes/Come on, Momma, we got no choice/But to start makin' Rock babies!"
  • Prior to the 15th Anniversary of SmackDown, Rock met up with Triple H and Stephanie in the office, exchanging some light greetings with them and proposing to celebrate the moment. Things hilariously nearly went to pot as Rocky and Trips began talking about the first few eps of the Blue Brand when one would beat the other, all the way to "spontaneous" light taunts about going at it again at any future WrestleMania event. They then both realized that their faces are inches away from each other. Awkward, but still funny as hell...
  • The Rock's response to breaking his finger in a car accident? He hasn't got time to bleed, but he sure has time to Instagram it. (The squeamish should avoid clicking on the link.)
  • When liveblogging the Twilight gender-flip book Life and Death, Alexis Dreadd (a writer for Buzzfeed) poked fun at a passage where Edythe (aka female Edward) is said to be so intimidating that even the Rock wouldn't whistle at her. The real Rock then chimed in to say, nah, he totally would!
  • The Rock showing up on the January 25, 2016 edition of Raw:
    • While walking toward the Gorilla position snarking at other superstars, he gets the chance to catch up with The Big Show. In his excitement, Rock lets it slip (in true Rock fashion, of course) that apparently, the director of The Mummy Returns was gonna give the starring role to the winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble... you know, the one Big Show was technically the winner of, but never got acknowledged as such because of a bad camera angle. Rock starts listing off all the amazing Hollywood achievements Show would have made if it wasn't for the incident. All while Show starts blubbering like a baby. And cracking in half the laptop he was holding.
    • The Rock then walks up to Lana. The Rock starts remembering the last time they were together in the ring, when he came out to confront her and Rusev. However, in true Rock fashion, he starts "revealing" that afterwards, Lana came to his hotel room and "surprised" him, that they got drunk and did some "special exercises," like the "one-legged Russian vacuum," with Lana looking at him in a way that doesn't deny anything of what he says at all. Then Rusev is shown over The Rock's shoulder, looking like... well, like someone who just discovered that his fiancée has been doing "special exercises" with The Rock. The Rock nonchalantly says they were kind of just talking about him and congratulates them for their engagement, saying that Lana is a hell of a woman because "she's flexible as hell."
    • Then he gets to the ring, which is filled with such moments as referring to Byron Saxton as "the other black guy" and the crowd spotting some WWE cosplayers at ringside, Rock stunned, then going, "Well this is the time where we go off the script." Then The New Day come out to confront Rock and to say Hilarity Ensues would be a gross understatement.
  • Picture The Rock lip syncing in a club, what song would he sing? Taylor Swift: Shake it off
  • Even when he was on the short end of the stick, Rock could still get a good moment; one memorable Raw promo during the Attitude Era had Rock, then a heel and in a feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, in the ring watching Austin on the Titan Tron delivering a spiel about how Rock would know when he was in for an ass-kicking when his beeper went off and showed the number "316". As Austin keeps talking on the Titan Tron, Rock's beeper goes off and as he checks it, his eyes nearly pop out of his skull when he sees the number. In a "Live or Memorex?" moment, Austin himself comes in the ring from out of nowhere and proceeds to go to town on Rock.
  • That time he dressed up as Pikachu for his kid.
  • The Rock recreates one of his most notorious pictures of himself from when he was younger
  • Apparently the reason his sells of the Stunner got progressively more ridiculous is that he and Austin would bet a case of beer on it.