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Heartwarming: Dwayne Johnson
  • While Johnson is no stranger to being awesome or hilarious (or hilariously awesome), his 2011 return to the WWE included a few minutes where he broke Kayfabe in order to tug on the heartstrings of everyone watching.
    The Rock: I need to take this moment, and I need to tell you something *removes sunglasses* as Dwayne.
    Dwayne: It's been a long time since I've been back. Seven years to be exact; but I want to take this moment, in the middle of this ring, to tell you why I'm back. It's not because of the money. It's not to promote a movie. I am back in the middle of this ring because of you.
    Dwayne: When I left - when I left the WWE seven years ago I dreamed big, and you guys dreamed big with me. You helped me accomplish my goals - accomplish my dreams - because you never. left. my side; and I wanna take this moment to tell you all here - you're live here - millions watching around the world. I wanna tell you thank you. I love you, and it is because of you that I am back in this ring, and it is because of you - and I give you my word - I am never ever going away.
    *puts sunglasses back on*
    The Rock: Simply put, ladies and gentlemen, The Rock is back!
    • Before all that was another touching moment:
      "Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK...home."
  • His Team Bring It! Speech. He calls out to his fans, the shyer, younger ones in particular, to take a level in badass:
    The Rock: Ah, Chicago! The Rock participated in his first WrestleMania here in this very building! You know, The Rock never told anyone about this, but the Rock, was nervous. But something happened that night- The Rock decided to Bring It! And that night, was the unofficial birth, of Team Bring It! Team Bring It isn't just some slogan, it's a way of life! The Rock brings it, The Rock's fans bring it! When you're on Team Bring It, you knock down doors! YOU KICK DOWN WALLS! And ANYBODY, who tells you can' take your fears, your insecurities, your worries, roll 'em all up into a ball, TURN THOSE SONS OF BITCHES SIDEWAYS, AND STICK 'EM STRAIGHT UP THEIR CANDY ASSES!
  • On May 2nd, 2011, The Rock celebrated his birthday on Raw. It was the usual fun night with The Rock as your host. Nothing unusual happened; the usual owning of Michael Cole, a brief face-off with John Cena, and The Rock getting frisky with the Divas. Then, at the end of the show as The Rock was thanking all of the fans for participating (by now they all had birthday hats on), Vince McMahon shows up, surprising pretty much everyone. He offered The Rock this as a gift. It's pretty much a CMOH for both guys.
    Vince: ... but most importantly, Rock, I'd like to thank you for being The Rock. So on behalf of the WWE organization, we've put together a little birthday present for you. And I'll lead to it by simply saying, of all the thank yous, a heartfelt, Rock, thank you for... for coming home.
    • If the video doesn't do it for you, Ata Johnson, The Rock's mother, tearing up and clapping vigorously for her son should.
  • Anytime he shows the goosebumps on his rock-hard forearms.
  • When he won the WWE Championship from Punk at Royal Rumble 2013. The emotion radiating from him in those minutes where he held the championship. Don't ever try to convince anyone who saw that outside the Hate Dumb that he doesn't care just because he's part-time.
  • When Mick Foley was announced as an entrant into the Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Rock was right behind him to congratulate him. Watching the two talk and all of the in-jokes they shared with the crowd while they are at it is worth the watch.
  • At the end of his match at Wrestlemania 29, hugging his mother, daughter, girlfriend, ex-wife, and the widow of the legendary Skandor Akbar.
  • Dwayne buys a new car as a surprise for his housekeeper.
  • Dwayne's 2014 Thanksgiving with his family.
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