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YMMV: Dwayne Johnson
  • Ascended Meme - When The Rock returned to the WWE, he called John Cena a "big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles". Not long after, Post made a marketing deal with Cena guessed it, Fruity Pebbles.
  • Awesome Ego - As The Rock: it's what got him X-Pac Heat in his first heel run, until it got him over, and has been one of his defining character traits ever since. Even when Johnson is designated as a heel, the fans love it and cheer him for it, and he's one of (if not the) best examples in all wrestling.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment/What Happened to the Mouse? - On the night The Rock was revealed as the host of Wrestlemania 27, the last thing we saw before commercial break preceding The Rock's appearance was a limo pulling up outside of the arena. The limo door opens and the camera panning low so that all we could see coming out is what appears to be the feet of a woman wearing high heels, assumed by the commentators to be the host. Of course, it wasn't the host, and she was never seen again. Err, OK...
    • This is The Rock we're talking about; it's not impossible to assume that he had a very leggy lady friend with him in the limo.
  • Broken Base - Fans were divided during The Rock's 2013 reign as WWE Champion. Those in favour tended to point out that The Rock as champion meant great exposure for WWE and increased pay-per-view buy rates, as well as drawing interest from fans who previously watched WWE in the Attitude Era. Detractors, however, were quick to point out The Rock's obvious ring rust (becoming exhausted 5 minutes into each of his three 25+ minute matches), his failure to actively promote the company while being a champion (in the 2 months he was carrying the belt, he attended a number of movie premieres, talk shows and award presentations, only bringing the championship to one and failed to mention the WWE at any of them) and that he did not wrestle at all on any episode of Raw.
    • Even the mere fact of his feud with and wins over CM Punk have caused this, arguably due to Punk's massive popularity. Many fans hated Rock for being the part-timer who dared to end Punk's historic 434-day reign as WWE Champion, while others credited the Punk-Rock feud for restoring Punk's credibility as a badass after months of the WWE Champion being booked as an ineffectual chickenshit heel against Ryback and especially John Cena.
  • Creator's Pet - Johnson started out as this. Things got better.
  • Doing It for the Art - Johnson doesn't need the money to come BACK to WWE]. His WrestleMania 28 feud with Cena came at a time with no movie to promote (Journey 2 was released prior to Elimination Chamber 2012, too late to generate any real box office bump; G.I. Joe: Retaliation was still months away from release). He showed his goosebumps to the camera while in the middle of the ring during a RAW episode. If you were someone who thought The Rock wanted nothing to do with wrestling ever again (a popular sentiment on the IWC once "The Rock" was dropped from his name for a few years), The Rock promptly laid the smackdown on your candy-ass notion.
    • There's also the matter of the IWC consistently putting low expectations on his measure of commitment, him exceeding these expectations, them putting another benchmark to test him, and him exceeding those.
      • First he was only gonna show up to host WrestleMania XXVII but that would be it, and he certainly would never wrestle again. Then the night after he came back and accepted Cena's challenge to a fight and scheduled it a year in advance for WrestleMania XXVIII.
      • Then it was said he'd be done after that—which didn't help the mood with some of his detractors after he beat Cena. Then the night after that one he announced his intent to go after the WWE Championship.
      • He followed up on that on Raw 1000 and announced that he had a title shot at Royal Rumble 2013. Before long people started saying he'd become an absentee WWE Champion before WrestleMania XXIX if he didn't lose. Now before he's even returned for 2013, what's been announced of his WrestleMania season schedule already rivals what a typical second-run Shawn Michaels schedule would look like in the same amount of time, with him set to appear live on the majority of Raw episodes and at least three Smackdowns. At this rate the cycle's only gonna stop when either most wrestling fans actually expect him to return full time or when his eventual retirement match and/or Hall of Fame induction is finally announced.
    • His years back have consistently seen him appear easily more than The Undertaker and, were it not for Triple H's involvement in the Punk and Laurinaitis storylines in summer-to-fall 2011, about as much as the Game as well. Sure, it's understood why they're not full time wrestlers anymore, what with HHH being on the new boss path and Undertaker's body being broken down. However, Rock's movie career is just as valid a cause for inactivity—something his Hate Dumb refuses to accept because to them his movie career is exactly the problem.
    • There were also numerous opportunities to trash the business in his time away, most notably during the Chris Benoit murder-suicide scandal where the media dragged pro wrestling through the mud. However when he was interviewed about it during that time gave his take on what needed to be done without throwing WWE under the bus and in fact gave them credit for the Wellness initiative. He also incorporated his wrestling style into his fight scenes in at least one of his early movies, he's had wrestling rings to work in near the sets of his latest movies as well as trained with WWE wrestlers Michael McGillicutty and Curt Hawkins in his free time so as to make sure he'd be in match shape, and he's even taken the time to watch TNA enough to be impressed with Bobby Roode to the point of tweeting him some props during his World Championship heel run. His ambitions may not be tied down to wrestling anymore (and it's debatable that they ever truly were), but he does still love the business as much as ever.
    • Let's put it in perspective, though. He's getting a considerably heavier paycheck for his series of appearances than the regular talent. That being said, his pay for any one of his movies does utterly dwarf his total pay for any of his return periods, making WWE money basically chump change to him. So he's not doing it for free, but nor is that the name of the quote or even a requirement for it.
    • Bonus points now for largely rectifying the issue of CM Punk's Badass Decay before taking the title from him. Although, his victory over Punk has produced a Broken Base all its own…
  • Fandom Rivalry, Foe Yay - With Cena's fans at present. WWE's trying to play this up for all it's worth.
    • In February 2012, The Rock cut a promo for 15 minutes straight about Cena. The Rock topped that one month later with a series of "History Lessons" in and around Boston (Cena's hometown, mind you). This rivalry has gone off and on for a year, and it's safe to say some people got sick of it months ago. To his credit, the "History Lessons" were pretty funny. More interesting is that Cena is not the instigator in most cases. If that's not Foe Yay, we're not entirely sure what is.
  • Fan Nickname - "The Dwayne", following Johnson's moving away from his wrestling past (including the move to stop having "The Rock" included in his movie credits).
    • Or "Dwayne-the-Rock Johnson", said as if it's part of his real name.
  • Fountain of Memes - He lampshades this during Raw Gets Rocked episode
    "When The Rock talks on twitter things trend worldwide.''
  • He Really Can Act: He's shed the image of pro wrestling acting hack many times over. First in Be Cool, and again in 2013 with Snitch and Pain and Gain, where many reviewers said he was the best part about the movies.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - On January 28, 2013, the night after ending CM Punk's 434-day reign as WWE Champion, The Rock called CM Punk a "punk ass bitch". While it seemed like a great monniker to use in a promo against Punk, YouTubers might get an extra kick out of it if they remember a short video spliced together from May 1, 2009 with a clip of then-long-haired Money in the Bank holder CM Punk saying his name, only to be interrupted by a clip of The Rock saying…well…"punk ass bitch".
  • Irony - His most recent look (Bald of Awesome with a Badass Goatee) actually favors "Stone Cold" Steve Austin somewhat.
  • Memetic Mutation - Any and all of his Catch Phrases. This has reached a point where he can create memes by edict: whatever he says will be a meme will wind up as a meme. Look no further than the word "cookiepuss" in his appearance during the January 7, 2013 RAW episode.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Want to embarrass The Rock in a promo? Bring up The Tooth Fairy; prior to that, it was Doom.
    • During his 2003 heel run, Gregory "The Hurricane" Helms brought up The Scorpion King in a backstage segment. Subverted, as The Rock reacted accordingly, although it was more of the fact he was incensed at the notion of The Hurricane defeating The Scorpion King in a fight.
    • WWE tried to invoke this in-storyline with John Cena pointing out. the cliff-notes for a promo that he wrote on his wrist were caught on camera. Unfortunately for Cena (and almost everyone else on the roster), they recite promos nearly word for word from scripts.
  • Poison Oak Epileptic Trees: Some fans have theorized that Rock's abdominal & abductor tears at WrestleMania 29 were actually a cover for his walking out on WWE for any number of reasons.
  • Popularity Power— So much so that there's been an Epileptic Tree saying it turned the People's Elbow into The Rock's Combined Energy Attack.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap— He went from a generic babyface who got booed by the crowd for being so bland to "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment".
  • Shocking Swerve— The 1998 Survivor Series. Weeks before the event, The Rock was gaining face momentum with the crowd, as Vince McMahon began antagonizing him (as a result of Austin begin hired back by his son Shane McMahon weeks earlier), stating since he had a "problem with the people, [[he]] has a problem with the People's Champion". Vince would do all he can to stop The Great One from reaching the top and nabbing the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. However, at the finals of the "Deadly Game" tournament at Survivor Series for the belt, once The Rock locked Mankind in the Sharpshooter, McMahon forced the bell to ring, calling for a submission win to The Rock, despite Mankind not tapping out. Turns out everything was planned from the start, with Vince proclaiming he and Shane were always in support of The Rock, molding him into the "Corporate Champion" and crown jewel of The Corporation. To really cap the swerve, Vince would utter the following:
    Vince McMahon: The people screwed the people!
  • Tear Jerker— His reaction to Owen Hart's accident, namely trying to hijack an ambulance that was at the arena for a later match and drive Owen to the hospital himself. Little bits of moments of awesome and heartwarming in there, due to The Rock's sheer determination to save him.
  • Villain Decay - During his "Corporate Champion" run, The Rock was probably at his most vicious, as he had brutal brawls with Mankind (the 1999 Royal Rumble match with the repeated chair shots to the head being one of them); at one point, he threw Austin off a bridge. During his "Hollywood" heel run in 2003, however, he was a far more comedic, cowardly villain and was the hammiest he had ever been in his career, which led to him turning face again after a couple of months. Justified as The Rock had been the company's biggest face for years at that point, and the Face-Heel Turn was only in response to fans turning on him for constantly leaving to film movies (despite the internet claiming it was because fans were tired of him being a face. This was clearly not the case as he only got booed on two or three occasions prior to the turn: once against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18 and another against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002, where the dreaded "ROCKY SUCKS!" chant of years past returned. The crowds went back to cheering for The Rock after the matches were over). The Rock still managed to get victories over Hogan and Austin during his Hollywood heel run, though.

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