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  • Way too many to count, both in WCW and WWE. Most memorable in WCW is his Man Of 1,004 Holds promo. Every third or fourth one is an armbar. He even continues throughout the commercial break.
    • His final night on Raw (As of October 2010) had Jericho make a promo which called back the aforementioned list of 1,004 holds, by having Jericho list every wrestler he's ever beaten. But if he beat someone like Kevin Nash or Scott Hall, who has wrestled under several aliases, Jericho listed those names too, and if he beat one Villano, then he beat all five. He even makes sure to point out that he beat The Undertaker twice.
  • One of the more memorable in the WWE was when he "Ortonized" his challenge for the title: "Me! Want! Title! Match!"
    • Plus the interaction with Santino Marella directly afterwards, where Jericho would constantly get Santino's name wrong and Santino would get angrier with each error practically yelling his name at Jericho by the end. Here is the whole Ortonized challenge plus him meeting Santino.
    Chris: I know who you are, you're Santito!
    Santino: That's Santino.
    Chris: Santana?
    Santino: Santino.
    Chris: Sandusky?
    Santino: Santino.
    Chris: Santico?
    Santino: Santino!
    Chris: Santoco?
    Santino: Santino!!
    Chris: Santokyo?
    Santino: SANTINO!!!!
    Chris: Santino?
    Santino: SANTINO!!! SANTINO!!! SANTINO!!! Mannaggia la miseria! Mi chiamo Santino Marella!note 
  • This 2009 house show where Jericho gets hit in the face with a glow stick...and awesomely resorts back to his Y2J persona in a (faux) fit of rage.
  • The time he owned a hostile fan, during a match:
    "Go back to Toronto!"
    "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!"
  • Anytime he antagonized Stephanie McMahon:
  • A 2002 promo with Kurt Angle featured Jericho & Angle talking about how they didn't like Edge, with Angle stating the reasons why he didn't like him; Namely that Edge had long blonde hair, dressed like a rockstar & was Canadian - All three characteristics being shared with Jericho. Jericho just looks at Kurt like he's a complete idiot, before Kurt realizes this & says "Oh, but I like you".
  • One word: Ralphus.
  • Interrupting Michael Cole's self-important "I have received an email!" ritual twice in the same night.
  • "Rock & Roll! Hello Winston-Salem!"
    • In fact, his entire reign as WCW TV Champion was one of the funniest things in wrestling ever.
  • As WCW Cruiserweight champ, Jericho would refuse to accept that Dean Malenko beat him for the title and would air a promo of him in the library of congress trying to find a loophole or any way to reclaim his title (short of actually wrestling Dean again).
  • One from Dancing with the Stars: His spot-on impersonation of Bruno Tonioli (at 3:44 in the clip, though his finale four-way dance with Cheryl vs. Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna is excellent too).
    Dancing across the floor! Rubbing his chest for no apparent reason! I don't understand half of what you're saying, but I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!
    • We are!
      • MORE!
  • Thor invades Attack of the Show!.
  • Introducing the contestants
  • To Shamrock, Emphasis mine:
    "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO! Ken Shamrock, now I know you consider yourself the World's Most Dangerous Man, but after watching your performance tonight, the only dangerous thing about you is if people watch your matches while they're operating heavy machinery. I don't have time to come out there tonight and introduce you to my Fists of Fury, but maybe on Thursday, on SmackDown!, I'll give you the distinct pleasure of getting down on your hands and knees and kissing the grime off my boots before I pound you unmercifully about your head and upper torso. So show up on Thursday, Junior, and I promise you you'll never - ever - be the same - again."
  • During his super serious Heel run in 2009, the one and only Bob Barker makes a guest appearance, and hosts a pricing game with Jericho, Jillian Hall, Santino Marella and Irwin R. Schyster, of all people. The other three show up out of an excitable crowd, just like on the real Price Is Right, but Jericho just stoically comes out of the entranceway, in his normal tights... with a huge PiR nametag on.
  • His 1/2/2012 return, where he worked the delighted Raw audience without saying anything other an almost-mocking "Yeah!" thrown in now and then, all while wearing an epic Cheshire Cat Grin. Likely a debatable entry, but it certainly counts upon repeated viewings, when you know what's coming.
    • On that same note, his first match back on 01/16/2012 featured Jericho teaming with CM Punk & Daniel Bryan. Jericho was the second man out & spent so much time playing to the crowd that Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry & David Otunga all entered in that time span; and the kicker? Jericho's sole involvement in the match was to be tagged in, jump around & play to the crowd, tag himself out again & head to the back. Still playing to the crowd.
  • Chris Jericho meets Delirious.. This is the rare funny moment involving Jericho where he wasn't the funniest guy involved.
  • Chris Jericho once interviewed a portrait of Dean Malenko. Why? Because Malenko refused to do a promo with him, which caused the portrait. Chris mentions they both have the same level of personality.
    • Jericho's conspiracy victim vignettes were also pretty funny.
  • "You can't have The Rock, but you can always have The Pie"
  • Near the end of the 2012 Raw Money In The Bank match, Jericho is primed to take the briefcase after knocking Miz down the ladder. Big Show suddenly rumbles up the ladder and stares down Jericho, who displays the funniest "Oh Crap!" face, frozen in fear, before being knocked out and dropping off the ladder like Wile E. Coyote falls off a cliff.
  • Jericho oversells John Cena's entrance music with a hilarious blink-and-you-miss-it Oh Crap! expression.
  • During a match between Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley, he was commentating at ringside and then decided to make a Tout of himself and the match... only for him to capture Riley rolling up Ziggler for the win. What makes this funny is A) His over-exaggerated "WHOA!" reactions and B) His comment afterwards:
    Jericho: "He worries about me not winning the big one, he can't even win the little ones. Alex Riley, who hasn't won a match since Methuselah was alive still beats Dolph Ziggler!
  • A promo between Sheriff Austin and Jericho leads to this gem:
    Chris Jericho: "If you want to see Chris Jericho drink a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin, give me a doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-doo! Sounds like we're drinking some brewskies, daddy-o."
    Stone Cold Steve Austin: "That was the absolute worst catchphrase I've ever heard in the history of Monday Night Raw. Throw me some damn beer!!"
    • It just gets worse when Austin tosses him a beer and Jericho drops it. The crowd groans and Austin and Jericho have a tense moment before Austin walks closer to Jericho....and gently lobs two more beers into Y 2 J's hands.
      • Finally, Jericho gets too caught up in the moment and slaps Austin on the back. Austin stops mid chug, turns around, and stuns Jericho...because he was just physically provoked.
  • Jericho makes a surprise return at the 2013 Royal Rumble as the number 2 entrant. The crowd is happy to see him and as the match kicks off, the crowd starts chanting "YOU STILL GOT IT". Jericho response?
    Jericho: I NEVER LOST IT, BABY!
  • Reminiscent of the Santino Marella example above, we have this video of Jericho and Fandango/Fahhhn-Dahhhhn-Go
    Chris: Fan-Dumbo!
    Chris: Fan-Dunghole!
    Chris: Fan-Django!
    Chris: Fan-Dangler!
    Chris: Fan-Dodge Durango!
    Chris: Fan-Sweet Mango!
    Chris: Fan-Wango Tango!
    Chris: Fan-Dingo ate my Baby-O!
    Chris: Fan-B-I-N-G Bingo was his name-oh - O!
    Chris(after Fandango threatens him): Hey, where's my movie tickets? I want 2 - for me and my grandma!
  • Really anytime Chris Jericho is interviewed in a WWE video, he's going to have a few of these. Of special note is his Ass Pull description of Parts Unknown in The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.
  • His entrance at Extreme Rules 2009 especially when people touch him. [1]
  • One that's Hilarious in Hindsight. At Armageddon 1999 he planted a forceful kiss on Miss Kitty at ringside. Right in front of the commentary table to be specific. Miss Kitty and commentator Jerry Lawler were married in real life at the time.
  • Attack of the Show did a parody of Thor with Jericho in the part. Chewing the Scenery doesn't even begin to do his performance justice, it must be seen to be believed.
  • He once teamed up with Christian...which caused chants for Edge & Christian. Jericho's response:
    Jericho: Stop living in the past, you idiots!
  • Chris has recently had a podcast called Talk Is Jericho, and he's shown that his gift for being funny has not left him. Some highlights include:
    • Cowbell, people!
    • On Episode 21 with Chris Nowinski as a guest, Jericho does some WWE theme spoken word. Doing Billy Gunn's theme:
      • Listen man, I'm not sticking any asses, you dig?
      • Billy Gunn's theme is about anal sex, people!
      • So you can detect ass heat?
    • Episode 23 with Eli Roth. It's like walking into two close friends shooting the shit!
  • His song, "Shelton is a Little Bitch".
  • Every time he mentions Dean Ambrose, expect Chris Jericho to begin a deranged rant about how he was put through sixty-nine thumbtacks.
  • Jericho and Kevin Owens are interviewed by Tom Phillips, and call him every name except Tom.
  • "It's the Gift of Jericho. Drink it in, man!"
  • On the 9/19/16 edition of RAW, Jericho decides to make a list of things he doesn't like about Mick Foley. Sadly, he doesn't read off the list this time.