Funny / Don't Starve

  • In the ending of adventure mode, the player finds Maxwell trapped in a demonic throne, with a phonograph playing ragtime nearby. Turning it off makes him thank you, because he's been listening to that one song for eternity. And turning it back on...
    Maxwell: I suppose I deserved that.
  • Generally, the baying of the Hounds, which appear every few days, tends to invoke trepidation in the characters. When Wolfgang hears them, however...
    Wolfgang: I hear puppies!
  • Willow's reaction to a Deerclops is basically what any rational person would say if they met such a monstrous creature.
    Willow: Holy crap!
  • One of the possible traps is a simple chest. If you open it, the season immediately changes to the unforgiving Winter or Summer. The only thing a character can say when they fall for the trap is "Whoops".
  • Wickerbottom is normally a no-nonsense woman. In the presence of a baby beefalo, she momentarily gushes over its cuteness before catching herself.
    Wickerbottom: Look at it's widdle face! *Ahem*.
  • Wilson's comment on the pitchfork is pure hilarity:
    Wilson: Maxwell might be looking for this.
  • WX-78 refers to the statue of a Glommer as "stone insect". Literal, but logical. But when he meets the real Glommer:
  • Several concept art pieces for Don't Starve Together alternate character costumes have been released. Most of them are wearing the trademark frown, but Willow's "Burnt" skin has a tiny smile, as if she's thinking, "totally worth it".
  • Krampus is a Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist in Shipwrecked.
  • The Beefalo song. It is something quite special.