Funny / Don't Starve

  • In the ending of adventure mode, the player finds Maxwell trapped in a demonic throne, with a phonograph playing ragtime nearby. Turning it off makes him thank you, because he's been listening to that one song for eternity. And turning it back on...
    Maxwell: I suppose I deserved that.
  • Generally, the baying of the Hounds, which appear every few days, tends to invoke trepidation in the characters. When Wolfgang hears them, however...
    Wolfgang: I hear puppies!
  • Willow's reaction to a Deerclops is basically what any rational person would say if they met such a monstrous creature.
    Willow: Holy crap!
  • One of the possible traps is a simple chest. If you open it, the season immediately changes to the unforgiving Winter or Summer. The only thing a character can say when they fall for the trap is "Whoops".
  • Wickerbottom is normally a no-nonsense woman. In the presence of a baby beefalo, she momentarily gushes over its cuteness before catching herself.
    Wickerbottom: Look at its widdle face! *Ahem*.
  • Wilson's comment on the pitchfork is pure hilarity:
    Wilson: Maxwell might be looking for this.
  • WX-78 refers to the statue of a Glommer as "stone insect". Literal, but logical. But when he meets the real Glommer:
  • Several concept art pieces for Don't Starve Together alternate character costumes have been released. Most of them are wearing the trademark frown, but Willow's "Burnt" skin has a tiny smile, as if she's thinking, "totally worth it".
    • The Shadow skin sets all give the characters suitably threatening and cool Evil Makeovers, especially in the official artwork for the sets... with the exception of Maxwell, who instead gets the ridiculously dorky-looking Unshadowed set, complete with Nerd Glasses. William Carter really has has come a long way since 1901.
  • Krampus is a Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist in Shipwrecked.
  • The Beefalo song. It is something quite special.
  • Wendy's quote for the Moon Stone once the Star Caller's Staff has been placed:
    Wendy: Perhaps it thirsts for a sacrifice. Where's Webber...