Awesome / Don't Starve

  • If you turn up the giant spawn rate mechanic for all the giants, there's a high chance you can bump into multiple giants at once. It's not uncommon for said giants to start attacking EACH OTHER in a four-way battle royale. And yes, it's as epic as it sounds. It's extremely dangerous, but totally worth it to see Dragonfly torching Deerclops or Bearger beating the crap out of Moose.
    • If you want to see something similar in the vanilla game, try getting a Deerclops to aggro a Treeguard. Bonus points if you do it near a Pig Village.
  • Killing a giant boss monster. Whether you use tricks and traps or fight them through brute force, killing any of these powerful monsters is an achievement in itself.
  • When you start, all you have is whatever starting items your character comes with and the clothes on your back. With skills, dedication, time, and luck, you can eventually tame the wilderness and have an exquisite campground where food and danger are barely an issue.
  • Completing Adventure Mode. If you think the default Survival Mode is hard, Adventure Mode will put you in scenarios that test your skills.
    • Completing Adventure Mode... multiple times. The character you played last time you beat Adventure Mode will still be on the throne, and you can trade that character for the character you played THIS time. This basically makes the Nightmare Throne a shared burden between the many Don't Starve characters, hopefully avoiding the Sanity Slippage that Maxwell experienced.
  • Surviving a whole 'Year' in Reign of Giants. Not only did you make it to day 71, which is great on it's own, you survived every harshness the seasons threw at you. If you're lucky you start in Autumn, which is the most forgiving season, with no threats at all by itself, except maybe the fact that the nights and dusk slowly become longer. But, when Autumn is over, Winter kicks in, and things start getting hairy; The Temperatures drop far below zero, which means you'll freeze to death without warm clothes and heat sources, plus your fields and bees won't produce any food during that time, reducing you to hunting and already stored food. All in all, due to less food production and short days, you are constantly in danger of freezing, starving and insanity, even if you prepare. After that, you'll crave for Spring, in which the days get longer, and fields work again, usually even faster then normal. On the flip side, it rains almost constantly sometimes even frogs, which means your sanity will drop faster and food rots faster and your gear will keep slipping out of your hands. And of course, drying meat is almost impossible due to the rain. When the days are at their longest and the rain stops, Summer arrives, and temperatures go through the roof. Due to the heat, overheating is a constant danger, and like freezing in winter, fields will stop working due to a drought, all plants (except trees) stop to produce resources until they're fertilized, and everything is in the constant danger of spontaneous combustion. So, if you survive freezing to death, drowning wherever you go, and constant spontaneous combustion, you really are awesome.
  • Beating the Forge with anything less than a full team of six.
  • The Triumphant skins, also known as the shadow skins, are skins that show what each of the characters would look like if they allowed the power of the shadows to overtake them the same way they did with Maxwell. And all of them look positively BADASS.