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    Maxwell and his intentions 

Maxwell is actually the devil himself
Or at least the equivalent of the devil in their universe. A lot of instances in the game are pointing to this conclusion. For example when Wilson examines the pitchfork tool.

Maxwell is actually Maxwell's Demon
Maxwell's Demon is referenced in Physics as being an entity capable of refuting the second law of thermodynamics. However, in order to do that, it'd need to be able to add and calculate a certain number of particles in a certain area. Therefore, Wilson created a machine that Maxwell was a part of, and everyone in Don't Starve is actually a consciousness that is being used to stop the second law of thermodynamics from taking place. Basically, Maxwell is like the Kyuubey.

Maxwell is a Supernatural type demon.
A human who made a Deal with the Devil, went to hell when he died, and was turned into a demon himself. The actual devil/higher-up demons are the ones behind everything, and he's just another pawn. A high-ranking pawn, but a pawn nonetheless which is why you find him trapped in the chair at the end of Adventure Mode.
  • The main Don't Starve world is part of Purgatory.
  • Maybe his deal involved Charlie?

Maxwell's ultimate plan is to change Charlie back into a human
And every person brought to the Don't Starve world has a part to play.

Maxwell was tricked by the shadows, Charlie chose to join them of her own free will

    Character connections 

How the other characters were pulled into the world of Don't Starve.
Assuming Maxwell tricked at least some of them like he did Wilson...
  • Willow was offered plenty of things to burn.
  • Wendy was offered a chance to play with her sister again.
    • Could also have been a seance that Maxwell tampered with.
  • Wolfgang was offered the chance to test his strength and become even mightier.
  • WX-78 was built by a survivor sometime in the past. The fact that he has an empathy module could mean that he was supposed to help others. Either it broke or was tampered with somehow (probably by Maxwell to make things 'fair'), or WX-78 snapped upon seeing his inventor murdered, which is why he always talks about revenge when killing enemies.
    • Or it killed it's inventor in revenge for mistreatment.
  • Wickerbottom found a book of forbidden knowledge.
  • And poor Wes just got ridiculously unlucky somehow. Another possibility is that he and Wolfgang worked at the same circus, and Wes is either followed him and got lost or is trying to bring him back.
  • Woodie was offered a chance to use his curse for good ("good" being making sure Lucy survives the Don't Starve world)

Now with Reign of Giants...
  • Webber was actually born in this world, but wandered off too far from his parent(s) and got himself eaten by a spider.
  • Wigfrid was promised a chance to reach "Valhalla".

And Shipwrecked...
  • Walani was promised freedom and a chance to escape her personal responsibilities.
  • Warly was looking for a way out of poverty
  • Wilbur was a circus act who disappeared in the mysterious circus train crash mentioned in the William Carter Puzzles
  • Woodlegs read a "treasure map" he wasn't supposed to.
    • He ended up in a cage after trying to steal a prized possession from the Yaarctopus.

All of the characters are in the Don't Starve world because of a certain brand of radio and Maxwell's machinations.
In the video showing how Wilson ended up in Maxwell's world, a radio gave him "forbidden knowledge" to let him build the device that transported him. Word of God says about the radio: "The radio is a Voxola PR-76, manufactured in 1919 by the Voxola Radio company of Sidney, Ohio. The radio offered revolutionary sound and reception quality for the time, and was promoted by an intense national marketing campaign. Very few units were actually produced, because the factory was destroyed in a fire only days after production began. Voxola founder Robert Wagstaff went missing the night of the fire, and the company declared bankruptcy soon thereafter."

Maxwell gave Wagstaff forbidden knowledge so he was able to make an advanced radio. It was shown in the video that the radio is Maxwell's means of communicating out of his dimension, so the marketing campaign was meant to distribute as many of those as possible to give Maxwell more victims to play with. All of the playable characters, Wendy, Wolfgang, Woodie, etc. obtained a radio, which sent them to Maxwell's world. Wagstaff was kidnapped and transported when the fire broke out. It's no coincidence that everyone who finds themselves in this new, dangerous place has a name that begins with W, likely even Maxwell himself.

Maxwell lured all of the characters to the alternate world...
Because he was hoping to trick one of them into freeing him.
  • So he could try to find a way to change Charlie back.

Charlie is/was Wendy and Abigail's older sister/cousin/aunt
  • She has a red hair decoration in her profile picture like they do.
    • One of her letters mentions that she has a sister, so it's possible.

Willow is Wickerbottom's daughter or granddaughter
Just because of the potential hilarity/conflict that could come from a book-lover and a Pyromaniac being related

Wolfgang and Wes come from the same circus
Wolfgang was a very popular act. Wes... wasn't.

Lucy was Woodie's wife/girlfriend/lover who died tragically and her spirit possessed his favorite axe (or so he thinks at least)
  • Her death might have driven him a bit crazy
  • Maybe he accidentally killed her with the axe one night when he turned into a Werebeaver?

Wilson or a Mad Scientist rival of his created WX-78.

Wilson is Webber's father.
Several of Webber's quotes allude to his father being some kind of scientist. They are also the only two characters capable of growing Beards.
  • However Webber may also say that his father owned goats. Wilson hasn't been seen experimenting on goats.

Webber is the son of Maxwell and Charlie.
Charlie was pregnant when she and Maxwell were sucked into the Don't Starve world. Charlie gave birth to Webber there after which he was eaten by a spider.

Wendy and Abigail are Maxwell's nieces.
Maxwell's brother Jack mentions having twin children in one of his letters.

Willow was sexually abused in the past
She got revenge on her abuser by setting him on fire. Since that time, she associates fire with triumph, but still gets nightmares over what's happened to her. Maxwell promised her a way to "stop the pain" and she was lured into the world.
  • She also burned down the asylum where she was held after killing her abuser.

Wigfrid is Clinically insane
Tying in with the previous WMG, Wigfrid has a delusional disorder where she believes she is a viking shield maiden.Otherwise a very talented actress, she can't seem to "Get out of character". She made friends with Willow in the asylum and was one of the few who managed to escape when it burned down.

    The Shadow Beings 

The true ruler of the world is The Other Mother.
When she doesn't have a child to eat, she feeds on the soul of whoever is trapped on the Nightmare Throne. She lets her prisoners go free if they can trick someone else into taking their place. Many (if not all) of the human characters are people who escaped her in the past, and she is punishing them by sucking them into the world she's created and watching them suffer.

The Shadow Watcher is Charlie herself or related to her.
Consider this, that the creature looks the most human out of all the Shadow Creatures, having a mess of tangled tendrils mimicking hair on it's head. And also it's relevance in the William Carter puzzles, having appeared in them more than any other shadow creature...
  • Pretty much confirmed at this point.

The playable characters will eventually all become shadow beings.
In a grand finale of sorts, All the playable characters in DST will team up to take down the Shadow monster head on. Maxwell Is killed in the ensuing battle, as is Charlie herself. However, the shadow creature is a parasite and Charlie's defeat simply means it must find a new host. It finds a new host... several of them in fact.
  • Proof for this WMG? The addition of the Shadow skins. Notice Maxwell doesn't get one, he gets a rather dorky "Unshadow" skin.

One of the updates for Don't Starve and/or Don't Starve Together will have you face Charlie and free their human side
In the beginning of Don't Starve Together, you're shown that Charlie does have a human form, which is fighting against the Darkness which has been killing everyone who strays into the world, and has become the de facto person on the throne, fusing both the evil and good versions of herself. A future patch will allow you to go back to the throne room, and free her as a extra character, with the Darkness possibly taking on a new host...


Chester is really an highly-intelligent being who has lost his ability to speak.
And the reason why he follows you is to keep his sanity levels up.

None of the characters needed to be a scientist to make the portal.
Maxwell corrupts them or give them temporary cunning when it comes to building, and so each of the characters except for Wilson (Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy etc.) were able to build it at once without previous knowledge. As seen in Wilson's trailer, he was offered scientific knowledge if he helped Maxwell, meaning he was hoping to recieve it afterwards. The power he got from Maxwell before he started building was not Maxwell sealing his end of the bargain; he just stacked Wilson's, and everyone else's, skulls to the brim of sudden knowledge to make him the portal.

George T. Witherstone will eventually be a playable character.
His name starts with W just like all the other playable characters.

Willow and Wendy have Psychic Powers.
Willow has pyrokinesis, which is why she's immune to fire, and Wendy is a fledgling medium. They both have white eyes because of this.

The 'grue' feeds on intelligent beings
The grue only attacks/feeds on beings who are sapient (not just sentient). Animals can go about unhindered, as you can see at night where beefalo or rabbits are just sleeping in the open with no light. The pigmen are actually frightened of the dark because they are more intelligent than the average animal and so are a potential target of the grue.

Possibly, the 'fear' of sapient beings is more nourishing than that of general animal fear. One reason (other than just gameplay reasons) why pigs aren't actually attacked by the grue could be because the player character is more intelligent than the pigs and so is more appetising, meaning the grue focuses on attacking the player.
  • Jossed possibly since now we know it's Charlie and with the fact she seems more interested in not being seen.

The reason Wes loses 5 points of Sanity when making balloons...
Frustration. The truth is that Wes is really, really terrible at making balloons.

How you ended up Shipwrecked
The player character heard a rumor that there was an escape from this world very far south of where you start the game. So naturally, you build a boat to sail there. However, you got caught in a storm and wake up with your ship in pieces.

Chester used to be a dog
It seems even the forces of darkness will not stoop so low as to kill an innocent dog, so they transformed him into something... differently cute. He spawns when you pick up a bone (his favorite toy) and will follow you around until you get back to camp.

Each character can play the instrument that provides their "Voice".
Except for Wes, since he can't talk and doesn't have a "voice" anyway.

Abigail died protecting Wendy
Not long after the disastrous final act in 1906, The Shadow beings began to fan out and look for potential new targets. One of the first targets was Maxwell's only family in America. While the Carter family was asleep, a shadow figure crept in and set its sights on a sleeping little girl. Fortunately, her twin sister had already gotten up to get a glass of water, saw the monster, and did whatever it took to protect her. Her screams woke up the rest of the family, and the shadow figure fled, but not before inflicting a fatal blow on poor Abigail. The police were unable to determine exactly how Abigail died, as she showed no apparent external trauma nor did she show any signs of disease. No one saw what killed her, and the family's alibis all checked out. Abigail feared that the shadow beings may come back for Wendy, so she became a restless spirit bound to her twin. As a ghost, Abigail cannot directly tell her sister "Uncle William is dabbling in dark forces, beware." But she can stick around to protect Wendy from various threats. She always was the physically stronger, more energenic sister, after all.