Nightmare Fuel / Don't Starve

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  • The Sanity Meter mechanic can reach Eternal Darkness levels of horror.
    • The silly tune that plays while they retreat may become Nightmare Retardant, likely an intended effect as you are meant to chase them away (at the cost of sanity).
  • When you become insane, Bunnymen become Beardlords, and they're scary as hell, especially when they follow you, as they do so in a way that makes it look like they're about to attack you.
  • For Halloween, a total conversion mod, called The Screecher, was added right to the main menu. It turns the game from survival to outright Survival Horror, and is far, far scarier than anything in the base game.
  • The Nightmare Throne. Your "reward", at the end of adventure mode, is to see your character take Maxwell's place as a prisoner of the Shadows and to know that, after decades of horror and madness, they will also probably give in and "invite" someone else into their world to take their place.
  • "Webber", an unlockable character in Reing of Giants DLC, is a kid that got eaten by a spider. The two merged into one, the result being a Spider-looking boy. What's more, he's implied to have been like that before Maxwell brought him to the island, which brings in a buttload of Fridge Horror.
  • You can literally craft Nightmare fuel as an ingredient for crafting. It is also a natural byproduct of coming back from the dead, which implies the player character saw... something... while they were dead.
  • There are a couple of things in the A New Reign series of updates for Don't Starve Together that just go to show how unhinged Charlie has become after her ascension to the throne:
    • The Shadow Pieces, which are basically the Clockwork Pieces made of the aforementioned literal Nightmare Fuel that get progressively stronger and more deranged-looking as you defeat their fellow pieces.
    • The stagehand, a fancy-looking endtable with a rose on it that seems out of place in the wilderness... Until night falls, and it gets up on shadowy legs in search of a light your campfire.
    • There's also Klaus, who appears to be the King of the Krampii. If the stitched-shut mouth and eyes weren't enough, after you kill him the first time, he resurrects himself with a Life-Giving Amulet, with his chains falling away to reveal an enormous and ravenous Belly Mouth. The kicker? Neither Maxwell nor Charlie created him.