Heartwarming / Don't Starve

  • Many players grow particularly fond of Chester, the mobile chest. The Klei team seem pretty fond of him as well because they keep coming out with stuff like the above link.
  • Lucy the Axe can be creepy sometimes, but she genuinely cares for Woodie's wellbeing and warns him when he's getting too enthusiastic in his wood chopping - even though she herself loves the activity as much as he does.
  • You have the choice to set Maxwell free if you complete all five realms of adventure mode. Granted this does lead to you unknowingly trapping yourself in his place but the gesture is nice, all the same, especially given how much he tormented you.
    Maxwell: I guess I deserved that.
  • Some of the lines characters give when discovering skeletons in the wild are oddly sweet. Woodie apologizes to them, while Willow hopes aloud that whomever they were, they got to go out in a blaze of glory.
    • With Willow's love of fire, of course, it's very possible that she hopes that they literally went out in a blaze of glory. It makes the sweetness a bit more odd, to say the least.
  • In order to unlock the character Webber, you have to give his skull a proper burial.
  • Webber in general can be this. Despite being fused with/stuck inside a spider, he’s still an adorably innocent, optimistic and friendly child. And in Don’t Starve Together, it’s also implied that he has struck up an odd (but adorable) friendship with Wendy.
    • In Don’t Starve Together, one of his lines offhandedly reveals that at some point, he made Wendy a friendship bracelet. D’awww.
    • Wendy’s quote when examining a pair of fake fangs?
      “Now Webber and I can match.”
  • Wilson, Willow, and Webber celebrate Winter's Feast (the Don't Starve equivalent to Cehristmas or Hanukkah) together in Starver's Carol. This is even nicer when you consider that Wilson and Willow are both (to some degree) aracnophobes, and Webber is basically a giant spider (of course, it helps that he's also half boy).
    • Also, Maxwell's reaction to a glass of Heavenly Eggnog from the same event, which ostensibly references Charlie, who is currently occupying the Nightmare Throne, half shadow monster, and indirectly trying to kill the survivors:
      Maxwell:: My... favorite... she remembered.
  • Klei released a comic Where Wes gives everyone some Valentine's Cheer.
  • In the Ruins, there's a boss called the Ancient Guardian. If you kill it while playing as Maxwell, his examination quotes for its dropped horn and loot chest reveal that they were once old friends and that he feels remorseful about killing it. This coming from someone who usually acts like a jerk to most things.
    • Fridge Brilliance/Heartwarming: The Ancient Guardian's character design and attack pattern (quickly charging at the player with resting intervals where it doesn't move) are quite similar to that of the Clockwork Rook's. The Clockwork Chess Monsters are Maxwell's creations. Perhaps he modeled them after his old friend. Even though now they both try to kill him.
  • In Don’t Starve Together, reviving another character using the Tell-Tale Heart will cause them to respond with thanks, and the result is often really sweet.
    Wendy: “You could never be a monster, Webber.”
    Wigfrid: “Maxwell has uncovered the kindness buried within his heart!”
    Webber: “Aww. We’d beep-boop WX-78 on the nose if they had one!”
  • Willow’s responses to other characters lighting things on fire is usually a Crowning Moment of Funny but her response to Webber or Wendy starting fires is still a little sweet.
    “Wendy! Was that your fire? I’m so proud!”
    “Your fires are so cute, Webber!”
  • The Forge event also introduced the Curio Cabinet feature, which includes a few customisable loading screens, complete with their own descriptions. Some of these descriptions give us a glimpse into the minds of some of the characters, which can range from tearjerkingly tragic (cough, Wendy, cough) to kind of touching.
    “Whether in troupes or in troops, Wolfgang has always thrived on the spirit of camaraderie. He considers the day he joined the survivors to be the moment his luck finally turned for the better.”
    “Webber could have easily seen his unique predicament as an affliction or a curse. Instead he’s chosen to view it as a second chance, and one that he fully intends not to waste.”