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Film: Targets

Targets is a 1968 horror thriller (produced by Roger Corman, directed by Peter Bogdanovich) that focuses on two men in Los Angeles. One is Byron Orlock (Boris Karloff), an aging and beloved horror film actor who has announced his decision to retire from film-making, feeling that Real Life is churning out more and far worse horrors than anything he can hope to put on screen. The other is young Vietnam vet Bobby Thompson (Tim O'Kelly) who unknowingly sets out to prove Orlock's point when he finally snaps under the soulless banality of his existence, gathers up an arsenal, and goes on a shooting spree. Inevitably, the paths of the two men cross...

A worthy coda for Karloff's career, and a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation of filmmakers to the next.


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alternative title(s): Targets
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