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Film: Rock 'n' Roll High School

Rock 'n' Roll High School is a 1979 musical comedy film produced by Roger Corman, directed by Allan Arkush, and featuring The Ramones.

Vince Lombardi High School greets its latest principal, Ms. Togar (Mary Woronov), replacing yet another principal who went mad trying to keep the kids in line. Togar sets her evil sights on Riff Randall (P.J. Soles), who's popular, sexy, uncontrollable... and is the school's biggest fan of the Ramones. When the Ramones are scheduled to tour through the city, Riff tries out various schemes to ensure she gets to see the concert and even meet the band to give them a song she's written... but Togar wants Riff punished with detentions for eternity if it means getting rid of rock and roll from the school.

A sequel followed called Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever, which featured a few returning characters in addition to many new ones.

This film contains examples of:

  • Adults Are Useless: The parents do absolutely nothing when The Ramones show up, prompting the question "Do your parents KNOW you're Ramones?"
  • As Themselves: The Ramones, natch. Vince Lombardi only appears in photos.
  • Berserk Button: As soon as Principal Togar sets her students' records on fire, the students RIOT, put out the bonfire as quickly as possible, and then take over the school with help from their favorite band, The Ramones, whose concert they (and their music teacher) had attended the night before.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The Ramones appear right when Mrs. Togar tries to burn her student's records—and just as the students are putting out the fire.
  • Book Dumb: Riff gives barely a thought to her studies, yet has amassed quite an impressive songwriting portfolio.
  • Captain Obvious: "Does your parents KNOW you're Ramones?"
    • Can count as an In-Joke as none of the band were actually related; the name was taken from an early alias of Paul McCartney. The stage names, and the gimmick of the boys pretending to be brothers, were both Dee Dee's idea
  • Cool Car: The customized Chevy Van that Eaglebauer provides for Tom for his big date, and the 59 Cadillac convertible used by the Ramones.
  • Cute Bookworm: Kate.
  • Dream Sequence: Riff fantasizes about the Ramones in her bedroom.
  • Fake-Out Make-Out: Features a solo Fakeout Makeout in which one of the protagonists turns towards a corner, wraps his arms around himself and mimics the sounds of a couple making out, successfully fooling his pursuers.
  • Freudian Slip: Ms. Togar is constantly asking one of her henchmen to read back notes, which constantly turn into his BDSM fantasies of her.
  • Gambit Roulette: There's no way Riff and her friend planned on getting their tickets back because they didn't plan that method—the RADIO STATION did. What's more, the station itself didn't hear of Riff's latest confrontation with Principal Togar, making this a mix of this and Spanner in the Works.
  • Girl Next Door: Kate (Dey Young), the Hollywood Homely best friend to Riff, who has a crush on star athlete Tom Roberts.

The sequel contains examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: Mary Woronov once again plays a villainous principal like she did in the first film. The only difference is that here, she's A Nazi by Any Other Name whose regime Crosses the Line Twice at the mere sight of someone singing or dancing.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Inverted when Principal Vadar lists the punishable offenses under her new regime. Singing and dancing are at the top, while smoking is considered among the least offensive to her.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Principal Vadar just loves this trope. Scarily enough, she's more lenient toward smoking (It Makes Sense in Context).
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Principal Vadar. Unlike Mrs. Togar from the first film, she actually turns her school into a concentration camp.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Since McGree started running things, Rock N Roll High School Day has become an annual tradition at the school (which had relocated due to the destruction of the previous location in the first film). This contributes to the school landing on probation for consecutive years, which gives rise to the regime of Principal Vadar...
  • The Power of Rock: Weaponized here again.
  • Reality Ensues: The school finds itself on probation for consecutive years due to the events of the first film. Averted (for all the wrong reasons) when Principal Vadar takes over.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: How does McGree react to his school being destroyed a second time? He simply shrugs it off as deja vu and another opportunity to relocate.

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