Film: Lilya 4-ever

Lilja 4-ever is a 2002 Swedish-Danish drama film directed by Lukas Moodysson.

Lilya (Oksana Akinshina) is a 16-year-old girl living in the slums of the former Soviet Union. As the film opens, she is enjoying life as best she can, but is really looking forward to moving to America with her mother.

But then her mother leaves poor Lilya to fend for herself. And her only other relative is abusive towards her, saying the only thing she can do is prostitute herself. This Lilya does, and she also starts squatting in a flat with a local boy named Volodya.

A momentary bright spot does appear: she gets a boyfriend named Andrei, who offers her a passport to Sweden so she can be with him. But all is not as it seems: he's really a child trafficker, and she's just been sentenced to a lifetime of prostitution.

And it can only go downhill from there...

This film provides examples of: