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Fanfic: The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is a RTS game made by Blue Byte, focusing on, well, the rise of an Empire. Specifically, the game and its expansion pack focus on the kingdom of Westerlin and its wars against its evil neighbours. The player is the ruler of the kingdom, and is assisted in this role by a group of six knights. These knights and the surrounding game environment are beautifully animated; and the characters all have surprisingly well developed personalities.

In consequence, this game has attracted a smallnote  fandom on that focuses around the adventures of the various knights. All the stories in the archive form a reasonably tight continuity, resulting in unusually consistent fanon and shipping. As such, they can effectively be considered one multi-author work.

The archive can be found here.

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire fan fiction and fanon provides examples of:

The Boy With The Magic NotebookFanFic/Video GamesGoddess Reborn Chronicle

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