YMMV / The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

The video game

The fanon continuity

  • Funny Moments
    • Any time Kestral and Crimson Sabatt open their mouths in each other's presence.
    • Pretty much the entire of Nobody Calls Me Chicken.
    • The other knights' reactions to Elias' story in Bragging Rights.
    • The tent falling on Marcus in The Eastern Realm.
  • Heartwarming Moments
    • Marcus' extreme protectiveness in New Alliances. Aww.
    • The proposal scene in Friendly Fire. Double awwwww.
    • Hakim and Kestral have plenty of these in Velvet Battlefield.
  • Moment of Awesome
    • Alandra's speech in Gran Lorcha in New Alliances.
    • The final showdown in Velvet Battlefield, where Kestral absolutely thrashes her old boyfriend in a duel.
    • Milo saving Hakim in the same story.
    • Hakim trouncing Thordal in an arm-wrestle in Nobody Calls Me Chicken.
    • Marcus' rescue of Alandra while completely defying her orders in Hopeless Sincerity.
    • In Friendly Fire, Marcus manages to sass a 'bandit leader', fight several more bandits and propose to Alandra all with a concussion.
    • Crimson Sabatt is a walking CMOA, particuarly in The Eastern Realm.