Fan Fic / Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler

"Aw, hell. I knew that system was due for an update."

Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler and its sequel I'll Be Home for the Holidays are two completed fanfictions of Team Fortress 2 by ChaosandMayhem.

Hilarity Ensues when the Respawn system malfunctions on Scout's twenty-first birthday, turning him into a very young kid and giving the other team members a crash course in childcare. They have two days to figure out what went wrong with the system while taking care of a very energetic, enthusiastic child with varying levels of reluctance/competence, because once the weekend is over, it'll be business as usual as far as the Administrator and the BLUs are concerned.

The sequel is set a few months later, when the Administrator agrees to have both BLU and RED teams take a Christmas break, and mainly features Vitriolic Best Buds RED Sniper and Spy spending Christmas at the Sniper's parents, upon which wacky hijinks, low jinks, drama and giant robots ensue. Longer and somewhat Darker and Edgier than EMAT.

The third entry Machines Don't Bleed is now out, with new chapters slowly but steadily being added.

Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler includes examples of:

I'll Be Home for the Holidays

Machines Don't Bleed

Alternative Title(s): Eight Mercenaries And A Toddler