Creators Pet / Western Animation

  • Ben 10
  • Midway through season 2, Drawn Together essentially became The Captain Hero Show. Practically every episode focused on him or featured him heavily, to the point where fans of other characters were sick to death of him. The writers admitted that they liked to give him stories, their justification being that the guy was so messed up that he would do absolutely anything.
  • Family Guy: Brian Griffin. During the shows run, Seth Macfarlane has admitted that his intentions were for Brian to be the show's most popular character, while Meg would be the least popular, but to his complete surprise, Stewie became the show's breakout star, while Brian became the show's scrappy. The crew seems often desperate to make Brian more popular, at one point even killing him off then bringing him back just three episodes later, which fans would usually be happy to hear until they realise that Family Guy episodes take six months to produce.
  • The Fairly OddParents:
    • Sparky was created literally because Butch Hartman loves animals and loves adding in new characters. In almost any interview that mentions Sparky, Hartman goes on about how Sparky is great because of all of the gags he does involving "dog magic" and other things. Viewers however instead have different opinions of him. This seems to be subverted since Season 10, as Sparky's VA confirmed he won't return in this season.
    • Denzel Crocker and Timmy's dad have become this since Season 7 onward. Butch Hartman has described them as his favorite characters due to the fact that they tend to be used as the main source of humor in the series. Fans just wish that the main source of humor in the series would be, you know, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda.
    • Mrs. Crocker, Denzel Crocker's mother, has become a minor one. Most fans see her just a plain, boring, and obnoxious old lady and even then for some reason since Season 7 onwards the writers think that she is an entertaining and funny character that everyone wants to watch.
    • Poof was one as well. Most consider him boring, overexposed, and overpowered when he wasn't just acting cute for the sake of acting cute. He gets praised by almost all the cast and crew, even her voice actress. That being said, fans tend to agree that his overexposed character became more tolerable by comparison after Sparky and Chloe were introduced, and ironically, he has been very much Out of Focus since then.
    • Chloe. In just one episode, she managed to become the most hated character in the series. She's one of the most ludicrous examples of a Mary Sue in Nickelodeon history, wowing Timmy's negligent parents, impressing Timmy's child-hating teacher, curing a monster from its pain, and somehow defeating Jorgen Von Strangle (the strongest and toughest fairy in the universe, mind you) despite being a puny, ten-year-old girl. The writers clearly wanted an example of Girl Power, since they thought the show needed a good female lead, despite the fact that Wanda already was this before the show rewrote itself to fit its endless supply of new characters. The fact that characters are often made to look mean-spirited, selfish, or misogynistic just to make her look good by comparison doesn't help fan appreciation for her. The worst part about her, as many fans point out, is that she is assigned Timmy's god family alongside Timmy due to a fairy shortage, all of which makes no sense; not only because of the unlikely fact that so many children in the world could be miserable enough to obtain fairy godparents, but because in such a case, Chloe clearly shouldn't be one of them, as the show reveals later that her sole reason for being so miserable is that sometimes she makes mistakes when she helps people.
  • Cubert from Futurama turned into a parody. He was actually created to be one of these, apparently in direct reference to the former Trope Namer, and he was originally intended to be a sort of The Ace character, except he would still be hated and mistreated by the other characters. Really only the last part became true. In his debut episode, the rest of the cast takes an instant dislike to him and manage to get in a few good insults. It helps that the writers were more in-tune than others in their profession. Originally Cubert was supposed to be the character who lampshaded all the ludicrous aspects of the series, which he does in his debut episode. However, the writers realized how terribly annoying this was and transformed him into a standard Bratty Half-Pint TV Genius and only used him in a couple of episodes there after. He is also downgraded from a genius to an insufferable brat who thinks he's smarter than he is, while still acting like an actual twelve-year old.
  • There were so many restrictions on Disney writers to deal with Mickey Mouse, that any other character in a given Mickey cartoon practically got a carte blanche to steal the spotlight. The strange irony is that this happened because Mickey was the Creator's Pet of Mr. Disney, not the other characters.
  • The concept of the Creator's Pet was parodied brilliantly in Robot Chicken. It was done in a sketch featuring the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation discussing how to make the fans love Wesley Crusher, after the fandom has paid for a billboard threatening to ass rape Wil Wheaton to death. So they decide to include a character so annoying, it would make Wesley look better by comparison. When one writer suggests they try to make Wesley a better character, he gets thrown out of the room. The resulting episode has an annoying Great Gazoo rip-off called "Snirkles", who proceeds to bother Wesley by playing a "space banjo song" and then disappearing. The fans then change the billboard to say "Kill Wesley. Keep Snirkles." Wil Wheaton, after seeing the sketch, tweeted that he would've loved to voice Wesley if they asked him to.
  • The Simpsons: Though it's not really a single character, "As Himself" is something of a taboo phrase in Simpsons fandom. Most of the time, especially after Season 10, any guest star to play themselves mostly shows up with little reason, acts cool and popular, and isn't really given anything funny to say. Hence, the star comes off as less there to service the plot, and more as a means of mooching off their popularity. Infamous examples include the stage magicians in "The Great Simpsina" and Lady Gaga in "Lisa Goes Gaga." The latter in particular received no small amount of hatred from the fanbase for being an effective Canon Sue, whose spotlight episode was massively-promoted and played very heavily on her public image without saying anything particularly new or interesting about it. Many contrasted her performance to that of Michael Jackson, who guest-starred as a fat white bricklayer living in a mental ward and received a good amount of acclaim for his part.
  • Randy Marsh of South Park has hit this status for a lot of fans. Over the course of the series he has gotten more and more focus, and if he isn't the focus of the A-plot, he is at least one of the subplot. This could be due Trey and Matt mentioning that, when they grew older, they are more and more identifying with him. To say he is a Base-Breaking Character at least would be an understatement (it isn't helped by his Karma Houdini status).
  • Total Drama:
    • Owen in the first two seasons. The writers and voice actors of the show often wrote glowingly of him (Christian Potenza is quoted as having a man-crush on him), yet he is reviled by most of the fanbase due to his constant Toilet Humor, Character Shilling (such as Gwen calling him sane even when he does exceedingly odd things, and the rest of the cast talking about how awesome he was during his elimination in the 2nd season, despite the fact that he cost the team the challenge and spent the entire episode trying to eat two of his teammates), and Character Focus (such as extended dream sequences of him naked and frolicking on mountains made of cheese). His face was even used as the icon for the first season on at least Cartoon Network. However, this decreased as the series went on, the second season giving him a lesser role and the third season giving Owen much less praise from the other contestants, and he received some decent character development with his friendship with Noah and his breakup with Izzy. The writers must have noticed the backlash, as Owen does not appear in seasons 4 and 5, save for minor cameoes.
    • Mike and Zoey, especially once All-Stars aired. While Mike was more tolerated by fans for at least having a story arc (at least until the reset button reared its ugly head), Zoey was just a plain, generic girl that the writers tried to promote as an ultimate heroine and embodiment of goodness. This only got worse as both coast their way to the finish with very little effort and in the latter's case wins more challenges than anybody else in the season, and are the only two to receive anything resembling a happy ending to their main conflict in the season.
  • In-universe example from Rocko's Modern Life: while working on the "Wacky Delly" cartoon for Ralph Bighead, Filbert becomes very protective of The Cheese, the character he created/voiced.
    Cheese: I am The Cheese! I am the best character on the show! I am better than both The Salami and The Bologna combined!