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  • The Furtopia Darwin's Soldiers RPs has Dragore, who fits this trope perfectly. He is a major Mary Sue and a scrappy with a big role, adored by the creator and steals the spotlight.
    • Lupis from the rebooted Furtopia RP is even worse. He literally hijacks the entire story and the plot shifts from a focus on the terrorists to the rogue scientists, who were originally in the background.
  • The Alchemy feature on Gaia Online. Since it's release in 2011, the feature has been completely reviled by the userbase. Alchemy components are nearly impossible to get, and the only ways to obtain them are luck-based. For recipes for items that existed on the site prior to the release of the feature, getting all the components and paying to craft the item costs far more than just buying it on the site's marketplace. Even the richest users on the site have to work together to make some of the items. Nevertheless, much of the Gaia staff insists that the feature is SUPPOSED to be hard and that it's working as they intended.
    • Character-wise, Diedrich gets a lot of hate from users who find his personality quirks obnoxious, and are sick of seeing him shoehorned into one event after the other.
  • Don't care for Google+? Too bad. If you're a Google user, you're now a Google+ user. That goes for all of Google's properties, including YouTube. The biggest reason for this is because if you still use a screen name as opposed to your real name, they will perpetually pester you to switch over until the end of time. Even if you say no, they will just ask you again the next week. Many users refused to do so, and Google's pestering became something of a meme. Google's response was to make it impossible to leave comments or respond to private messages without a Google+ account. The forced integration was appreciated by absolutely nobody. Google claims that they have more users than Facebook, so it shouldn't be a problem... but most people who have Google+ accounts don't even use them.
    • So, what happens after you finally break and make a Google+ account so you can use YouTube freely? Why, the first time you open a video every day, you'll be asked which account you want to use: the account you actually want or the one you were forced to create for no justifiable reason. Oh, and answering this question refreshes the page and restarts the video you were trying to watch. Also, this is assuming they even bother asking, as sometimes they'll decide for you and start you off on your Google+ account, forcing you to switch back to the one you actually use.
  • Ronnie the Skeleton on The Irate Gamer. He is a Jewish stereotype who was hated from his first appearance, where he was given an extremely Overly Long Gag regarding talking non-stop on the telephone. It seems none of his fans or non-fans like him, yet Bores is attached to him so much that he'll put him in any possible place.
    • IG does this with Ronnie the Skeleton by having this already hated character do things like host a Christmas Special and save his life.
    • The Irate gamer himself seems to be almost universally hated, despite all the breaks that YouTube has given him...
  • One of the recurring complaints about Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! concerns the fact the ugly and obnoxious M.O.D.O.K. appears in nearly every episode. Despite this, Marvel still gives him a frequent amount of scenes.
  • MLB Trade Rumors publishes a number of articles based on players' agents despite the fact that the comments for them are the lowest on the site. Simply put the viewers don't care who represents who (with the exception of super agent Scott Boras) or recently when Jay-Z became an agent.
  • Porn example: Sara Stone on Naughty America. After being gone a few years, she returned to the biz with a "exclusive" deal with the site. As expected, she had a couple new scenes... then more and more and more... to the extent that if there was a possible sub-site/genre she could be placed in ex. (threesomes, cowgirl as in the occupation, cheating wife, etc.) you could best believe she was there, sometimes two scenes of her per week. This isn't to say that she was actually bad in said scenes, but the viewers called the site on it and eventually the frequency died down along with the exclusive deal.
  • Certain Neopets rank low in popularity, but seem to be favorites among the creators. The chia (currently ranked 31/54) and blumaroo (36/54) both pop up far too frequently on the site in the form of NPCs, special items, location art, and the like. On the other hand, the chia was the first Neopet created.
    • The biggest example on the site is probably AAA, the game master. Not only is he an insufferable prick, but his challenges also directly cut into the various plots on the site, forcing them to be rushed. Considering that the plots and their associated puzzles were some of the highest draws on the site, many fans cried foul.
  • In a sense, "Archived" objects from the SCP Foundation are this. While most of them aren't considered terrible or as bad as the Decommissioned SCP items, they are generally considered weaker than the main list items (mostly due to suffering from Early-Installment Weirdness) and one the reason they haven't been deleted is the site staff want to keep them around either for personal reasons or due to their involvement in various tales.
  • KaraszKun from True Capitalist, whose calls are painfully awkward and unfunny, due to him apparently having autism and not actually being a troll. Yet Ghost has taken a liking to him, in occasions giving him entire segments of the show. However, this being the kind of show it is, it has been used against him for hilarious results.
  • Zapdramatic desperately wants the viewer to sympathize with Ted Hartup from Ambition. Keep in mind the guy starts out trying to get his kids back from his ex-wife by going to her office strapped with dynamite to hold the entire floor hostage by threatening to "blow us all to hell" while ranting that he's a victim of some kind of conspiracy, and after he's arrested starts regularly escaping from jail (the first time including assaulting a police officer) and at one point threatens the player with a gun (and even accidentally kills them if they say the wrong thing.) Zapdramatic soon tries to paint him almost like some kind of Hannibal Lecter-style intellectual who's always right and regularly abuses ten-dollar words. Early on, the player has to interrogate him and rule that he's perfectly sane, which in the world of Ambition, means that he's excused of every criminal act he commits because he's an innocent victim being played by sinister outside forces, instead of being criminally responsible for his actions like it works in the real world. It gets even better when Duke Crabtree forces you to go along with a plan to frame either Ted or Yale for a murder. Trying to frame Ted locks the player into a no-win scenario while the game chastises them for trying to frame poor, innocent Ted.
    • Bonus points for there being strong evidence that Ted is Zapdramatic's Author Avatar.
    • Sir Basil Pike Elementary has Janina, who seems to be a stand-in for Zapdramatic's daughter, in a series that was apparently made to help her cope with bullying. Only the series does nothing to make Janina at all likeable, with her constantly spying and butting into other people's problems and snarking at them. She's supposed to be a big up-and-coming musician, but her only song can't decide whether it wants to ripoff "Enter Sandman" by Metallica or "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace, isn't very good, and comes with a very confusing music video.

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