Creators Pet: Web Comics

  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: Universe 16 Son Bra, so very much. Daughter of Vegetto, arguably the most powerful character in all of Dragon Ball, you'd think we wouldn't even need Goku from the manga universe gushing on how powerful she is. A whole special focused on just how awesome she is didn't help. And then there's the whole disobeying her father's straight order not to kill her opponent and getting out of it with not even a mild admonition.
    • Also, of course Broly would fit the bill. It isn't helped even though his surviving a powerful attack was explained.
    • Vegetto himself deserves a mention. He was already the most powerful canon character in Dragon Ball Z, to a frankly stupid degree (Yeah, there's kind of a reason WHY Akira Toriyama undid that fusion in canon). Like his daughter he also receives a ridiculous amount of focus, and many characters seem to constantly harp on just how fucking awesome Vegetto is and how they're all just SO inferior to him. The fact that the creators have given Vegetto an entire fanfic all about him and his universe certainly help make him into a Creator's Pet.
  • Vriska Serket from Homestuck was accused of this quite frequently. The author's story he is that he wanted to write a highly divisive character, which amounted to making an egotistical, malicious yet not entirely unsympathetic psuedo-Sue and having her hog massive amounts of screentime and plot relevance, up to and including romantic interest with the main character. Reactions varied from fan to fan, and even after her character arc's conclusion, while not nearly as detested as in her peak, she remains one of the most strenuously debated aspects of the comic. Which seems to be just as the author wanted it.
  • Zii from Ménage à 3 has attracted this label, at least in the comic's early days. There were a couple of reasons, but one large one was fan resentment of her convincing DiDi not to sleep with Gary, which was seemingly treated as perfectly valid; some readers didn't buy it. (Her reaction to Gary trying to draw her into a threesome with Amber also annoyed those fans.) Zii seemed to have perfect Karma Houdini status while being presented as a Lovable Sex Maniac, without any acknowledgment that her "hilarious" exploits maybe went too far. That said, there were fans who liked her, and discussions about her made her a Base Breaker.

    But then, Character Development happened, as some of her actions developed significant consequences. Things like the appearance of her second Stalker with a Crush, her wall-climbing frustration at DiDi's antics, and her burning jealousy of Gary's sudden desirable status, left her looking far less casually invulnerable.

    Meanwhile, in the same comic, Yuki has also attracted the same accusation, as her sometimes very violent actions never seem to attract realistic consequences. However, given her serious psychological problems, she would be a weak example at most.
  • Claire of Questionable Content is starting to draw accusations of this from the comic's fans. She's not a bad character in and of herself, but once she and Marten hooked up the Perfect Sweetness of their relationship started to grate. Not helping matters was Marten suddenly developing the ability to glare relentless and omni-offensive robot-pervert Pintsize into silence when the latter started to make Claire the target of one of his comments, and Marten laughing hysterically for apparently hours following a rather lame pun on Claire's part.
  • Makoto Yosue of Red String morphed into this over time. The author originally admitted she put him in to act as an obstacle and antagonist to the original Official Couple, but later interviews included statements such as him being her favorite character and getting very defensive on some occasions when he received criticism. He started getting a ridiculous amount of Character Focus for a supporting cast member (which on the official web site, he still listed under this category) and time spent on his supposedly horrible life (consisting of simply being sad a girl dumped him once) while other plots more important to the overall flow were getting ignored.
  • Xanthe Justice from Sinfest (aka "Trike Girl"). She hit this trope by being the in-universe catalyst for a Base Breaker Re Tool, plus an unhealthy dose of Writer on Board. For nearly a year, she was riding around talking about the "Sisterhood" taking down the "Patriarchy," trying to recruit female characters and talking down male characters. She remains in Mary Sue territory most of the time. For example, she gave a rather physical Get A Hold Of Yourself Man to the hand of God.
  • Some readers of Unsounded see Sette and Murkoph as this. Both are pretty morally bankrupt (though the latter far more than the former), and some saw the narrative as expecting the viewers to forgive them for it and love them anyway. Interestingly, however, the author has addressed this directly, revealing that this is not the case at all:
    "If you come into Unsounded thinking I want you to forgive Sette her foibles because she's so cute and because I've stuck her in the lead, you got the wrong idea. But it's my fault if they get the wrong idea 'cause I'm the one givin' out ideas! Some people just can't enjoy a heroine with the issues that Sette has. And I absolutely get that. Funnily enough people have short memories and when Murk was introduced it's like they thought here's another morally reprehensible character that Glass fatuously expects us to adore. But no, dorks, he's just a morally reprehensible character."