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aka: Anivision

Sunwoo Entertainment is a South Korean animation studio. They started doing animation in 1979 (though they existed as a company as early as 1974), first working on South Korean productions, then for Disney nearly a decade later and have since become one of the busier overseas animation studios.

Back in The Nineties, Sunwoo had a few companies spun-off from it: Anivision (in 1991), Grimsaem (in 1997), and Sunwoo Digital (in 1998). In 2000, however, the spin-offs were all sucked back into the main studionote . Sunwoo has a subsidiary in the Philippines. They also have a toy company (Named Mocom Toys; making them one of two Korean animation studios that owns a toy company)note , responsible for releasing Hasbro's Transformers toys (as well as stuff for Thomas the Tank Engine, Hamtaro, Disney and others).

In addition to Disney, Sunwoo and its spin-offs have also worked for Universal, Cookie Jar Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and, of course, Nickelodeon.

Compare Toon City (another studio that got its start with Disney), TMS Entertainment, Wang Film Productions, Rough Draft Studios, the Walt Disney Animation Units, and Kennedy Cartoons, other studios that Sunwoo and its spin-offs have worked alongside.

Shows worked on by Sunwoo, Anivision, Grimsaem, and Sunwoo Digital (Studio section in brackets):

Tropes found in the works of Sunwoo and its spin offs:

  • All-CGI Cartoon: Sofia the First, Special Agent Oso, Ted & Dory Detectives, Wild Animal Baby Explorers.
  • Animation Bump: Grimsaem's feature film work, as well as their work on Recess.
  • Animesque: MetaJets, Mix Master and Yobi.
  • Deranged Animation: Plenty of moments in Aaahh! Real Monsters.
  • Medium Blending: Several shows.
  • No Export for You/Bad Export for You: How they've treated the South Korean releases of the Transformers toy line. Animated's especially.
  • Off Model: A common complaint with the company's Disney projects. That, and how their animation as a whole looks bland and uninteresting compared to some of the higher quality studios like Walt Disney Japan and Australia.
    • Reportedly, Joe Murray was less than satisfied with their work on Rocko's Modern Life, and switched to Rough Draft Studios for its final season because of this.
      • The pilot "Trash-o-Madness" had very inconsistent animation; as the original pilot was too short, new animation by Sunwoo was added so that the short could fill the typical 11 minute running time. This results in two wildly different animation styles for the same episode; Sunwoo's sections are generally considered much more refined and professional, but less wacky than what Joe Murray's in-house crew came up with.
    • Their first few Recess episodes were extremely off-model, most notably "Jinxed", "To Finster With Love", "Big Brother Chad", and "The Legend of Big Kid". However, these occurrences lessened as season one went on, and have since been considered to be one of the best animation departments for the show.
    • On the commentaries on The Simpsons DVD sets, the staff didn't mention Anivision by name. But they did mention on one of their episodes ("I Married Marge") that the overseas studio at the time was having difficulty with the size of the pupils. Indeed, it was quite common for the characters in episodes animated by Anivision to have large pupils, as if the characters were perpetually stoned.
    • Their ChalkZone episodes were very inconsistent (some of their recurring errors were mixing up the colors on Rudy's shirt, as well as drawing him without his bucktooth), and tended to have a different look compared to the other studios' episodes; they would make Rudy and Penny more Puni Plush than normal, and gave the show Thick-Line Animation during the second season (they thinned the outlines out in season three). They stopped working on the show after the third season.
  • Production Posse: Most of Klasky-Csupo's work was animated by Sunwoo and its' divisions.
    • When Sunwoo was first formed, Disney wanted Sunwoo to work exclusively with them, but Sunwoo rejected the offer because they knew what potential there was for working with more than one studio.

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