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Creator: DR Movie
Damnit Jim, that's an animation studio, not a doctor.

DR Movie is a South-Korean animation studio (offices also exist in Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japannote ). First established in November of 1990 and bought by Madhouse roughly a decade later (having worked with them several times during the years prior). The studio mainly specializes in animation, Ink & Paint and other tasks for Anime and North American animation. With their clients having since included the likes of Studio Ghibli, GONZO, Studio Pierrot, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment, AIC, Sony, HBO, Hasbro, Marvel (and by extension, Disney) and Warner Bros.

See also MOI Animation, a sister company to DR and AKOM, JM Animation, Dong Woo Animation, Sunwoo Entertainment, Saerom and Hanho Heung-Up, other South Korean animation studios (JM and Dong Woo having also worked on Anime). Their website exists and a near-complete list of their Anime work can be found on Anime News Network.

North American Projects DR Movie worked on include:

Anime worked on by DR Movie include:

For Madhouse

For other companies

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