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Manga: My Girl
Pleasure to live with you...

Kazama Masamune is a 23 year old bachelor with an ordinary job. He had an old flame, Youko, who left him for some unspecified reason. But one day, he hears that Youko has passed away, leaving a child behind in the care of her mother. HIS child, who he didn't even know existed, and who also happens to be the reason Youko abandoned him because she didn't want to bog him down.

Naturally, Hilarity Ensued.

A manga by Sahara Mizu, it combines decent art with a heartwarming, captivating story. Can be read here. Also has a drama adaptation.

Not to be confused with the Macaulay Culkin movie My Girl, nor the unrelated manhwa, or the song by The Temptations.

Provides examples of:

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