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Awesome: My Girl
  • The part where Shelly's Ex-husband, Danny shows up. He pretty much ruins a family picnic trying to harass Shelly while she was having dinner with Harry and the family. Harry, the good nature that he is, first tries to talk to the guy into leaving, but he doesn't budge. So he just simply grabs him by the shoulder in a friendly gesture and knees him in the stomach. Danny's brother comes to his aid and Harry gives one of the most awesome threats you can give in a family comedy. The fact that he is an undertaker just shows how awesome it is.
    Harry: Who are you?
    Ralph: I'm his brother.
    Harry: Then I guess you'll visit this house more often.
    Raplph: Why?
    Harry: Because if your brother comes back here again, I'm gonna bury him in my back yard.

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