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Creator: Studio Junio
Studio Junio is an anime studio from the 1970s. They're not around anymore, thus not much is known about this studio. At least other then that they worked with TMS and Toei on several anime.

Junio has since become FAI International, you can find that company's credits on their own page.

Major Productions by Junio:

Other Projects by Junio

Tropes associated with Junio

  • Animation Bump: Sonic CD, Batman
  • Animesque: One of Junio's Batman episodes had this (see Off Model below).
  • Off Model: Junio did animation for one Batman episode that looked nothing like their other episodes (or indeed, like the other studios). This almost caused the WB staff to fire them, much as they did with Sunrise and AKOM.

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alternative title(s): Studio Junio
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