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Cherami Leigh is an American actress and voice actress. You may or may not recognize her as one of the Radio Disney voices during promotions and commercials, which she has been working as for over ten years.

For anime voice-acting, she primarily works for FUNimation, and is noted for her cutesy voices that can become rather deep and scary if necessary; her most well-known roles are probably Patti of Soul Eater and Road of D.Gray-Man, yet for a long time, she appeared in basically every Funimation show, like the other voice actors there. For that matter, her voice range is similar to Yukari Tamura's. Her first recurring anime role was Sae from Peach Girl. She is currently voicing Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail.

Currently, she is working in L.A. as the English voice actress for Asuna Yuuki of Sword Art Online alongside Bryce Papenbrook, who plays Kazuto Kirigaya. She's also the new voice of Sailor Venus on Sailor Moon. The move has also opened more opportunities for her live-action work too. She appeared on Friday Night Lights as Ginnie Warwick, and appeared multiple times on Walker, Texas Ranger. She also played Sarah on the short-lived The Deep End.

Has a Twitter account.

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  • Young LeAnn Rimes in Holiday in Your Heart
  • Teenage Girl in The Mist

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