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Characters: We Are All Pokémon Trainers
This page describes the characters present in We Are All Pokémon Trainers.

Beware: this work has Loads and Loads of Characters. With over 20 active players with at least a full Pokémon team each, you can be easily overwhelmed with over 150 "main" characters. Not counting then villains, friends and NPCs. At some point in January 2012, this page was the largest page in the entire wiki! So, for ease of organization and reduced load, it has been split.

Main Characters

These pages are indexed alphabetically by the name of the Trainer, and to each Trainer section follows the Trainer's Pokémon section.

Other Characters

We Are Our Adventuring AvatarsCharacters/Play-by-Post GamesWe Are All Pokemon Trainers Main 1
Warriors of the WorldCharacterSheets/Troper WorksWe Are All Pokemon Trainers Main 1
Warriors of the WorldCharacterSheets/Fan WorksWe Are All Pokemon Trainers Main 1

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