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Welcome! If you're here than clearly you have come seeking tropes related with Shima and his band of merry men and women - urgh, wait wrong story. But you get the idea either way, right...?

Many Contain Spoilers for all those not up-to-date with the most current events in Reaching Salvation. You have been warned.

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Shima - surname unknown

Shima is a tall, well dressed man with dark hair and matching eyes who leads a rouge fraction against the Big Five and is for Revenge due to the fact that at some point they were allies, but no longer given the fact they turned on him and betrayed him for a yet un-revealed reason. Currently viewed as the Big Bad of Reaching Salvation, Shima and his fellows seem to be bidding their time for another strike on the tower



Oliver Reverend and the Roads to Damnation

"You cannot save everyone and to try is a fools task. But you can save those that will come after you be leaving this world as the best place you can. And such a task requires sacrifices."
Oliver on the topic of Utopia being possible.
Created and played by Dobi Boshi.

Oliver is a young adult in his early twenties, well built with electric blue hair that makes him easily noticeable in a crowd. Dragon-in-Chief to Shima himself, Oliver oversees the daily running of Shima's base and the facilities whilst keeping the peace between those that dwell within. Given his status The Dragon, Oliver is also trusted with the most important missions Shima has to ordered his subordinates to under take and is easily one of the most powerful characters within Reaching Salvation.

He has yet to make an official appearance in Post Acer for the time being.



Nathan Stanton

"You're in my way... move, or die."
- Nathan "English" Stanton displaying how much of a Jerk Ass he is.
Created and played by Stabberz

Nathan Stanton is considered, by many, to be a morally bad person who isn't above using brute strength to achieve his own goals. Nathan one more than one occasions has shown himself to be one of the strongest contestants still competing in the Acer Tournament. He appears to have won the Super Power Lottery with his Flow gift which enables him to absorb and mimic up to five other flows at any given time. In the Acer Tournament he is in the same team as Kira and Luke, but the odds of him remaining in the tournament are low after witnessing Shima's impressive display of power. Many consider him arrogant and self centered. In the grand scheme of things that owners of the characters are split directly down the middle as to whether or not he truly is a good character. Many see him as a contender for the future Big Bad. Has now defected to Shima.



Eithne McHale

"Oi, watch the coat, asshole! It's worth half my badass points!"
Eithne McHale, when something puts his beloved coat in danger.
Created by Dobi Boshi, played by Dobi Boshi and - briefly- Stabberz

A six foot one Scottish born martial artist who is the sole remaining member of his own team of three, he left then to die to save his own hide in the early stages of the tournament before he really got to know either of them, though nobody really knows about it due to how close to the chest he keeps the fact. He is involved in a relationship with Amelia, though they're currently having their porblam due to recent events in the Post Acer story line.



The Enlightened Eleven aka the Illuminatus.

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