Characters / Reaching Salvation Two

Welcome! If you're here than clearly you have come seeking tropes related with the Big Five and their lackeys.

Many Contain Spoilers for all those not up-to-date with the most current events in Reaching Salvation. You have been warned.

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The Big Five


One of the Big Five, the adults in charge of the Acer Tournament. Vanthus sports a strict, no-nonsense attitude and generally abides and enforces the laws of the tower, caring about the contestants minimally. He is described as a young with a large physique, with black tattoos over his body. Physically imposing, he sports flamboyant red hair and chains dangling from his pants.



One of the Big Five, the adults in charge of the Acer Tournament. Thadius is tall, wears a white lab coat and sports a scientist persona. He has thick red goggles obscuring his eyes. Most striking, however, is his mechanical artificial left arm which is equipped with an arsenal of tools and weapons. The tower in which the adults reside in is chock-full of his innovations. Contraptions include Flow-resistant architecture, rigged traps, cages, cannons, and more. In the Post-Acer storyline, Thadius's Nullifier plays a large role in the governing the future city of Utopia.



One of the Big Five, the adults in charge of the Acer Tournament. Anya is the youngest of the five, and sports bubblegum pink hair. She has a rather condescending attitude on most of the contestants and often toys with them. Anya is always carrying a parasol with her that doubles a self-defense mechanism.



One of the Big Five, the adults in charge of the Acer Tournament. Lillian is stoic and calm, rarely displaying outward emotion. She wears long robes and jet-black hair. Her weapon of choice is a staff. Her Flow is the only one revealed in the story thus far, and involves manipulation of the Flow itself, even the ability to remove from one's presence so they have no access to their abilities. A spin-off story of Reaching Salvation depicts the journey of Lillian's older brother. She is currently the antagonist in the Post Acer story line, attempting to eliminate the survivors of the Acer Tournament.



The leader of the Big Five. Acerbus is shown to be man with brown hair and velvet chocolate eyes, and is usually very calm and controlled in his emotions. He is shown to be neutral toward most affairs concerning the conestants, and generally always has a plan in mind ready to be executed. He is hinted to have some cooperation/link to Shima in the past, which led to Shima's banishment. Acerbus exerts a controlled but powerful aura that hints at a darker history behind him.