Characters: Nexus War

In Nexus War, classes are arranged into tiers. Every type of character alignment- Angelic, Demonic or Unaligned- can choose between a 'combat' class and a 'magic' class early in the game, which defines which classes are available to them later on. Both games in the series use roughly the same set of character classes, although some have significant differences between adaptations.

Mortal (Tier 1)

All characters begin as mortals.

Angelic Classes

Paladin (Tier 2 combat)

A powerful soldier for the forces of good.

Shepherd (Tier 2 magic)

A priest for the forces of good.

Holy Champion (Tier 3 combat)

A powerful guardian of the forces of light.

Seraph (Tier 3 combat)

A divine angel with great and terrible power.

Lightspeaker (Tier 3 magic)

A holy being with the power to command lesser creatures of the light.

Advocate (Tier 3 magic)

A divine being with a magnificent grasp of holy magic.

Demonic Classes

Pariah (Tier 2 combat)

A half-demon, servitor warrior of darkness.

Defiler (Tier 2 magic)

A dark sorcerer dedicated to evil.

Infernal Behemoth (Tier 3 combat)

An extremely powerful demon lord.

Void Walker (Tier 3 combat)

A demon lord with the ability to manipulate hellish magic.

Doom Howler (Tier 3 combat) (Nexus Clash only)

A harbinger of destruction, the Doom Howler wreaks indiscriminate death and despair wherever he goes.

Dark Opressor (Tier 3 magic)

A master of manipulating hellish magic.

Wyrm Master (Tier 3 magic)

A demon sorcerer who has the ability to summon creatures from the void.

Corruptor (Tier 3 magic)

A Corruptor always seems to have something nearby to draw power from, and no amount of preparation will do any good against the vile Hex they are known for.

Unaligned Classes

Myrmidon (Tier 2 combat)

A mortal with extraordinary combat prowess.

Sorcerer (Tier 2 magic)

A mortal being who has mystical powers.

Eternal Soldier (Tier 3 combat)

An immortal legionnaire of the Infinite Nexus.

Nexus Champion (Tier 3 combat)

A powerful combatant who has learned to manipulate magic.

Revenant (Tier 3 Combat)

An undead warrior who stalks the night

Wizard (Tier 3 Magic)

A master of the forces of magic.

Elementalist (Tier 3 Magic) (Existed in the original Nexus War only)

A master of the elemental forces.

Lich (Tier 3 Magic)

A powerful master of wizardry who has escaped death by becoming undead.

Conduit (Tier 3 Magic)

Through a greater understanding of the ebb and flow of Nexal energies, a Conduit is able to ride the flow, and direct those following in their wake.