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Awesome: The Undertaker
Unflinching Walk after yet another title match.

  • Undertaker's ''WrestleMania "Streak" is a career-spanning CMoA, but he has a few more.
    • Said streak was officially beaten at Wrestlemania 30 by Brock Lesnar, but damn if 'Taker didn't go down without a fight.
  • Whenever he cleans house, he almost always takes on a huge number of men and still beats them all.
  • Saving Miss Elizabeth and an injured Macho Man from Jake Roberts, who was ready to hit them with a chair behind the entrance ramp. Then kicking Jake's ass at WrestleMania VIII.
    • Although The Undertaker had teamed up with Jake Roberts in a program against Ultimate Warrior in late 1991, Jake "The Snake"'s actions against Miss Elizabeth might've fueled The Undertaker's first Heel-Face Turn.
      Jake Roberts: C'mon, tell me! Tell me whose side you're on. Face to face. C'mon. Make up your mind, man. Make it up.
      The Undertaker: NOT YOURS!
  • Winning the WWF title from Hulk Hogan only after a year of being in the WWF.
  • At King of the Ring 1998, the Undertaker met Mankind at a Hell In A Cell match, which is legendary for its Holy Shit Quotient
    • A lot of people see this (deservingly) as Mick Foley's Crowning Moment, but Mick admits in his first book that Undertaker's immense expertise at what he does and professionalism is what kept the match going after the infamous chokeslam through the cage. Also, climbing the cell (twice) and then dropping from it to the ring with a broken foot is pretty badass.
  • His return at WrestleMania 20, signaling the return of his "Deadman" persona.
  • His matches against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25 and 26, considered to be instant classics by many.
    • Any match he's had with HBK (the 1st Hell In A Cell, final two in the 2007 Royal Rumble)
  • Mark Callaway as opposed to Undertaker gets one for calling Vince McMahon out backstage on the Montreal Screwjob. Long story short, he put Vince on the spot (after kicking down his door to get to him) and said most of the talent would be prepared to walk out unless amends were made. He allegedly did it a few months later before WrestleMania 14 (where WWF Champion Shawn Michaels was facing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin), and told Vince that if another screwjob happened, Vince would have to answer to him.
    • Also, so the story goes, told Michaels (who was complaining about having to lose despite a back injury that meant he would likely have to retire) that if Shawn didn't do the job, he would kick Shawn's ass. And then, to prove he meant it, made sure that he taped up his fists in Shawn's eyeline during Shawn's entrance. Claimed untrue by Michaels (though he has a history of Retcon), though appx 4:50 of this interview Undertaker did back in 2002, implies the story is at least partly true.
  • The Undertaker once participated in an Elimination Chamber... moments after being accidentally lit on fire.
    • Specifically, one of the bursts of flame that are part of his entrance went off almost directly underneath him instead of when he was already past, whether through timing issues or technical problems isn't known. Rather than (understandably) freaking out, he just tossed off his smoldering jacket, recovered from the stumble before emerging from the smoke and fog, and continued his unnervingly slow walk down to the ring.
  • The entire Ministry Of Darkness gimmick. The chilling speeches, the wardrobe, the special effects and the comic book-like storyline were all proof that wrestling doesn't need to fool its audience into thinking it's not real for it to still be So Cool It's Awesome.
  • Literally dragging Kane into Hell.
  • Though the majority of Undertaker's promos with Paul Bearer are very cheesy, this segment with the Ultimate Warrior is surprisingly quite effective.
  • Any time he busts out his top-rope suicide plancha (seen here over the top rope, over a casket, and onto Mark Henry). Death from Above doesn't even begin to cover it.
    • On the 2001 Undertaker: This Is My Yard DVD, Edge puts over this move and suggests that there's no way a guy Taker's size should be able to do it.
    • His performance of the move during the first Inferno Match with Kane made for an awesome visual.
  • His "Spirit of The Undertaker" speech at the 1994 Royal Rumble, before he "crossed over".
  • When he appeared as #30 at Royal Rumble 2007. After the Great Khali punched out everyone in the ring, The Miz then entered at #29, getting thrown out as soon as he entered. Then when the buzzer sounded for number 30, the gong went off, the lights went dark, and the fans went BERSERK. Cue Undertaker beating the crap out of the Great Khali and cleaning the ring.
  • The Undertaker saving Rey Mysterio and giving Batista the beating of a lifetime.
  • Taker's match with Triple H at ''WrestleMania XXVII. The amount of punishment both men absorbed escalated to the point that Taker (who won the match by submission, of all things) was the one that had to be carted out of the stadium.
    • If it were possible to take it Up to Eleven, then their rematch at WrestleMania XXVIII inside Hell In A Cell sure did. Among the many things 'Taker survived to win the match included a spinebuster on the ring steps, multiple sledgehammer shots to the face, over a dozen chair shots and a Sweet Chin Music from guest referee Shawn Michaels that was immediately chained into a Pedigree.
  • Undertaker's return at 2005 Survivor Series.
    • While executed well, it might have been better if WWE hadn't advertised it as heavily beforehand and left it a surprise. Since he only showed up at the very end of the show this made him an Advertised Extra, and the crowd chanted "We Want Taker" throughout much of the final match.
  • Taker's triumphant rebirth as the "American Bad-Ass" at the 2000 Judgment Day pay-per-view, as he beat the holy hell out of Triple H and his goons.
  • Undertaker appearing out to help Kane against 6 men. Oh boy, check this out.
  • His feud with CM Punk leading to WrestleMania 29, ending in a brutal match, where he made sure that Punk paid for every bit of disrespect he gave to Paul Bearer and the streak, bringing it to 21-0. During the match, you can see that Taker didn't just want to hurt Punk, he wanted to murder Punk, well, as much as he could while keeping it legal.
    • One awesome moment was when he sat straight up, while in the Anaconda Vice! Punk's reaction was priceless.
    • His entrance, with dozens of extras clawing at his robes while walking on the ramp, made him look like a god.
      • A god? He looked like Death incarnate, raising zombies just with his mere presence.
  • His return to the match after being knocked out cold and carried away on a stretcher after Giant Gonzalez, the tallest wrestler in history, held a cloth soaked in chloroform to his face for several seconds. Though Gonzalez had already lost by disqualification, Undertaker still dished out a brief beating, even as Paul Bearer desperately attempted to hold him back.
    • To this day, this is the only match Taker has won in Wrestlemania via disqualification.
  • How does Undertaker accept Brock Lesnar to be his opponent for Wrestlemania 30? Stabbing Lesnar's hand with a pen on the contract.
    • Followed by a chokeslam through the table.
  • He and Kane saving Lita from brutal beating at the hands of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Triple H. Rollin hits and through a pillar of fire they casually stroll to the ring like they had all the time in the world. Austin and Haitch see this and go Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
  • The 5/11/07 episode of WWE SmackDown! ended with him beaten comatose by Batista, Mark Henry, and Edge, so how did he leave the arena? Like a fallen king.
  • His Badass Boast to Kane before their No-Holds-Barred Match at Night of Champions
    • Undertaker: You called yourself the Devil's Favorite Demon. Well, Kane, have you forgotten that the house that Devil lives in, I built? Brick by fiery brick and when I come calling the Devil still answers to me with 'Sir'.

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