Tear Jerker / The Undertaker

  • The demo version of his theme.
    • Which was remixed and used for the promo celebrating his 25 years in the WWE. And it was tear-inducing.
  • Brock Lesnar putting an end to the Undertaker's 21-win streak at Wrestlemania XXX. The entire arena was in absolute shock and disbelief; even Paul Heyman could hardly believe Brock won. The sound engineers even delayed Brock's theme after his victory, just to make the Undertaker's defeat sting even more.
    • Or they might have been wondering if there might not have been a Shocking Swerve in store, it was that well-kept a secret.
    • It got up to the point where adults and security personnel had to comfort crying children by saying there was a mistake.
    • During a 2015 interview in Manchester with Shawn Michaels and JR, JR revealed that even Brock himself didn't want to break the streak and had even asked Vince McMahon if he could lose to Taker. However, Circumstances and Vince's decision-making ultimate forced the inevitable to happen...
  • At the WWE Hall of Fame the night before, Undertaker paid tribute to Paul Bearer in the only way he could—raising his signature urn to the air in silence.
  • Undertaker leaving his gloves, jacket, and hat in the ring after losing to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania XXXIII. Even though nothing was said, everyone in the stands and watching at home understood that this was the end of an era.