Trivia: The Undertaker

  • Fan Nickname: Bikertaker for his American Badass period.
    • "Underfaker" for the Brian Lee Undertaker in the "Two Undertakers" storyline.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Creatures of the Night.
  • Dye Hard: He is a redhead and performed as one early in his career, but eventually dyed it black and kept it that way ever since. You could see his hair shift a bit back towards red during his BikerTaker days when he had short hair and didn't have to do the Deadman jet-black dye job.
  • Fountain of Expies: Popularized the Light Flicker Teleport, the Chokeslam, the tombstone, the no sell situp and various supernatural monster gimmicks. Did not start most of them but definitely caused a trend. Also inspired the use of mixed matrial arts equipment, even for wrestlers who have no background in the sport or relating gimmick.
  • Romance on the Set: Undertaker married Michelle McCool in 2010.
  • What Could Have Been: The Undertaker's original manager, back when he was "Kane the Undertaker" (get a load of that name)? Brother Love. Now just imagine how the character would have evolved if Brother Love had stayed his manager.