Trivia: The Undertaker

  • Fan Nickname: Bikertaker for his American Badass period.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Creatures of the Night** Underfaker for the Brian Lee Undertaker in the "Two Undertakers" storyline.
  • Dye Hard: He is a redhead and performed as one early in his career, but eventually dyed it black and kept it that way ever since. You could see his hair shift a bit back towards red during his BikerTaker days when he had short hair and didn't have to do the Deadman jet-black dye job.
  • Fountain of Expies: Popularized the Light Flicker Teleport, the Chokeslam, the tombstone, the no sell situp and various supernatural monster gimmicks. Did not start most of them but definitely caused a trend. Also inspired the use of mixed matrial arts equipment, even for wrestlers who have no background in the sport or relating gimmick.
  • Romance on the Set: Undertaker married Michelle McCool in 2010.
  • What Could Have Been: The Undertaker's original manager, back when he was "Kane the Undertaker" (get a load of that name)? Brother Love. Now just imagine how the character would have evolved if Brother Love had stayed his manager.
    • This led to one hell of a Brick Joke about a decade later.
    • The name "Kane the Undertaker" turned into an even more massive Brick Joke later on.
    • Mark Calaway originally wanted to be a pro-basketball player as well.
    • WCW had their chance with Mark, who wrestled there in the late 80's, but true to WCW style they fired him because they thought he'd never catch on.
    • Taker very briefly had a gimmick sort of halfway between his Druid/Ministry gimmick and the American Badass. He had his motorcycle, and an entrance video with three creepy girls saying "his judgment day is now...". Then Limp Bizkit released Rollin', and Taker's gimmick was changed so he could use it as a theme song