Awesome: RuPaul's Drag Race

  • So many of the lipsyncs. Especially ones where both girls give their all.
    • Akashia from Season 1 is probably the first instance of a truly awesome lipsync when she performed to the song We Break The Dawn by Michelle Williams. Despite the fact the queen facing off against her (Tammie Brown) had decided she wasn't going to perform, Akashia still gave the song her all and thoroughly shocked and impressed Ru and the judges.
    RuPaul: "Akashia, you motherfucking broke the dawn!"
    • Special mention goes to Jujubee, who across Season 2 and All Stars, has lip synced a total of five times and was never eliminated because of a lip sync
      • Honorary Mention to Alexis Mateo who did it four times, and only got eliminated against Raven (All-Stars), who is also a strong lip syncer and because she switched with Yara Sofia.
    • Sahara and Shangela in the season 2 premiere set a high bar for the rest of the season.
    Sonique: "It looked like Mortal Kombat "
    • Quite a number of the queens have done a split during the lipsync, but Sahara may have topped them all by doing a jumping split and landing off the stage
    • Morgan McMichaels and Sonique's lip sync to Stacey Q's “Two of Hearts.” The two approached it with very different styles, with Sonique delivering acrobatics and and splits, "working every inch of the stage," while Morgan went with air tight voguing so precise that Ru called it among the tightest she'd ever seen. Ru admitted that it was a very difficult choice.
    • Manila Luzon and Delta Work lip syncing to Donna Summer's “MacArthur Park.” Both really connect with the song, with Manila edging out by performing in a highly powerful, emotional, and completely insane manner.
    • Raja and Carmen lip sync to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." It almost immediately becomes a strip tease to the visible excitement of the judges' panel, the other contestants, and the jocks backstage.
    • Dida Ritz did such an incredible job on "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" that Natalie Cole, who was sitting on the judges' table that week, was impressed.
    • Phi Phi and Sharon's lip sync may quite possibly the most intense in Drag Race history, aided by the season-long tension experienced between the two as well as the extremely high energy song.
    • Dida Ritz and Latrice Royale lip syncing to Gladys Knight & The Pips "I've Got To Use My Imagination."
    • Coco Montrese's lip syncs were both strong but extra points go to her lip sync against Jade Jolie with The Pointer Sister's "I'm So Excited", because of how strong both Queens were.
      • What made it even more CMOA was how extremely strong Jade Jolie was; it came as a surprise to many (however she did very well in an earlier lip syncing challenge herself)
    • Roxxxy and Alyssa lip syncing to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair." Alyssa's been established as being a great dancer and her performance in the spoken word lip sync challenge was raved so she was expected to do very well, but Roxxxy more than held her own by giving a high-energy performance and employing some great tricks, including taking off her wig to reveal another wig. Not only did Ru keep both queens, but she later revealed that this is her favorite lipsynch in the entire series so far.
    • The entire lip sync between Coco and Alyssa, built up off of of several years and most of a season's worth of tension. Best summed up by the judges' reactions, which are a collective Jaw Drop.
    • Season 6 in general is just giving us awesome lipsync after awesome lipsync. Although the first two had their flops (Kelly and Magnolia), every lipsync since then has been top notch. These girls are not here to take chances.
      • April and Trinity lip syncing to "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan
      • Trinity and Milk lip syncing "What a Man" by Salt-n-Pepa with En Vogue. It's notable on Trinity's end as she showed that even if it might seem like she's finished she's not and if she should ever fall into the bottom two again she'll come out victorious. Meanwhile, Milk also gets kudos for keeping up in the energy department; she wasn't going home easily and she worked just as hard as Trinity did.
      • Laganja and Joslyn lip syncing to "Stupid Girls" by Pink, especially when they simultaneously do a split. As Courtney points out, neither queen was looking at the other, so they had no clue the other person was going to do the same move. Everyone in the room cheered when it happened.
      • The lipsync between Trinity and Adore with the two of them working perfectly together.
  • In the Season 3 premiere, Raja became the first contestant to win both the mini-challenge and the main challenge
  • In the Season 4 reunion, Willam calls out Phi Phi for her egregious behaviour throughout the season
  • In the second Untucked for Season 5, Serena ChaCha begins showing her true colours and tells the queens that their language (read: regular queen speak) is ghetto. The result? The queens descend on her like vultures and begin reading her to filth.
  • Jade Jolie confronting Alyssa Edwards about her antagonistic attitude. Especially since Jade had before mostly been shown as bubbly and soft, but this showed she's more a case of Silk Hiding Steel.
  • Jinkx Monsoon winning Season 5's Snatch Game with her Little Edie impersonation, coming out on top after the other queens give her crap for picking an obscure figure and for her style in general, being more about comedy and camp rather than glamour.
    • Any time Jinkx wins a competition or scores highly, since it always comes after being doubted and second-guessed by the other queens.
    • The fact that Jinkx was the first queen to win two challenges in season five.
    • In "Sugar Ball," Jinkx may have landed in the bottom two for the first time, but she still got a CMOA when she broke up Rolaskatox by sending Detox home. She completely owns it in the lip sync, which is especially ironic since the other girls had been doubting her ability to win if put up for elimination.
  • Alaska's Defend Your Life speech.
  • Bianca Del Rio, in particular with Magnolia Crawford and Adore Delano in Untucked.
  • In the Season 6 comedy challenge, the girls must perform stand-up comedy in front of a live audience of senior citizens. Despite a series of lukewarm performances, Trinity does very well, and even Ru is just about brought to tears with how proud she is of her.
  • Adore winning the Drag Ball challenge, as previously in the same episode she actually has a minor breakdown and is in tears in front of RuPaul during her walthrough. It's also awesome because Ru constantly tells her queens to apply their talents towards other tasks they feel they're weak in, and they constantly don't get it. Adore, for all her ditzyness, actually does get it, incorporating her distinctive personality and acting skills into her looks, with Bob Mackie himself saying her looks weren't really that strong, but her performance in each role sold him on the outfits.
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