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Tear Jerker: RuPaul's Drag Race
  • Pretty much any time a queen gets a supportive message from one of her parents, there will be tears involved, from both the queen in question as well as the others as they recount how their own parents were less than accepting.
  • Ongina revealing that she has HIV after winning the Viva Glam challenge.
  • Rebecca crying in the bathroom in the same episode, depressed and grieving about her friend who is dying of AIDS.
  • Pandora Boxx recounting nearly being Driven to Suicide because of homophobic bullying and the lingering self-doubt even after the attempt.
  • Sonique crying at the 2nd season reunion show, before coming out as trans.
  • A little one. In the "Queens in Space" episode of season 3, Raja choking out tearfully that she doesn't want Delta to be eliminated because Delta is her best friend. Raja is usually quite stoic, and she is often called "fake" by other members of the competition, but there is no denying that Raja is a girl who loves and cares about her friends.
  • Alexis' boyfriend in the Marines, who is most likely dead. She's completely given up hope of ever seeing him again.
  • Alexis Matteo almost leaving the competition, and Yara having a breakdown in the same episode.
  • Sharon Needles' backstory. She grew up in rural Iowa and was horribly bullied, and even the school administrators partially blamed her for bringing it on herself for being different. She ultimately dropped out of high school and left her hometown at a young age. It was only during a stint in Des Moines—Iowa's capital and largest city—that she was exposed to drag queens and other gay people, inspiring her to craft her drag act and eventually settle in Pittsburgh.
  • Jujubee crying backstage, saying, "I miss my dad!"
  • Latrice Royale´s speech when she goes sashay away
  • From the season 4 reunion show, Latrice reading aloud the fan letter from a ten-year-old fan.
  • Jiggly crying in the 4th season reunion show as she recounts how she discovered that Phi Phi set her up for failure, saying that she let Phi Phi sleep at her apartment when they were first starting out as queens, and was completely devastated that her friend betrayed her.
  • In real life, the death of season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport.
    • The episode of All Stars where Manila talks to Latrice about Sahara and shows off a photo of the two of them together is also a tearjerker in retrospect. Manila and Sahara were a couple in real life.
  • The second half of All Stars Untucked: Episode 2. Chad gets a video message from his estranged father, who he hasn't seen in fifteen years. Tear jerking enough by itself, as several of the queens start crying. Unfortunately, some of the queens' daddy issues come to light. Yara Sofia starts breaking down, and Chad comforts her. After this, Manila states that she feels unworthy in her dad's eyes because she's a drag queen. Finally, Latrice states that it's important to reconcile with their fathers, and how she never got that oppurtunity; her father died shortly after she was released from jail. You will need Kleenex during this episode.
  • Jujubee and Raven having to lipsync against each other in the penultimate episode of All Stars after saying that they can't stand the thought of having to do so, and the two of them can barely get through it without choking up. It's so emotional that Ru says "fuck it" and lets both of them stay!
  • Season Five's Beverly Monica Hillz coming out as transgender. It was clearly a heavy burden.
  • During the Snatch Game critiques of Season 5, Jinkx Monsoon keeps on chanting, "Water off a duck's back. Water off a duck's back". It's heartbreaking enough, but it gets even more so when you realize that she's expecting to be trashed by the judges, just as she was trashed by the other girls (the exceptions being Jade Jolie and Alaska) in the work room before the runway. It leads to Tears of Joy when she actually wins the challenge.
  • Alaska is critiqued for lacking heart by the judges, and visibly is unable to stop herself from getting emotional. Carries on to Untucked where she expresses some frustration that she's been constantly compared to Sharon, and that being told that she lacked heart by Ru Paul deeply hurt her.
  • When Roxxxy Andrews revealed she and her sister had been left at a bus stop at 3 years old, recalling what the scene looked like and how her mother said she was just going to the store, only to be gone all night, then being a ward of the state for a year before being raised by their grandmother. Just wow.
  • Detox relating how his ex-boyfriend, who had been threatening and stalking him, died shortly after they broke up. While he tries not to let it show it's obvious he's still deeply hurt by it.
  • While working with gay vets in season 5, Jinkx's partner vaguely references a "medical condition" as a reason why he has trouble bending over. After dancing around it for a bit he eventually confesses that it's AIDS, and that side effects of the medication caused him to gain weight and reduced his mobility. Jinkx assures him that they'll get through it, but after the vet goes off for a bit we see Jinkx lose it for a moment, being disabled herself with narcolepsy.
  • During Untucked Laganja Estranja received a very touching message from her parents, telling her that they have come to accept her as a drag queen, and her mother apologizing for avoiding her for so long due to her career choice.
  • Trinity revealing that she's HIV-positive and that the reason she came on the show was to be a role model for other young adults with the virus.
  • Joslyn getting a video message from her boyfriend who says that they both were effected hard by the death of their 6 year old nephew.
  • More of a meta thing but the fact that the show's attempts to be more trans positive has been responded to so harshly by the fanbase is quite upsetting when you consider that the show itself hasn't necessarily had the most positive history with trans people.
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