Heartwarming: RuPaul's Drag Race

  • After Ongina comes out as HIV positive, and is crying on the floor, the other girls approach her, help her up, and hug her.
  • Delta Work giving up a phone call home, her prize for winning a mini challenge, to Shangela after she hears her say that she'd used it to call her grandmother, who she talks to all the time, because Shangela needed it more.
    • Especially since so much of season 3 was clique vs clique, this showed that even though they could get on each other's nerves, the Queens still looked out for each other.
  • During the Season 3 Reunion, Stacy confronts the other girls, in particular Raja, for calling her a "Booger" and telling her she didn't deserve to be on the show. Raja gives Stacy a heartfelt apology for making her feel bad, and then gives her the "Heather" necklace she shared with the rest of her clique. Stacy's reaction of saying "I'm a Heather!" is so honest and cute, its hard not to smile at it.
  • Piyah Martell, internet diva and transgender teen born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, making an appearance in Season 4 to be part of the mini-challenge of that episode. All the queens couldn't help but feel inspired and moved by this young teen living out her dreams despite her physical shortcomings.
  • On "Untucked," immediately after talking about how her parents have a hard time accepting her drag, and that they have a tough relationship at the moment, a video of DiDa Ritz's parents, proclaiming their pride and love for their son is played. DiDa's surprise and joy is radiant.
  • Monica Beverly Hillz coming out as transgender, getting reassured by Rupaul and the other girls that she has a right to be on the show.
  • Season 5's Untucked had a video message from Alyssa Edwards' estranged father. He apologises for not having been supportive when she was growing up, tells her that he's very proud of her, and hopes they can reconcile.
  • During Season 5's makeover challenge where the queens had to drag up gay marine veterans, Jinkx bonded with her vet, an older man who lived through the gay rights struggle from the military ban to anti-sodomy laws to catching HIV and having the medication rack his body. She listened to his stories, and planned out a dance routine that was fun but not overtaxing, and when they actually performed the routine it was clearly that the he was having a blast. The vet went on to say that the whole thing rejuvenated him and made him want to be part of the gay community again.
  • Bianca steps out of character and not only offers her extra cinch to Adore Delano, but also offers to show her how to put it on and help her into it. The heartwarming moment doesn't end there, as in the following cam Adore calls Bianca her step-mother, and claims that she's now a drag foster child in Bianca's care.
    • Not only that but in the most recent episodes former rivals Bianca and Trinity have grown rather close.
  • Paula Abdul who is not only the show's most lipsynced artist finally was a judge on the show. She was absolutely ecstatic to there the whole time.
  • The Makeover episode of Season 6 involved real couples getting married on-stage! Expect warm fuzzies and tears of joy despite a couple of not-that-great makeovers.
  • Bianca getting a letter from her friend's eight-year-old daughter with whom she was close. The queens even comment on how nice it is that drag and gay culture aren't necessarily seen as taboo in front of children anymore.
  • Joslyn Fox's fiance asks Ru to marry the two of them right there at the Reunited show, and she does! Joslyn didn't know anything about it and you can see just how overwhelmingly happy she is.
  • The fact that the Top 3 from season 6 are such good friends. It's the first time in the entire series where there wasn't some kind of tension between the finalists.
  • After Miss Fame revealed that her grandfather, who had been the one to raise her, was murdered when she was just 15 years old, both Trixie Mattel and Violet Chachki hug and comfort her. This is especially heartwarming in regards to Violet, who prior to this had been rather standoffish and arrogant around the other queens.
  • When Ginger discusses some of the criticism she faced for what she's doing with her life, she explains that she may not be curing cancer but she's helping people live with it. Literally. She talks about how one of her fans was a woman with cancer whose bucket list included going to a drag show. She loved it and became a regular at Ginger's club until one night she stopped showing up. Ginger did some sleuthing and found out her cancer got worse and she had been moved into hospice care, so Ginger and her friends visited her and gave her one last show.
  • When Jaidynn breaks down due to the pressure of the competition during the rehearsal for the ShakesQueer challenge, Max gives a short and sweet pep talk that encourages her to keep performing.
  • Doubles for funny; during Trixie's exit on Untucked, she finds notes from Max and Pearl expressing their love for her. Trixie's response to Max's is also quite funny.
    Trixie: (reading Max's note) "Trixie, I love you and the judges suck and I hate everyone else here, the end. Love, Max. PS: I will win for you." Aww! (beat) She's not gonna win.
    Trixie: (reading Pearl's note) "Fucking love you, sorry it had to happen like this. You deserve to stay, I'm channeling your amazing energy, and thinking about you. Don't hate me, see you so soon. Love, Pearl."
  • Pre Snatch-Game for Season 7, Katya is a little reluctant to do a Russian character for Snatch Game (owing to her anxiety coupled with fear of failing). Ru has a chat to her about her anxiety issues and gives her a pep talk, telling her that she wouldn't be on the show if she wasn't genuinely talented and Ru didn't think she was good enough.
  • Later in that same episode, Katya and Fame bond over having past addictions and the ongoing struggle to stay sober.
  • After her elimination Max posts an apology on Twitter for doing such a poor job in impersonating Sharon Needles for the Snatch Game. Sharon tweeted back that Max had nothing to apologize for, and that the only thing she enjoys more than a great impersonation is a terrible impersonation!