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Animation: Mézga család
What The Simpsons or the Griffins are to Americans, the Mézgas are to Hungarians.

This Hungarian animated show, produced by Pannonia Film Studio, revolves around the life of a Dysfunctional Family: Bumbling Dad Géza, his bossy wife Paula, their ditzy daugher Kriszta and genius son Aladár, along with their pets Blöki the dog and Maffia the cat. Rounding out the cast is their Deadpan Snarker neighbour Máris, and, in the first series, their 30th century descendant MZ/X.

Three series have been produced, in 1968-69, 1974 and 1978, respectively, with vastly different plotlines. In the first series, Üzenet a jövőből: A Mézga család különös kalandjai (Message from the Future: The Strange Adventures of the Mézga Family), Aladár contats MZ/X on his radio. Once an Episode, Géza and Aladár are given various tasks by Paula, and try to resolve them by asking help from their future relative. Hilarity Ensues. In the second series, Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai (The Strange Adventures of Aladár Mézga), Aladár builds a spaceship and visits various Planets of Hats, accompanied by Blöki. In the third and final series, Vakáción a Mézga család (The Mézgas on a Vacation), the Mézgas and Máris go to Australia to meet Paula's former fiancée, the Con Artist Pisti Hufnágel, and the family ends up on a World Tour.

Created mainly for adult audiences, the show was very popular in Hungary for its witty plot and unique, surreal humour. It has been dubbed to German, Slovakian, Czech and Italian.

This show provides examples of:

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