World in Flames Campaign

Kyle Jacobs

Session 3: Rule Of Cool

We were down to four players for this session, as nobody could seem to get in touch with Present Presence. I did, however, manage to use my voice for this session, which made things much easier than they otherwise might have ended up.

When we last left our party, they were recovering from a brutal fight with the sage and the barbarian. During the night, Gerard noticed that Aisling and Creig had disappeared along with one of the necklaces. He woke Denzai and Amusel, but was unable to rouse Shamus from his heavy slumber. They met up with Creig, who had just reentered the temple after spending time outside for some unknown reason. A discussion about how best to proceed almost came to blows between Creig and Gerard, but Denzai and Amusel managed to calm them down. After the stairs leading out of the temple mysteriously melted, Creig finally agreed to go with the group.

After some exploration, the party encountered a goblin and a kobold. After effortlessly dispatching the kobold, the party turned their attentions to the goblin. Denzai spontaneously decided to name their enemy Gregory, an idea that the goblin seemed extremely hostile towards. While the rest of the party began to wear Gregory down, Gerard realized that he had a straight line to the goblin. After building up a running start, he vaulted off the dead kobold's head, sailed over a lit fire pit, and ran across Denzai and Amusel to kick the goblin so hard it was embedded in the nearest wall.

Not to be outdone, Creig slid between Gerard's legs and wall jumped off of Gerard's and Denzai's much taller bodies, finally launching himself into the air before bringing his sword down onto the goblin from above.

At this point, the goblin attempted to heal itself. This proved to be a mistake. As soon as the goblin was distracted, Creig slashed its throat open. Denzai and Gerard stepped up to finish their foe off, and punched it so hard that they separated its head from its body. The latter bounced off a wall before the former had hit the ground.

Their next challenge was a room full of spiders too weak to be worth mentioning. After killing them, Gerard noted that their meat was a valuable commodity on the Mountain. The group took a break for a few minutes to butcher their kills, and took the opportunity to eat their first fresh cooked meal in days.

Finally, they came to a large, empty room. As soon as they all got inside, the door slammed shut behind them and an ice elemental materialized out of the walls. During the ensuing fight, Gerard and Creig had another brilliant idea. Creig lit Gerard's fists on fire while Gerard maneuvered into position. When the moment of action finally arrived, he charged forward with a battle cry never before known to Sanctum outside of books brought back from other planes: "Faaalcooon PUUUNCH!"

After this, Denzai attempted to lasso the elemental and drag it towards the fire in the center of the room. He failed, but the elemental's struggle against the rope caused it to strangle itself. As the elemental lay choking on the ground, Creig stepped up to deliver the final blow, shattering it into millions of tiny shards that scattered across the floor and began to melt into nothing.

The party congratulated each other on a good day's work and lay down to rest for the night.
Tropes from this session:

Favorite OOC Moment:
  • It was actually hard to find one where people weren't in character, but I have to go with this if only for the ego boost. Background: Denzai was attempting to attack and disarm a goblin with a whip. He made the attack, but the goblin got a natural 20 on its saving throw for the disarm. I saw an opportunity for hilarity.
    Me: The goblin grabs the end of the whip, and yanks it out of Denzai's hands. It pulls so hard that it hits itself in the face with the other end of the whip for 8 damage.
    Xiphoniii: Best. Flavor. Ever.


Naming the Goblin Gregory was not my idea, as wonderful as that would have been. Denzai, resident Mad Scientist, gets the credit for that.
EviIPaladin 1st Mar 12
.....that really was a great session, and all of that stuff was really awesome. I loved that.
Xiphoniii 1st Mar 12