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EviIPaladin is... A person. He does not really contribute to the wiki, but is an avid forum goer. As such, he has not launched anything nor contributed anything to any pages. Really, it is kind of pathetic...

In any case, EviIPaladin is a Canadian Troper currently attending university. He is the first to tell people that he honestly has no idea what he wants to do with his life. As such, he has a tendency to be extremely cynical and a bit of a drag to be around. That is, when he isn't hamming it up.

Oh and he's currently working on breaking through into the world of Let's Plays, with little success. But his shamelessness is increasing, as illustrated by a Twitter feed and a Facebook page dedicated to his online persona as an L Per.

That's about it, really... Well, here's hoping that you'll like him...


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Don't mind me. Just chillin'. -Risetteer
So that makes you Terumi? I think I uncovered the twist of Super BlazBlue: Ultra Continuum Shift EXTEND Arcade Edition with Teal Menus! -Evi I Paladin

Ahem. What did I say again? - ChrisX
Something about a drinking game... -Evi I Paladin

I came, I saw, I defiled - CrazyDawg
You sure did, stranger. -Evi I Paladin

Hence the Fortress -desdendelle
Hmm... That actually looks pretty interesting. I'll look into that. -Evi I Paladin

I keep reading your name as Evil I Paladin. Oddly, even though that's not it. That One Guy Named X
That would sound like Evily Paladin. Which is possibly even more stupid sounding than the real thing. NEW NAME FOUND. -Evi I Paladin

I read it as Evi I Paladin, or your other handle as "Evi I the Elder". Like you're the first in a dynastic line. ~Wanderlust Warrior
P.S. You shouldn't ban me. I'm only a +50. Far too slow for the current meta.
I'll ban you when Venom becomes viable. AKA never. -Evi I Paladin
You're too punchy.

I think I just found my twin ._. Our similarities are baffling (except maybe our physical endeavors). High Five my Canadian Brother!!! -Newfie MEKZ
Canadians need to stick together! Except Quebeckers; they're a lost cause. -Evi I Paladin