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Jan 16th 2018 at 1:53:58 PM •••

Main Page Special Folderization:

Would it make sense to create a folder on the main page for tropes that reference specific outfits or items? The page is getting pretty lengthy, and I believe it makes sense to separate tropes that address gameplay, characters, and story from those that address the particulars of the clothes.

Some examples of tropes that could go in this proposed folder:

- Animal-Eared Headband - Cat Girl - Dressed to Heal/ Deadly Doctor - Fairytale Wedding Dress - Idol Singer - Kitsune - Little Black Dress - Naughty Nurse Outfit - Phantom Thief - Pom-Pom Girl - Tengu - Tutu Fancy

Any thoughts on this idea?

EDIT: I've gone ahead and folderized, no further discussion needed.

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