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Feb 7th 2017 at 6:42:52 PM •••

I think we should change the picture to Edna Mode slapping Mrs. Incredible with a rolled up newspaper

Sep 6th 2013 at 5:06:01 PM •••

Are we sure this isn't an Abuse Trope? This happens far more often that it should-especially in close m/f relationships with Armor Piercing Slaps-that are sometimes unnescessary to get the person back to normal where a simple conversation about their priorities can suffice.

Apr 30th 2012 at 6:14:25 AM •••

Just throwing out a suggestion for new name, here: Sense Inducing Strike

It's similar to a few other titles, but also sums up the idea nicely. I was going to suggest Sense Inducing Slap, but that's a bit too specific.

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Jun 1st 2012 at 3:15:18 AM •••

Go the Gundam route. And the picture sucks. Why go low-resolution crap when there are sharper, better images available?

Edited by SotiCoto
Jan 8th 2012 at 4:27:12 AM •••

Get a hold of yourself MAN?
This is a rather confusing trope. It name implies it is Always Male, thus landing it in the Gender Dynamics Index. Suggesting it being split up between the trope for "Percussive Maintenance for Heroic BSO Ds" and the stock phrase.

Edited by OldNameless
Aug 4th 2010 at 1:20:16 PM •••

Does anyone know if there's a non-physical version of this trope? Because we seem to be getting an awful lot of entries that don't involve actual Percussive Maintenance For People.

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Aug 4th 2010 at 6:25:03 PM •••

Would you mind clarifying? Everything I see on this page either fits the trope or is Not an Example.

Aug 11th 2010 at 6:16:10 PM •••

Like an instance of someone just saying the equivalent of "Get a hold of yourself" without grabbing/shaking the person who's losing it.

Aug 20th 2010 at 9:00:15 PM •••

Either what kraas said or its equivalent; like an Armor-Piercing Question without a question, or a reconstructive Hannibal Lecture. For example, Doctor Kelso's little speech here.

Jul 22nd 2010 at 10:32:53 AM •••

  • A Certain Scientific Railgun has this in one of the ending episodes, when Kuroko slaps Uiharu. Slightly averted in that the slapper is shown to regret having to go so far immediately after, and that the slap is enough to get the slapped back on track with her task, but very obviously not enough to calm her down emotionally.

And which Scientific Railgun would that be?

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Jun 12th 2010 at 7:08:04 AM •••

"Note that this does not refer to a Mega Man boss with the longest name ever."
I nominate this for Crowning Moment Of Funny for the entire website.

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Jun 1st 2012 at 3:12:48 AM •••

It isn't that funny though. Easily amused, much?

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