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21st Feb, 2021 08:33:50 PM

All of them have no formatting and no description (or nearly no), and poor examples.

Edited by Zuxtron
21st Feb, 2021 08:36:32 PM

While we're at it, could those drafts be discarded early please?

21st Feb, 2021 08:42:55 PM

Messaged them with an ATT link. Left some stealth bombs, too.

Edited by SkyCat32
21st Feb, 2021 08:45:42 PM

Bombed the ones that didn't have 5 bombs yet. Left those alone to avoid dogpiling.

21st Feb, 2021 08:50:21 PM

Man, the things that happen when I go out for lunch... bombs are dropped as required

21st Feb, 2021 09:00:47 PM

The impression I'm getting is that maybe they confused TLP and Trope Finder?

21st Feb, 2021 09:01:38 PM

^ Not likely, because they also posted this.

21st Feb, 2021 09:44:29 PM

I apologize. Is there anything I need to do differently? Anyone I should ask? I still think Pulling a Homer needs to be a trope.

21st Feb, 2021 09:51:40 PM

^ There is. Take a look at Administrivia. For a trope proposal you need three examples of that trope, an appropriate title and a decent description. Also take look at TLP Guidelines. Your proposals qualify for none of those criteria. The titles are bad and should follow the rules, the examples are missing or formatted the wrong way and the description, well, you should read through the Administrivia pages.

And to be brutally honest, I don't know what Pulled A Homer is supposed to be. You can take a look at Stupidity Tropes or Contrived Stupidity Tropes to see if the trope really isn't already covered. Maybe you were looking for Stupidity Is the Only Option.

Edited by Sirena
21st Feb, 2021 11:43:36 PM

Sorry, I looked at Administrivia and don't know where to go from there. I heard the line "Pulling a Homer" on the Simpsons episode Homer defined and to me, it's to succeed because of being stupid.

22nd Feb, 2021 12:28:13 AM

It's the page image for Person as Verb, if that helps.

22nd Feb, 2021 06:26:22 AM

^^ If you read the pages linked above, you'll know that Trope Namers are generally discouraged. So Succeed Despite Idiocy is a better title than Pulled A Homer. Then you would have to go through the index pages to see if this isn't covered yet. If it isn't, you can write a description. A description itself shouldn't contain examples. Afterwards you have to add three examples which begin with bullet points. You also have to add a bare minimum of formatting. You can take a look at other TLP drafts that get hats.

It's all in those pages. You shouldn't only "look" at them but also read them.

Berrenta MOD
22nd Feb, 2021 09:33:41 AM

Suspended; will check with the rest of the staff about whether to nuke the drafts.

22nd Feb, 2021 10:59:48 AM

For the record, nothing needs to be a trope. That's how bad pages get made in the first place.


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