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28th Jun, 2020 12:48:44 PM

If the ringtone is inherently funny, then Embarrassing Ringtone.

If the drowning out is meant to be the funny part, probably Sound-Effect Bleep (although this is normally used to cover up swearing, Shrek the Third used it to cover up Fiona trying to tell Shrek that Fiona is pregnant).

28th Jun, 2020 12:50:53 PM

I mean, I feel like Interrupting Phone might be a trope in and of itself regardless of how funny it is; the phone interrupting the song of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5, for example. It jars people out of the action and can be funny or dramatic.

28th Jun, 2020 06:00:42 PM

Kinda Busy Here but it doesn't cover the drowning out crucial information aspect.

Edited by eroock
29th Jun, 2020 12:44:45 PM

Hmm, Kinda Busy Here covers a lot of it, but would it cover examples of peoples phones interrupting things in classrooms, theaters, and other less actiony scenes?

1st Jul, 2020 03:18:41 PM

"No Talking or Phones" Warning sometimes features examples of what you're looking for as reasons for turning off your phones, but it's not exactly about what you're looking for.


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