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12th Aug, 2018 10:02:11 PM

(As a sidenote, how do I request a page lock?)

12th Aug, 2018 10:07:06 PM

Doesn't that page violate Real Life rule? Is it just a persona or his real life self?

Edited by WhirlRX
13th Aug, 2018 12:01:59 AM

^ He claims it's a persona, but the courts say it's his real self.

13th Aug, 2018 06:06:02 AM

We... really don't need links for anything from that... thing.

13th Aug, 2018 08:51:09 AM

Alex Jones and what's happened with Apple, Youtube, Facebook and Spotify violates ROCEJ anyway.

Edited by ReynTime250
Fighteer MOD
13th Aug, 2018 11:18:48 AM

Do we even have an article on him? I hope not. Good riddance.

Edit: Right, linked in the OP: Alex Jones. Given that he's not (intentionally) a creator of fiction, I see no reason why we should host an article for him at all.

Edited by Fighteer
13th Aug, 2018 02:39:59 PM

I was not suggesting deleting the article. I merely wanted help fixing the Dead Links as some of his videos were taken down and I wasn't sure if there were any reuploads.

Edited by Mickoonsley19
13th Aug, 2018 03:31:32 PM

We should probably cut all the examples and make this into a creator or useful notes page.

You're either troping the news show (news being real life) or the person (again, real life).

Edited by bitemytail
13th Aug, 2018 05:50:04 PM

Jesus that page has a lot of bashing. Apparently this guy is considered so vile that someone thought it was OK to make an exception to NRLEP for Moral Event Horizon.

I think that it may be best to simply not have a page about him at all if all we have to say about him is negative.

13th Aug, 2018 06:13:36 PM

^ It's a really weird thing because, according to him, it's not a "Real Life Example" since under oath he's said "no, it's not me, it's the character I play."

Were it not for the courts said "yeah no" I'd actually be leaning towards keeping that stuff and considering it kayfabe.

Regardless, there's no reason to have any links whatsoever. So while we get this sorted out, just delete them.

Edited by Larkmarn
13th Aug, 2018 06:19:32 PM

I say we cut the page. The bias is inevitable, because if one his fans tried to edit the site, they'd get banned for promoting weird conspiracy nonsense.

^ Unless I'm seriously misremembering, he never made that claim. His lawyer said that in the custody trial with his ex-wife, but Jones denied it, and I don't believe he's ever made such statements, much less under oath. Edit: And doing some googling, every article confirms that it was only ever his lawyer who claimed that, never Jones.

Edited by TheMountainKing
13th Aug, 2018 07:08:26 PM

I say cut it. Just going my the tropes its really skirting the line.

14th Aug, 2018 03:59:01 AM

Cleanse it from the wiki, with chainsaw and flamethrower!

14th Aug, 2018 08:05:48 AM

Cut, especially since it overlaps with the two (very nice) British radio hosts with the same name

14th Aug, 2018 08:11:03 AM

Trying to read through the page triggers migraines. We don't need to cause more pain to fellow tropers.

(seriously, I can't make sense of half the stuff that's on there.)

Fighteer MOD
14th Aug, 2018 08:21:50 AM

We're going to cut it, but it has to be de-wicked first. Closing this since there's no point in discussing further.


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