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Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:22:33 PM

What is the work?

Eddie Low: The Filth Slayer

A GTA IV machinima about a minor side quest character being more dangerous than he seemed, using nothing but his dialogue and mostly game assets

GTA IV is the story of Niko Bellic a former soldier turned criminal trying to make a living in a corrupt world.

Unlike the absurd and dark nature of GTA IV all of what happens is taken as if it was the real world with all his canon crimes plus a few more added on

Who is the candidate, and what have they done?

Eddie Low the Filth Slayer is a serial killer in a minor sidequest who has upgraded in threat level.

He is introduced making a very uncomfortable chat with Brucie Kibbutz, convincing him to hitchhike, later stabbing him to death for giggles, leaving him to be found in Middle Park having strangled, stabbed, and/or dismembered 9 others there in the last 2 months. He chases down and kidnaps a diner waitress named Melinda for rejecting him, later killing her while blogging about his crime, mocking the police hunting him. After having phone call with Niko Bellic, he goes after the people he cares about. First breaking into his cousin Roman's penthouse, gutting a employee along the way, he murders Roman and brutalizes his wife Mallorie. Later intending to make a jogger his next target, he instead beats up some thugs attempting to mug him, stabbing one to death while he's unconscious. When arrested he makes some subtle bragging of how he disposes of his victims using burning tyres to taunt the cops, and later taunts Niko with Roman's death. Being found Not Guilty he goes off to kill Detective Drew Howe and then goes into detail to Niko how he'll torture him while bragging about past victims before almost killing him. When cornered he begs to die rather than be arrested, and tries to kill Detective Jon Atkinson for refusing his request.

Are they heinous by the standards of the story?

Given how everyone in the GTA IV plot takes a backseat to Eddie Low and all of his crimes are more heinous and up front I think he counts.

Niko is done being a killer and is more humanized, but Roman's death and Eddie being monster sets him off for revenge killing Eddie in the end. The police are mostly honest and try to stop him by the book, except Drew Howe who tried and failed going vigilante.

His quotes


"You're funny. You're a real joker. I knew a joker once, lovely guy. Came to a rather unfortunate end though."

"You know that you can hear accents when people scream? I can tell what borough people are from just by hearing them scream. 'Oh God! God!' haha"

"Please bleed! Then bleeeed!"

The exact dialogue used in the game is used where Eddie brags to Niko about his past kills

Eddie: No, I don't want to make you angry Niko. I don't want to be creepy, it's just my way.

Niko: Well, your way is not cool.

Eddie: Not cool? You say Eddie's not cool? I don't fit in with the in crowd? Well Mrs. Smith, Eddie's taken your star son, your prized little quarterback - and fucked him in the ass and then tied him up, strangled him into knots! And your daughter, your pretty little daughter, Mrs. Abraham... Eddie's ripped out her intestines, just to see if he could feel anything. And you know what... he couldn't... he couldn't...

Niko: You should get laid or something.

Eddie: Oh, I just did... a little jogger down by the water. But you know what, handsome, I've got a hunger tonight that can't be sated. Come here!

"I'll destroy you! I'll eat your pancreas my friend! I'll be a pleasure to kill you!"

"I got a very nasty habit: murder"

Are there any factors which mitigate the possibility of the candidate qualifying?

Well you see he is somewhat mentally ill which doesn't hinder him for Hannibal Lecter levels of scheming and he has a very unique, read fucked up, sense of life and death thinking that he is stronger than everyone while hiding from the police, He goes through great lengths to avoid being arrested and is a very capable combatant

Since his blog is used in the machinima look here to see his problems[2]

The machinima [3]

What is the verdict?

Guilty seeing how he was a monster before the standards were raised due to him being small in a large murder world, now he is the center of the conflict and made much worse than his original so yes he should count.

Tyk5919 Life is but a pyramid. Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Life is but a pyramid.
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:24:36 PM

Since it keeps coming up repeatedly, I'll just finish The Monk tonight and be done with it. Regardless of whether or not I have to stay up all night. Haven't had time to do much of anything because of my extremely busy work schedule and coming home too tired to do much of anything but sleeping.

And hold off on Ambrosio, because I'm getting mixed feelings right now from him.

I write stories and shiz. You can read them here.
IukaSylvie from Kyoto, Japan Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
MasterN The Plasma King from Florida- I mean Unova Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
The Plasma King
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:31:50 PM

[tup] Ragyo rewrite.

Honestly, I think the Papa/VIRM writeup can actually afford to be a little longer. I think it should be about as long as the Ragyo writeup.

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One of these days, all of you will accept me as your supreme overlord.
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:33:31 PM

For Quotes this is for the Transformers/GI Joe Comic but since it has a generic name I would like to add WWII AU at the end

Cobra Commander who does make this list

"My enemies will know before they die: This is my World.

And every hand raised against me, every voice that curses my name. Even these are monuments to my imperial power. When they burn at my command.

Once they called me a madman... because I saw this — My Destiny. Because I have always known what this pitiful world is only beginning to learn. I am a God. And all who rise against me shall fall."

- Cobra Commander right after killing the Autobot Superion, Transformers/GI Joe WW 2 AU Crossover

Alternatively for the same comic

Optimus Prime: Who — who are these people Duke?

Duke: They're The Cobra's prisoners Optimus — their slaves. We believe they've done this to millions more in Europe. We hope they have...

Optimus Prime: You HOPE this has happened? To millions of your people? But-

Duke: Optimus - if they aren't slaves. they're dead.

Edited by Haldron44Stroika on Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:35:30 AM

MasterN The Plasma King from Florida- I mean Unova Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
The Plasma King
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:38:13 PM

Decided to extend it myself. Here it is:

  • Papa/Vice Chairman controls the Hive Mind VIRM, a vicious alien species that assimilates others and exterminates those which refuse their subjugation. Arriving on Earth, the VIRM exhaust the planet's magma supply, leaving humans as a target for the Klaxosaurs and ruling the planet disguised as the cult APE. Those who defy them have their minds wiped or are thrown in cryo-storage for their disobedience, a fate they inflict upon the main heroes. When they try to overtake an area known as Gran Crevasse, Papa willingly orders the detonation of most of the plantations. After a devastating assault by their enemies, Papa reveals himself as the VIRM and, in an attempt to completely wipe out the Klaxo-Sapiens, tries to absorb the souls of all humanity before deciding to simply destroy Earth, tormenting the heroes as they try to stop the alien monsters. Despite claiming to be well-intentioned in their goals, Papa/Vice Chairman/VIRM is a genocidal sociopath who has an unbridled thirst for power and domination over others.

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One of these days, all of you will accept me as your supreme overlord.
43110 36 styles of danger from the Brooklyn zoo Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
36 styles of danger
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:44:55 PM

Anyone wanna weigh in on which of the two?

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Tyk5919 Life is but a pyramid. Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Life is but a pyramid.
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:48:34 PM

Also I'm leaning for [tdown] with Eddie Low if this machinima is canon with GTA IV—let alone GTA in general.

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Scraggle Pioneer, I guess from Calgary Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Pioneer, I guess
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:53:22 PM

I prefer 43's original rewrite for VIRM. Ditto his rewrite for Ragyo.

Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:54:40 PM

I am back and have votes I want to catch up on since I have been gone, but I will wait on that for now because I have a discussion that is overdue a few days first.

For the record, I wrote this about five days after I saw the movie:

What is the work?

Charlie’s Angels is the 2019 sequel/reboot to the 2000 movie of the same name and its 2003 sequel Full Throttle (it was not a great movie and not as fun and outlandish as the other two, but I still think it’s getting a bum rap though). All three are in the same universe as the 1970s TV show (I said 1960s before, but I meant 1970s). It involves the Townsend Agency having gone worldwide and Angels Sabina Wilson and Jane Kano protecting software designer and Future Angel Elena Houghlin for whistleblowing on something potentially very dangerous and the villain who seeks to protect their investment. Fair warning, this movie goes the Jim Phelps-Mission: Impossible route with its surprise villain.

Who is he and what has he done?

John Bosley (or Bosley 001?) is Charles “Charlie” Townsend’s close friend and personal go between to him and the Angels. With Charlie having apparently passed away and there being multiple agents co-named “Bosley” to help the Angels (or Charlie has retired, it’s not completely clear), Bosley is asked to step down and retire rather than takeover as the head of the agency. Believing he was robbed of what was rightfully his, Bosley resolves to form his own agency to provide services himself. Working with Alexander Brock who is overseeing the creation of an energy saving power source called Calisto, Bosley is made aware that it has a fatal flaw at this time: it induces life-threatening seizures at close range and someone already ended up in the hospital because of it. Elena discovers it, but is shut down by her boss Peter Flemming who is seeking to sell it to Bosley (who remains anonymous right now). Elena gets in contact with the agency thanks to her co-worker (secretly an Angel herself) and as she attempts to give them all the details, Bosley’s assassin Hodak shows up and tries to kill her in an extended fight and car chase where another Bosley (real name Edgar Dessange) is killed.

Later, during Bosley’s smuggler Jonny Smith’s meeting with Flemming (who the Angels are tracking), Hodak shoots Flemming dead for not knowing how to activate or give control of Calisto over. Later on, Bosley has the agency bombed and believing he’s killed Sabina and Jane, he supposedly kills Bosley 341 or Boz (former Angel Rebekah) making it look like he’s rescued Elena when he’s actually abducted her (the Angels thought Boz was the traitor at the time). He then threatens both her and Brock for access to Calisto through Hodak. Brock caves easily, but Elena (wearing a gold collar and being threatened with that) doesn’t and Bosley has her friend and co-worker Langston (also Jane’s love interest) threatened to force her supposed cooperation. Bosley then leaves the room with Hodak and Brock, locking the door and activating Calisto believing it will kill Elena and Langston.

Elena rigged the device so it would just flash lights though and after Jane fights and kills Hodak by throwing him off the balcony and impaling him on a glass or ice figure, Boz, the main Angels and all the undercover Angels (pun not intended) subdue Brock and all the criminals when the lights go off for a moment. They confront Bosley and he goes on a brief Motive Rant, but then when Boz attempts a speech to answer that, Sabina in her anger right-hooks Bosley in the face, knocking him out.

Heinous standard?

Having not seen any of the show, I can’t attest to how that affects the heinous standard, but based on the movies alone, I think it’s reached (more on the show in a bit). Eric Knox and Madison Lee (the latter of which qualifies) each did a lot of damage, but Bosley’s actions are still considered a massive threat. Compared to Madison planning to sell out about a hundred federal witnesses to feed her own attention-seeking ego, he’s offering to sell what is essentially a biological weapon to anyone who will pay for it and does not care about the consequences that could display for those that are targeted by the weapon and whoever they are. Madison killed so many more, but Bosley still is gonna leave a lot of destruction in the wake of his actions given he’s not offering the weapon to the government or allies, but to terrorists or crime syndicates instead. Brock is aware of everything Bosley does and is taking part, but Hodak is working on Bosley’s behalf, not his. Hodak is a pretty brutal bastard himself, but he does whatever Bosley wants and doesn’t stand out otherwise. There’s a scene where Elena accidentally kills a sexist co-worker with Calisto during an escape, but it’s played off as pretty dark comedy though. Again, 2011 series is not in the same continuity at all, so it’s a nonfactor.

Redeeming qualities? Mitigating factors?

I don’t think so. He’s supposed to be the same Bosley as David Doyle’s in the show and Bill Murray’s in the 2000 film (produces probably the funniest scene in the movie with Patrick Stewart photo-shopped in place of each one). I wondered if I should even do this EP given I’m not familiar with Bosley’s history in the show except that he obviously wasn’t a villain, but despite the connected continuity, the movies do not have to be viewed with the show and can be seen separately from it. I think he disposes of his good-will built up before this by doing the things he does for the pettiest of reasons and destroying his own purpose before this too. His sparing Brock is not redeeming because he’s only keeping a client alive to show how impressive he is to other clients. His attempted murders of Sabina, Elena, Jane, Boz and Langston are all pretty cold as are his killings of Edgar and Flemming through Hodak. Bosley gets along well enough in one scene with I think his tailor, but that’s never expanded upon and his family (specifically his adopted mother and brothers Jimmy and Max) are also never brought up in this film.


Pending discussion, I will say [tup]. Third CM fought by Naomi Scott if approved. Wonder if she’ll ever play one herself.

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Bullman Relationship Status: Abstaining
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:55:18 PM

I think 43's VIRM rewrite works better.

SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Draftsman of Doom
Dec 2nd 2019 at 5:58:22 PM

[tup] Bosley.

[tdown] Eddie.

I will be back later with an effortpost from a low budget thriller.

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Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?!
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:01:36 PM

I feel like I need to explain machinima as there is some confusion

Machinima is a web original done using recordings of a videogame, sometimes stuff like the actual story is used. None of it is canon by the company who made the game, save for rare examples that do not matter here. It's fanfiction AU in the form of web animation with no original assets used.

In the above machinima voice files are used for the game characters while in house voice actors for the others. Eddie Low is voiced by his original actor using sound clips and along with the rest of the work is fair use.

His clips are cut and pasted to fit different circumstances in the story that did not exist in game and he has many scenes that do not happen in the game as they are original.

I liken this to how some characters become complete monsters in the dub

Examples taken from the anime list

Mushiking (Portuguese-EU dub): Adder lacks any of the tragic backstory that his Japanese counterpart had and is behind all the bad things that happen. Seeking to escape from the forest by activating a spaceship, Adder uses all of the life force of all organisms in the forest, result ing vast regions becoming a lifeless wasteland. When one of his servants saw his family vaporized, Adder then lies to him by saying that it was all the main character's fault. After this, he released the red-eyed beetles to cause more death and misery towards other ecosystem. Due to his spaceship needing a seal in order to activate it, Adder sends his mercenaries to the protagonists to retrieve said seal and tries to enslave one of the protagonists—who is essentially a child—to pilot his spaceship. After the seal denied Adder the ability tp pilot the spaceship, Adder then tries to murder everyone who is aboard on the ship out of spite.

Gonzo Tarukane in the English dub was given more crimes than in the original Japanese. While Tarukane desires wealth above all, he kidnaps the innocent snow maiden Yukina due to her tears producing rare jewels and tortures her physically and emotionally, even having the man who tried to rescue her gunned down. Adding to his crimes, Tarukane puts animals through horrible genetic experiments and founded the sinister Black Black club, making him responsible for the torture and murder of countless innocent demons. Tarukane shows that that humans can be just as vile as even the worst of demons.

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Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:04:33 PM

Sure to Eddie and Bosley.

43110 36 styles of danger from the Brooklyn zoo Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
36 styles of danger
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:06:05 PM

My issue is more worry that it doesn’t provide evidence the canon stories don’t exist at all (and hence the heinous standard). Something seems off about letting someone up because suddenly an AU decided to ax everyone worse than them. Not impossible but it would be strange.

[up][up] More crimes and lack of redeeming qualities, not that everyone worse disappeared. Again, I can see it being done but for something akin to a fan work, it would be a bizarre choice.

Edited by 43110 on Dec 2nd 2019 at 9:07:16 AM

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Tyk5919 Life is but a pyramid. Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Life is but a pyramid.
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:07:11 PM

I'm just gonna abstain on Eddie.

I write stories and shiz. You can read them here.
Bullman Relationship Status: Abstaining
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:09:41 PM

Abstain on Eddie.

Sure to Bosley though. Welcome back man. Second for Patrick Stewart. After Napoleon from the 1999 adaptation of Animal Farm.

Edited by Bullman on Dec 2nd 2019 at 8:18:35 AM

Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:17:25 PM

I mean the story is about him, not Dimitri, Ray, or Faustin or any other villain and Niko is a tertiary character who we are unsure what crimes he hasn't been arrested for.

I call it an AU because Low is killing canon characters, hence the names, except for and the diner girl, Drew Howe which going by the wiki is an OC.

PolarPhantom Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:18:36 PM

I HAVE FINALLY BEATEN DEATH STRANDING AND - oh. Well, that discussion went a different way to what I expected.

Not unlike a certain Mysterious Marvel villain. What is with this year and me disagreeing with the thread?

...Listen. Is it... Would it be fine if I try and do my own EP for Higgs? I have a lot to say and I think Elfen's could be improved upon. I doubt I'll change some views, but I wanna straighten some stuff out. It'll take a while, though. I have other projects to attend to - like a certain sliver haired boi on the MB thread.

Oh. Irredeemable. @Ravok, while Word of God said the Plutonian will not be redeemed, the title actually doesn't refer to him. I haven't read the book so I dunno what or whom they mean.

And - holy shit. We're talking about The Bloody Chamber. I studied that. Angela Carter wrote it and I went to the University where she taught... but I sadly never met her. She died of lung cancer long before I even read one of her books. But... I think I'm gonna have to scrutinise these characters. See, I think there are genuine issues here - namely, studying these stories I think Carter genuinely wanted us to think The Marquis doesn't have agency and the Erl King is but a force of nature. If mir would like to PM me, I'm open to it. I have a copy somewhere in this room of mine. I'll have to go over these tales again. You might think this weird, but Carter employed Magical Realism a lot. What does this mean? It means weird shit that is difficult to describe, though the trope page helps a little. Think Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim adaptation where video game stuff simply happens and no explanation is given. For Carter, it's like the reality of the world exists at the whim of her narration. That's... as good as I can describe for now.

But, like, I doubt Carter would hate us having these guys listed. They are symbols of toxic masculinity, of the patriarchy, or what have you.

I am mostly doing this out of obligation, I mean, Carter's one of my main inspirations and if I thought these guys counted I would have got them up years ago.

Darkness rises and Light to meet it.
AnoBakaDesu Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:22:29 PM

Alright, since it seems a couple of tropers are fervently opposed to Torres for no discernable reason, it's time to hammer in the points that the character hits as per the FAQ:


  • Goes without saying. Torres is revered by his crew and they're fully on board with his insane plan to murder a million lives, no matter how many of them are sent on suicide missions.


  • Aside from Belka, who bombed their own soil with seven nukes in a final act of defiance, previous Ace Combat villains typically use nukes and superweapons as a deterrent and do not explicitly use them on any target. Torres is willing to use two shells, however weak they may be, and a Non-Standard Game Over happens in which the second shell is fired and your allies can only pray that it either misses or that casualties are reduced to a minimum, while Torres is maniacally laughing over the comms. In SP Mission 01, Torres even explicitly says that "gunnery is about killing the people on board".


  • The bombardment over Anchorhead in SP Mission 02 was just an "artillery fire drill", yet a lot of explosions occurred over an inhabited area, giving a taste of the rail cannon's range and threat level with just regular shells. In the final mission, the LRSSG constantly reminds you of what happens if you don't stop the Alicorn.


  • Obviously, the LRSSG wouldn't be sinking him and his crew if they were at least redeemable. By feigning surrender and keeping on with the plan to fire the rail cannon, Torres and his crew effectively stopped being soldiers in accordance with the work's international law, giving the green light for Trigger to down them.

Holding Nothing Back

  • In the first mission alone, he starts up his drivel by annihilating the Osean fleet sent to capture the sub, then launches a squadron armed with an ICBM. In the second, he fires several guided volleys explicitly aimed at the LRSSG without a care for the Erusean port city. In the third and final mission, the Non-Standard Game Over always consists of the uncertainty as to whether or not the nuclear shells will hit Oured as you're helpless to stop them. Torres asks his crew to use their imagination, and they do so with terrifying efficiency.


  • Within Skies Unknown, the most notable warcrime happens after the information blackout, with extremist Erusean forces executing innocent scientists and their families just because they're Belkan and thus responsible for the war in Erusea's eyes. Torres goes a step beyond that and wants nothing less than the death of a million for the apparent salvation of ten millions more. But then it turns out that it's really just an excuse for indulging himself in mass murdering.

No Remorse or Regret, No Loved Ones

  • Did the constant laughter at the prospect of killing a million lives not tip you off? It's all he does when he gets the shot off. Torres cares for his crew the same way any commanding officer of his station would, but those people are fanatically devoted to him, and he sends them on suicide missions. When the Alicorn loses its elevation angle, Torres tries to readjust it by ordering to flood part of the sub despite his subordinates' protests.


  • This is where I think opposing tropers find issue with. Is he too insane to be held accountable for his actions? In my eyes, he is not. Otherwise, he wouldn't set up a superbly elaborate plan to ensure the Alicorn would find its target; between feeding false information to Osea via sleeper agents to sneak in unsuspected in Anchorhead and procure the nukes, as well setting up a terminal guidance system in Oured with more sleeper agents posing as drone advertisers, Torres is definitely in control of his elements.

No Sympathetic Backstory

  • Torres' backstory is one decorated in heroism, which is unusual for an entry like this. However, the reputation he earned is unfortunately used for evil and as such his skillset is portrayed negatively in the game. Marksmanship? He can only find true beauty in landing a difficult shot against impossible odds, against an impossible target. Leadership? He ends up sending all of his cult-like crew to their collective dooms in his crusade to seemingly terrify the world into ending the war.

Defined Motives

  • Torres is clear-cut in his motivation: to kill a million lives to terrify Erusea and Osea into ending the war. But as the final mission's intel suggests, the nukes he acquired aren't that powerful (at least not enough to kill a whopping million, not even with the radiation), and the submarine's effective range is less than the distance he projects to fire from. With those facts, it's clear that Torres is making shit up and barely concealing his desire for wanton murder.

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"They played us like a DAMN FIDDLE!" — Kazuhira Miller, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
AlmightyKingPrawn Darkwing Goose from The Last Resort Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Darkwing Goose
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:29:18 PM

[tup] Popov, Lee, Radovan, Dracula, Bosley. Damn, this thread moves fast.

Play Luigi's Mansion 3 for the love of god it's so good.
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:29:45 PM

[tup] to Eddie.

"My issue is more worry that it doesn’t provide evidence the canon stories don’t exist at all (and hence the heinous standard)."

That's an understandable point, it's a point I disagree with. Reason being that this it's still a Seperate work from the Canon franchise. So even if those Canon stories Still happened in this universe, they aren't being portrayed onscreen in this work(I really hope I'm phrasing that right and not confusingly). Plus it isn't the first time we've done Machinima, we don't compare the guys from Red vs Blue to those in Halo.

"More crimes and lack of redeeming qualities, not that everyone worse disappeared. Again, I can see it being done but for something akin to a fan work, it would be a bizarre choice."

I'm slightly confused, what exactly is strange or Bizzare about it?

Your coming together...will be your undoing
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:32:04 PM

Ano, I think this would go easier if you focused more on his noble motives being fake and his Freudian excuse not holding up.

Anyways...I get what Machinima are now. Yes to Eddie.

43110 36 styles of danger from the Brooklyn zoo Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
36 styles of danger
Dec 2nd 2019 at 6:33:56 PM

Rewriting a world like the original and suddenly having it with a crippled heinous standard would be odd. I’m... not so sure what confuses you about that bud.

Anyways, even if something is using the world of another work, I’m not going to write everything in the original work off as offscreen villainy. A fan Fic having to match canon heinousness when it keeps enough of the original is nothing new.

Edit: After talking this one over with Lighty I’m fine with the Machinima stuff. Yes to Future’s as well.

Edited by 43110 on Dec 2nd 2019 at 9:39:45 AM

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