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Feb 9th 2020 at 1:55:24 AM

Hotland - News Room

Alex finally managed to defuse the last bomb in time. Mettaton appeared to congratulate them before saying that the big bomb was about to explode, causing Alex to panic. Fortunately the bomb didn't explode.

"Phew... At least that's done." Aaron sighed in relief.

Then 2 creatures approached the group. The Rescue Squad gasped upon recognising them.

"Morgan?! Onox?!"

   "Actually, it's just Morgan here. That false Onox was just here to see your reactions. As you can see, I came alone."    the Morgrem cackled as the false Onox bursted into pink flames. He then looked at Mettaton with a smug face.

   "And my! This is how you treat fellow viewers? How rude of you, Mettaton!"   

"Why are you here, Morgan?" Aaron growled. The Morgrem chuckled in response.

   "Isn't it obvious? I came here to watch that show live, nothing more than that. Although it's too bad my favourite show is ruined by your presences, scumbags."   

Suddenly, Tokage jumped towards Morgan, restraining him on the ground.

"You bastard... What is the real reason? Where's Onox?"

   "Are you deaf, ugly head? I'm just here to watch this show live. And Onox is at home."    he replied, still smirking.

"DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!! IT'S SCIPION WHO SENT YOU HERE TO HARM US, I KNOW IT!" Tokage yelled at Morgrem who simply rolled his eyes.

   "I didn't knew you were that paranoid, dude. As much as I would've enjoyed that, nope. In fact, it's been a long time since I saw that damn crazy bastard."   

"You're lying. Everything you say is a lie. Why would I trust you this time, Morgan?" Tokage hissed, clearly restraining himself from using his blades on Morgan.

   "And they say I'm the bad guy... You want to kill me, are you? Pretty sure Mettaton or the green brat wouldn't be happy about that, this is a family show after all."   

"Tokage. Let him go." Aaron said, trying to calm down the furious Grovyle.

"Are you kidding?! We both know that this little piece of... Can't be trusted. I won't let him go!" Tokage shouted back. Morgrem was still grinning, savouring Tokage's breakdown.

" I know Tokage, but please calm down. I don't trust him either, but that's not a reason to kill him. And... What if Scipion learned about that?" Aaron said, trying to resonate his friend.

"Yeah. Maybe we can ask Mettaton to watch over him, but let him go. I don't want Scipion to go after us again." Alex begged.

Tokage looked at his friends, sighed and finally let Morgrem go.

"I don't know why you're really here. But once we're done with the challenges, I will find out about this." he warned before hugging his two friends.

Morgan rolled his eyes.    "Seriously? I highly doubt that Scips even care anymore giving how he left me behind for so long, so do it! Have your precious revenge, ugly head!"    Morgan taunted, doing middle fingers at Tokage.

"Shut up, Morgan!! Don't listen to him, Tokage." Alex shouted before calming down Tokage who was looking at the smug Pokemon with hatred.

"Mettaton. Is it possible to watch over this Morgrem? We know him too well and he's too dangerous to be left alone." Aaron asked, also suspicious about Morgan's true intentions.

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 9th 2020 at 4:43:16 AM

Hotland - News Room

OK, I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't sabotage our show.

Ralsei just glares at Morgan and can't help but see his resemblance to Susie.

"No offense," he says to her.

Hotland - 3rd Level

Ralsei takes the elevator to the 3rd floor while Mettaton flies up there, hovering over the Morgrem. The former checks the stall ahead of the group and reads the sign: Please support our Spider Bake Sale! Made by spiders, for spiders, OF spiders! All proceeds will go to helping the spiders!

He sees several Spider Donuts and Ciders laid out on the table and pulls his hand back when he checks their price tags.

"I hope you all brought enough money for them, 'cause Muffet won't like it if we don't buy from her!"

Mettaton just watches over Morgan. He arranged with Muffet beforehand to not attack the group if they don't buy, just this once, but decided not to tell Ralsei just to see his reaction.

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Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 9th 2020 at 7:37:06 AM

Hotland - 3rd Level

Morgan smirked mockingly at Susie, giving their ressemblances before following the rest of the group. Inside the elevator, Morgan sat on the wall at the opposite of the group. Tokage kept staring at him.

   "Hehehe... What's wrong, Tokage? Is that some kind of obsession you have with me?"   

"I'm simply making sure you don't stab us in the back, like you always do." Tokage growled.

Once they reached the third floor, Morgan stayed behind them Mettaton since he wasn't participating in the show. Tokage did his best to ignore him and followed the group to the Spider Bake Sale. Aaron raised an eyebrow upon seeing that the food was made by spiders and of spiders.

I really hope these spiders don't kill themselves for making this food. He thought

Before Alex could take a Spider Donut, he gasped at the ridiculously high price.

"9999G? But we don't have that much money on us! Aaron, how many Poké do we have?"

Aaron looked inside a small bag he was carrying and shook his head.

"Only 10. I didn't expect that we actually had to buy something so I didn't brought a lot…"

"Oh... I hope this Muffet won't be mad at us. And this donut seems really tasty..."

   "How about stealing it if you're so hungry, fat ass?"    Morgan mocked from behind. Alex growled and noticed Tokage taking a deep breath.

"Aaron, I don't think I'll be able to put up with this bastard for too long..."

"It's hard for all of us to put up with Morgan, but I know it must even harder for you with what he did to you. Ignore him, and I'm sure he'll eventually stop."

"I guess you're right... Thanks Aaron" Tokage sighed.

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Mhazard . . . . . . from Hong Kong Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
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Feb 9th 2020 at 9:14:04 PM

Arena Entrance, The Capitol

Having scored her first victory, Forte, now splattered with blood from the rest of the tributes, leaves a menacing smile before bailing out the King in Yellow from a river and leaving the Arena. It appears that Losyash's possession has severely damaged her mentality.

"Yellow... I've done it... I've done it..."

"Hey... Forte, are you okay?"

   "Mooses should be trusted..."   

"Moose? What had that moose done to you?!"

Forte takes out her combat knife and points at King.

   "just watch... nothing scary will happen..."   

"Forte, answer me! Forte... Sayaka, snap out of it!"

Just when Forte is about to strike King with her knife, King pulls out her pistol and whips Forte in the head, knocking her to unconsciousness. She then carries Forte to a clinic.

"...hesitation is defeat, didn't I tell you before? Sayaka, you're far from ready to live on your own. When can I finally stop worrying about you and the rest of your folks? Is living like a normal human really that hard for you?"

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Feb 9th 2020 at 9:57:31 PM

GC's Detective Agency

6k1 listens intently to TT's story and takes down notes. She then looks out the window and sees that the season has ended.

Whoa, this interview took much longer than I expected...

She gets up and thanks TT for his time and asks him one last question: "Assuming that Crash was your tribute, are you going to revive him before nominating your tributes for this season? And if so, how?"

The Database Library, Basement

"Meloetta, you were so close..."

6k2 has her tributes revived, though Twang/Flute's process had to done earlier due to being transformed into a slice of pie eaten by Ms. O, and thinks of her couple for Valentine's. Like Power, it's her least favorite holiday, but she still joins in on the fun. After some thought, she writes to Linguini and Colette, requesting them to let Rémy take charge of their restaurant while they're out.

She then answers her crystal ball.

"Hey 6k1— I mean 2! I helped Paper secure her school, and she's asking for some recommendations to properly staff it."

"I'll go write some reference letters to her, then. I'm sure my tributes would be interested in working there!"

6k2 turns to the feed and sees Garnet walk to her podium.

"Oh... She was my tribute in the OT, but I hope she visits your school!"

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Feb 10th 2020 at 8:03:08 AM

Abandoned Tactical Doll Factory, District 1

"Private, it's time for me to leave. Thanks for saving me at the end of the season. The world is harsh and the likes of Griffon and Kyruger mercenaries would always try to find an opportunity to harm me, you and your friends, and we always can't leave a second to breath, or else our friends would die."

Yegor gifts Alina an AN-94 assault rifle, which seems to the service rifle for the KCCO, as a token of friendship.

"But when we help each other and fight for the comrades in need, when we avenge our fallen comrades, the society we live in will prosper. If racing for a superweapon can stop the enemies from using it to destroy the world, I will. If using the said weapon to kill every enemy can protect my comrades, I also will. If you have a will to do everything at all cost without giving a damn about whether the people around the world understand you, the harsh world you'll fight against in the future means nothing to you. Farewell, and stay strong, Private."

He then leaves the factory and prepares to battle against the Griffon and Kryuger mercenaries, while Alina settles in the factory and begins to repurpose it into an art studio, a new home for the Magius Wing.

"Alina is still confused, but what he said does have a meaning. Speaking of friends, Alina wonder where Touka is up to. She's the one who led the Black Feathers back then, but Alina still have no news about her..."

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Feb 10th 2020 at 10:02:52 AM

The Arena Clinic, The Capitol

Forte is now recovering from Losyash's possession. At this moment, whether she's the champion of the season no longer matters for King. All she wants is for her friend to recover. When Forte is still unconscious, King drops out the code name tradition and speaks out her inner thought.

"It's my fault of sending you to the Arena without considering whether you can handle the pressure. The only thing I want now is to see that you're okay. I've already lost the world I belonged to, I can't afford to lose my friends. Miss Miki, I'm thankful that you've lent me Shizuki's homework a few years ago, no other classmates were willing to help me back then. Besides maybe Kaname, you're my only still-living friend left, and I wish our friendship wouldn't change in the future."

At the meantime, she receives a text message from a remnant of the old Quarters, which states that Scientist Hassel was banished from Panem and legally declared dead in order to protect him. However, due to his erratic antics and miscommunication with the locals, they have no choice but to cut off his internet access permanently, he's effectively isolated on an island, with only fish and water keeping him alive.

"At least he's safe. But without any friend, he might as well be dead. Considering what's happening to him, it might be a mercy for us? I've lost my world in the hands of a world-ending disaster, but I have Miki, and once I found a way to save Kaname, perhaps I could finally complete my duty of trying to give them a normal life? Who I am no longer matters, what matters is a normal life. My struggle against the Neon Quarters has nothing to do with them."

She then takes out a pair of old red glasses and observes it for a few seconds. The red glasses is an old relic from another world that's already been destroyed. Other than King, the pair of red glasses and the homework she mentioned are the only things left from that world.

"When can I finally wear it again? When will things go back to normal?"

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Feb 10th 2020 at 1:03:56 PM

CAC: Damn, Luigi AND Sonic will participate? I'm torn. Though I hope the latter doesn't want to kick my butt for the stuff I did as Platinum in the arena... I tend to be scarier than Bart in that form, Kythring.

Kythring: Mother of God!

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Dark, evil fox
Feb 10th 2020 at 1:06:47 PM

Distortion World

"Checkmate. I won again." Giegue said, smiling over his second victory. Mewtwo sighed in response.

"I suppose you're better at this kind of games than me. But that doesn't mean you're the smartest."

Upon noticing the season ended, Giegue and Mewtwo ran out of ideas for the Valentine season. Instead, they chose to summon random characters's fusions. They both chuckled when they summoned memetic fusions of Giorno and Sans and another one of Susie and Jotaro into the arena.

"I, Sans the skeleton have a dream." said the memetic skeleton while posing dramatically. Susie Kujo also posed as well and claimed "Quiet people piss."

"I certainly didn't expect that." the alien said.

"This will be interesting, considering how the actual Giorno was nominated and how 6k1 is close to some of these universes."

As they discussed about the upcoming season, Mewtwo was intrigued by Something.

"Tell me. Since you're an alien, you're using ships to travel through space, right?"

"Yes. I used to have a large mothership and an entire fleet at my disposal. But since my army was destroyed with my death, I lost everything, save for a small, personnal vessel. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was wondering if I could actually drive one."

Giegue tilted his head. "Driving one of my ships...? But why?"

Mewtwo raised his shoulders. "Curiosity, I guess. After all, your species's technology is quite fascinating to say the least."

Giegue nodded and told Mewtwo to follow him towards his personal vessel.

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Feb 10th 2020 at 3:57:56 PM

The Arena Entrance, The Capitol

Following Scientist Hassel's banishment and increasingly worsened health problem, the King in Yellow has effectively taken over the position of the nominator.

This time, she nominates a set of Gwent cards out of curiosity, trying to study how inanimate objects become animated during a season, as well as preventing what happened to Forte from happening again.

After a brief exchange with another nominator who couldn't make it on time, she blanks out her second tribute slot so that the said nominator could make it on time. She then heads back to the clinic, awaiting for Forte to wake up.

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Feb 10th 2020 at 5:20:06 PM

Hotland - 3rd Level

Ralsei tries his best to ignore Morgan as the team goes to the next room, which is a steam vent maze. Again, he suggests that they split up, and he decides to go to the south puzzle. After jumping from vent to vent, he walks against the conveyor belt's direction to avoid getting hurt by the blue lasers and proceeds to the puzzle room. The path to the north one is straightforward, and two monsters are talking about how hyped they are about the show.

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Feb 10th 2020 at 8:39:53 PM

Takeover of the Seas

With Squirk freed, Joe could finally begin his conquest. Soon enough he and Squirk began organizing an army of sea creatures (from fish to whales, marine reptiles, sea lions and others) , which Joe made subservient by giving them the fish antidote to increase their intellect and a big of Squirk's dark magic. The evil duo began organizing them for a takeover of Seaquestria.

Joe:    Creatures of the sea, for too long you've lived under the rule of the Seaponies, it's time for you to be the dominant creatures once again. Only if you follow me... and Squirk, who will bring you back to the glory of your now forgotten ancestors.   

Squirk:    Now my minions, go to Seaquestria and claim it as yours, imprison any seapony you can find, don't worry about their magic, I can fight back against it. Follow Crank and take back what's ours.   

Crank: Dat's right, get going you guppies! We got little ponies to crush.

After the army of sea creatures left, the two villains began to discuss their plans and some details.

Joe:    So the deal is, I get a good part of the surface world as mien to rule. And you get the oceans for yourself, right?!   

Squirk:    Yes, that will be it. If you dare to take more than what our agreement specifies, i'll dispose of you, and I will make you wish for death's sweet release.   

Joe got a little nervous, he knew well enough this could be it for him if he messed up. He responded to Squirk's words with a mere nod and a faked expression of nonchalance at his threat.

Forgive and Forget

As the disguised Tirek and Chrysalis were finishing their conversation with the princesses they began appealing to their kindness. Once they had released Cozy from prison, she faked hugging them in joy.

Cozy: Thank you so much, I'll be a nice pegasus from now on!

Tirek: Sure, we're done here for now, let's go back home.

Chrysalis: Clearly we ought to have some family talk.

Twilight: But there's a fair going on right now out there, don't you want to spend some time together in there? Might be a good way to begin amending fences.

Tirek: That does not sound like a bad idea, let's go, shall we!

Cozy: Yay!

The trio then were teleported to the fair by the princesses, as soon as they got there they began laughing internally at how easy the princesses were fooled. They rushed to some nearby bushes to discuss their plan.

Tirek: Ah, step 1 complete, I got to say you two did a decent job with your acting.

Coy: Nah, it was my sweet poor act that got to those dumb naive royals.

Chrysalis: Ahem, it was my concerned mother act that moved their small fragile hearts. It's good it salvaged the mess you two made.

Tirek: Excuse me, I did my part as well as I could.

Chrysalis: No you didn't you just acted like a mad brute and-

Before she could continue she was cut off by Cozy who grew tired of their argument.


Both Tirek and Chrysalis were surprised and caught off-guard by her sudden yelling and stopped arguing.

Cozy: Look we got a mission to accomplish here, put aside your differences now. Ugh, do I have to be the adult here?

Tirek: Okay, that's actually a good point, let's keep the pretenses, shall we? Sombra should meet us up here soon.

They went outside to explore and seemingly found Sombra, they tried to talk to him but as soon as he turned, they found out he didn't quite look right. His eyes were green, his mane no longer flowed, his horn was that of a normal unicorn and no longer wore armor. They thought twice about approaching him and instead watched from afar as a purple unicorn mare approached him.

Chrysalis: Uh, this is something new, I didn't know Sombra turned over a new leaf.

Tirek: It's outrageous how dare he-

Tirek then stopped talking as he spotted the disguised Sombra on another side of the crow, looking shocked at the sight of himself but reformed.

Cozy: Could this be a test of Grogar's?

Tirek: Something tells me it's not...

A Wrench in the Plans

Grogar and Bill watched from the base as the reformed Sombra came in at the worst possible time.

Grogar:    WHAT?! What even is he doing here?!   

Bill:    Little spanner in the works, huh?   

Grogar:    No, this is worse. If the Umbrum Sombra finds out he is nothing more than an evil essence given shape and not the real deal he will endanger my plans by losing control of his emotions.   

Bill:    Relax, Groggy, I'm sure things will work out in your favor regardless. That fish, squid and cockroach are doing a good job of rounding up seafood armies, so even if one plan fails, you got another to go.   

Back Home

As the rubble of Bale's house cleared, a small iguana was seen sleeping in a couch in the sitting room, she stared at her surroundings, confused due to her owner's absence and the house's wrecked state, she walked around inside for a bit, before walking off into the distance, searching for some food to eat.

The Demon King of Time.
TabbyGirl4 Blast to the Past from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Blast to the Past
Feb 11th 2020 at 6:15:28 AM


Ichigo enters the arena on the 5th day as Hilda brutally murders Riesz and finds the lake Pecan drowned in. She jumps into the lake looking for the body.

"Sometimes I wish I had the DNA of a Porpoise like Mew Lettuce so I can swim in these treacherous waters."

She finds Pecan's amputated body tied to a cinder block. She swims towards it and tries to untie the rope.

"Oh dear, what have those poor tributes done to you?"

"Alright I have it untied, here we go. I don't feel comfortable carrying a 4-day old corpse around. "

She climbs out of the lake and opens the teleporter, now pocket-sized, up and then teleported back to the base.

   "Oh,you're back. Did you get her?   

"Yeah, let's go inform Quack of the situation."

   "I'll come with you. I'm still recovering from a seizure I had a while ago. Hopefully, they'll stop."   

Ichigo enters the Operation Room where Dr. Quack is busy with his studies.

"Hey,Quack. I found the body."

   "Huh, you did? Okay, we start the revival process soon but we have to do something first."   

"Lemme guess,We should use prosthetic limbs until we can find a way to get her organic limbs again,nyaa."

   "It's not the best being a triple amputee but through magic and technology, surely we can find a way."   

Dr Quack ties some bandages on the limbs that were cut off and finds some prosthetic limbs that could fit her. He attaches them very tight and secure.

   "That should do it, ready to start?"   

"I would be glad to."

The Underground

Tabby and the group arrive at the vent puzzles.

   "Seriously? This again?"   

   "Let's go the separate way of Ralsei and finish that shooting puzzle again."   


After finishing the jumping the vents, Tabby looks at her messages.

   "Oh,it's Ichigo. Apparently they finished reviving Pecan and she is resting right now. Now this burden is off my shoulders for now."   

   "Heh,good for them."   

"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" -Yondu,2017
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Feb 11th 2020 at 6:26:08 AM

An Unknown Region, Outside Panem

Even though he no longer has access to the official Hunger Games Server, even though his health is getting worse, the exile who was once known as Scientist Hassel continued to make new efforts to improve the Arena's system using pen-and-paper, hoping that even if he died, he wouldn't die in vain.

He had effectively isolated himself from the entire world, slowly losing his ability to talk to any human being. His breath is effectively replaced by an everlasting cough, but all of the drafts and sketches scattered around his makeshift stone house have shown that he still wanted to contribute to the society that rejected him and his worsening health wouldn't stop his determination.

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Dark, evil fox
Feb 11th 2020 at 9:02:50 AM

Hotland - 3rd Level

Once they reached the steam vent maze, the Rescue Squad splitted up. Tokage went to the north with Tabby and Susie while Aaron and Alex followed Ralsei to the south.

"I'm glad to see that your friend is alright. Now let's get this over with." Tokage said to Tabby.

Once he reached the puzzle, Tokage read the piece of paper explaining the rules and began to think about how solving it.

At the other side, Alex and Aaron were mimicking Ralsei, avoiding the blue lasers. They reached the shooting puzzle.

"That puzzle seems a bit complicated." Alex said, scratching his hat.

"Don't worry. Just try to shoot the targets once I and Ralsei have move those boxes out of the way." Aaron replied.

Distortion World

"That's indeed a small ship." Mewtwo commented once he and Giegue reached the vessel.

"I know. That's a small fighter vessel with one seat for the driver and another one for an eventual passenger. It also possess an automatic mode, but I've never tried it before."

"Why?" Mewtwo asked, studying the ship from the exterior.

"Well, according to some of my Starmen, the AI suffered some bugs, making it dangerous to use it. For example, it tend to go extremely fast for no reasons."

Mewtwo smirked briefly


They both entered the ship. Mewtwo sat on the driver's seat and Giegue on the other one. Giegue then explained the controls to Mewtwo.

"One thing before we go, I would like that you don't drive too fast. I'm not really used to high speed."

"Did I smelled a bit of fear here?" Mewtwo said mockingly.

"Mewtwo, I'm serious here. I know you're a Thrill Seeker, but please don't drive too fast. I'm already a bit anxious about letting you take control of my vessel." Giegue said nervously.

"Don't worry. It will be fine." Mewtwo replied. He then started the ship.

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Feb 11th 2020 at 11:13:51 AM

Power's Art School

Paper studies the reference letters from 6k2, analyzing her reasons for recommending her tributes to the school. She smiles at how much potential these future art teachers have, and she also hopes that Garnet applies as her mind reader. The latter might have to work part-time since she has work at Little Homeschool.

And speaking of Little Homeschool, Paper takes a closer look at the letter recommending Blue Pearl. According to 6k2, her art has greatly improved since arriving in Beach City and studying there, but the DM couldn't have nominated the champion of OT S135 since she was serving Blue Diamond at the time. Could 6k2 have had a change of heart after hearing about Blue's development?

Paper raises her eyebrow at another letter. Why So Sorry, of all tributes, when his sentient drawings are left to be desired? 6k2 would beg to differ, though, since Paper can mentor him in an internship program so he can learn from the master.

Props to her for going out of her way to reach him even when he's off-schedule. He also would need motivational training so that my students could get along with him well.

The art clone continues reading the letters, nodding at the potential crafts teachers as well. After deciding on who to call for the interview, she prepares to decorate for Hearts and Hooves Day.

Hotland - 3rd Level

Ralsei looks at the screen and studies how the boxes are placed. With the help of Aaron, he sorts them in the corridors and lets Alex shoot the target. He gives them a high-five for a job well done, then regroups with the others at the door. It opens with a loud thud, and they rest the SAVE Point.

He looks ahead and sees some spiderwebs in the room in front of him.

"Everyone... better watch your step when we go in..."

Back at the Spider Bake Sale, Mettaton says to Morgan, I'm sorry, but I must excuse myself to get ready for my musical performance! Can't afford to keep my wonderful guests waiting for my grand entrance!

He summons a Mini-Mettaton in his place before flying away.

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Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 11th 2020 at 2:17:23 PM

Hotland - 3rd Level

With Ralsei's help, Aaron sorted the boxes in the corridor, allowing Alex to shoot the target.

"YEAH!" Alex exclaimed as the trio did an high-five.

At the other side, Tokage helped to place the boxes, allowing Tabby, Susie and Kris to succeed the puzzle.

"Let's continue. I have a feeling it'll be over soon enough."

Once they were together, the group entered through the door and arrived in a dark room full of webs.

"Damn, there's really a lot of webs! Maybe I could try burning them so that it would be easier to progress?"

"Bad idea. We'll likely burn alive if you even touch one with your tail considering how this place is filled with spider webs."

"Yes. And... I feel that the spiders from this world are sentient. We shouldn't burn their houses by accident!"

"Really? Then I'll try to be careful..." Alex said as he tried to not burn anything with his tail.

Meanwhile, Morgan raised an eyebrow upon Mettaton leaving him. He disrepectfully sat on the Mini-Mettaton thinking about what the robot just said.

   Musical performance? Grand entrance? Funny, you won't be the only one...    he thought to himself, grinning and playing with his hair as he summoned a pink portal in his hand to watch the Dragon ball's group progress.


   "Mistress, I have succesfully reached the land of Panem."    a very small floating being said to a purple gem, similar to the one Morgan used to teleport himself to the Underground.

   "Good. And I suppose Morgan and Onox are not here?"    a feminine voice asked from the gem.

   "This information is correct, mistress."   

The voice sighed.

   "That does not surprise me. Morgan probably brought Onox with him somewhere to cause trouble. Oh well, they should be back soon enough. Let us find my dear Scipion in the meantime, shall we? I sense he hide somewhere in this... exotic country."   

   "Understood mistress. And what should I do if I get spotted by one of the inhabitants of this land?"   

   "Do as you wish, little Clyde. You can leave them alone, or do what must be done if you are feeling hungry on the way or if they are too troublesome."   

Clyde nodded and the purple gem disappeared inside him. As the moon was rising, it's light revealed that he was a small Shuppet carrying a emotionless expression. The small Pokemon began his search.

Distortion World

At first, Mewtwo travelled through the Distortion World at an average speed, trying to get familiar with the commands of the ship and dodging the various floating platforms of the realm. He then accelerated a bit, causing Giegue to gulp.

"Errm... You're going a bit too fast." Giegue muttered, holding on to his seat.

"Is that so? Personally, I think I could go faster." Mewtwo answered as the ship went faster. Giegue started to really be scared.

"Seriously, please don't! Stop being so reckless"


The Dark Star appeared behind the ship, clearly not happy.

"You again... What do you want?" Mewtwo asked, clearly annoyed by the evil artifact. Ever since he stayed in the Distortion World, he wasn't in very good terms with both Scipion, because of their respective egos, and the Dark Star.

   "It has been a while since I have commited an evil action. Developping the dark power is one thing, but I have to use it to spread darkness and malice across the world. Even though we are allies and since I currently did not receive any permition from lord Giratina to unleash my darkness in one world, I believe I shall feast upon your feelings. Lord Giratina is away and cannot feed me with his shadows, so Giegue's fear will be an enjoyable replacement for my food."    the artifact said without a hint of remorse.

"What exactly are you planning, you miserable fool?" Mewtwo growled. The Dark Star's eyes flashed.

   "Do not fret. It is not like I seek to dispose of you. But since you seek to have thrills, I thought about satisfying this thirst for excitement. Oh, and another thing. Both of your psychic powers, but they pale in comparison to what the dark power can now achieve, so I suggest you prepare yourself."   

Mewtwo gasped as he completely lost the control of the ship and the automatic mode took over. He tried to regain control, but the Dark Star's power prevented him to do so. Giegue yelped and clinged to his seat.

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Feb 11th 2020 at 4:51:17 PM

The Arena Clinic, The Capitol

Forte has finally recovered from Losyash's possession, and she's feeling sleepy, exhausted by a lengthy battle.

The duo then leave the Capitol and head back to the cafe.

"It's over... we can finally go home..."

Can you beat Airman?
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Feb 11th 2020 at 10:37:50 PM

Muffet's Lair

As Ralsei tiptoes through the webs while Alex provides the light source, he hears a girlish giggle echo in the room.

"Ahuhuhu... Did you hear what they just said?"

"I think that must be her..." he says to the others in a hushed voice.

"They said that a nominator, some tributes, three people from a similar yet familiar world, and several Pokémon will come through..."

"She means us... right?"

Ralsei sees a tiny spider scuttle on the walls. Many more follow it by walking along the webs.

"I heard that they're looking for a Dragon Ball..."

"Of course, we are," he says to the voice.

"I heard that the nominator's assistant is recovering from last season..."

He looks at Tabby with concern and wishes for Pecan's speedy recovery.

"I heard that the Grovyle had a fight with the Morgrem..."

He turns to Tokage. How did she know?! he thinks to himself. I hope he doesn't get into a fight with her for that...

Ralsei then struggles with walking. His boots feel sticky, and he tries to remove the webs that are tangled with them.

"I guess we have no choice but to cross this one..."

He also tries swatting them away with his scarf, but they get tangled with it, too.

"A little help here, anyone?"

He hears more giggling. Ralsei looks up and sees a purple spider in a frilly dress descend from the ceiling. She's bigger than the ones he saw earlier.

"I heard... that they're all invited to my tea party!"

Muffet drops down in front of the group and pulls out a teapot and some cups.

"What? Why?" asks Ralsei. "I thought you were gonna attack us!"

She pours some tea for her guests, which also has spiders in them.

"Ahuhuhuhu... I'm letting you off for now. At least you took interest in helping our cause~!"

She also whistles to order some of her Spider Scouts to bring donuts and croissants.

"I also think you're here to taste my pastries in person, aren't you, deary?"

"Um... yes, of course!"

"Ahuhuhu... I agree with that notion! Let's have a little chitchat before you go watch the musical~!"

And so Ralsei introduces the Delta Warriors to her, with the others following suit. However, he sees that Muffet's being wary of Alex, and several Spider Scouts scuttle away from the Charmeleon.

"Don't worry, he won't burn your lair down by accident."

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Feb 12th 2020 at 3:40:33 AM

Muffet's Lair

As they were trying to get through the spider webs, everyone heard a girlish voice speaking.

"Everyone, stay on your guard." Aaron said, hushing to the others.

Tokage growled under his breath when the voice mentionned his fight with Morgan, but kept his cool, remembering Aaron's advices.

The webs became more and more numerous and the group was stucked. Alex was struggling a lot to not touch anything with his tail while trying to remove them.

"Who are you? Show yourself at once!" Tokage shouted, the leafs on his arm glowing in a green light. He then cut the webs that were stuck on him using Leaf Blade and prepared to free the others before Muffer showed herself.

"Wait Tokage! I don't think she wants to fight us!" Aaron called out to him as she appeared. Aaron's guess proved to be correct. Once he was sure that she was friendly, he gladly introduced his team to her.

Muffet and the spiders then gave everyone some tea as well as donuts and croissants. But Alex, surrounded by the webs, felt uneasy, fearing that he accidentally burned some. Fortunately, Tokage used Leaf Blade on the nearby webs, allowing Alex to move freely without any worries.

"Sorry I had to do that. But we're never too cautious." Tokage apologised before drinking some tea with Aaron while Alex was eagerly eating the croissants and donuts.

Back in the level 3 of Hotland, Morgan frowned when Muffet mentionned Tabby being a nominator. He mentally contacted Onox who was somewhere else by secretly using the purple gem.

   So, how it's going?   

Slowly but surely. The Rescue Squad and their friends are going to have a very bad time.

   Nice... About that, half-wit. The human chick with magic powers. She's a nominator.   

Onox's voice stopped for a moment. A nominator...? Here...?

Morgan smiled to himself as he felt his partner's anger building up.

These bastards took our boss away from us! I'll kill her! I'll kill her and then I'll capture this damned Rescue Squad and crush their Dragon Ball!! he roared.

   That depend of how much energy you'll be able to produce, big guy. I want to make them pay as much as you do but for that, you need to give it your all. So get moving, scumbag.    Morgan ordered.

Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Feb 12th 2020 at 7:04:00 AM

Outer Space, The Fifth Vessel

Elliot's eyes opened again. On this day, he felt curious about something: What about Elliot Sigma? Recently, he heard news that there was a planet in the multiverse known as New Centrality, but knowing he had precious cargo on board, he decided to go alone.
"Hey, Rose?" Elliot asked the cat was lounging, currently with her girlfriend and brother, "Can you do me a favor and phone me if anything comes up on the comms?"
Rose nodded. Elliot, in turn, hopped in a portal and showed up in...

New Centrality

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Feb 12th 2020 at 8:05:12 AM

Power's Art School

Paper admires the classroom decorations for Valentine's Day. Besides the usual colored heart cutouts, both solid and striped, other symbols of love fill the room with romantic ambiance. She didn't forget The Four Loves, either, so other decorations featuring friendship, familial love, and unconditional love are present. Each desk has empty cards on them, for this season's lesson will be about making greeting cards for that special someone.

The art clone goes back to the teacher's lounge and studies Blue Pearl's portfolio, which was included in the reference letter. 6k2 was right when she said that the latter's artwork has improved. Her outlines started out rough, but over time she learned how to refine them. Not only is she good at digital art, she also has skills in traditional art. Paper admires how much finesse was given to Blue's drawing of Yellow Pearl, and she can tell that Yellow enjoyed modeling for that, too.

Paper then draws up the same Hard Light device that the Diamonds use to make video calls and activates it.

"Good evening, Blue Pearl. I am Paper Stroke, Headmare of Power Stroke's School of Arts and Crafts. I'm calling you because TRP-6001 recommended you to work at my school as an art teacher. Are you ready for your interview?"

The blue Gem nods and says yes.

Muffet's Lair

Muffet giggles when Alex stuffs his face with the pastries while Ralsei gives the Spider Donut a taste test. In truth, he didn't want to try it, but he didn't want to upset the host either.

"I'm so glad you like it, Ralsei~!" says the spider.

He simply nods while chewing.

"And you three rescue Pokémon in need?" Muffet asks Aaron. "Did you meet any spider Pokémon? 'Cause I think they'd make the perfect ingredients for my next batch! I also need to feed my pet over there!"

Ralsei stops eating his donut and sees her pet muffin monster sleeping in the corner.

"I think we should all go before that pet wakes up..."

He thanks her for the snacks and leaves some money in the donation web.

"Oh? Leaving so soon, dearie?"

"The musical should be starting any minute now, so we can't be late!"

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Smiley100P My fren drew me this 0w0
My fren drew me this 0w0
Feb 12th 2020 at 11:45:03 AM

New Centrality

Elliot Sigma's ears perked up as he got a phone call from Elliot. He ran to his phone and picked it up, listening to his alrternate self through the phone.
"...You wanna what?" asked Elliot Sigma.

Scipion3 Dark, evil fox from Distortion World Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark, evil fox
Feb 12th 2020 at 2:41:13 PM

Muffet's Lair

As the Rescue Squad were enjoying Muffet's food, she approached them and asked if there were spider Pokemon in their world.

"Yes! They're not very common but there is spider Pokemons in our world, like Spiranaks for example. Why do you ask?"

Needless to say, Aaron was horrified, his jaw dropping when Muffet told him she uses her own species to make food.

"W-W-Wait... So that sign we came across earlier... You're actually cannibals?!"

"You didn't knew? Wild spider Pokemons also eat each other from time to time, I've read that somewhere." Tokage explained.

Aaron just stared in shock at Tokage, then at Muffet and then at Alex, his mouth full of donuts.

"Aaron? What's wrong? Your face's becoming green." the Charmeleon asked, his mouth full of food with some spider visible inside. Aaron covered his mouth tried his best to not show he wanted to puke, out of courtesy.

"H-Huh? N-No it's nothing... It's just that I'm a bit sick when I drink too much. Hehe..." he answered nervously. Tokage smiled, amused by his friend's reaction.

"Relax. Giving how Muffet is nice to her people, I'm sure it's completely different from Scipion."

"And it's delicious! You should try some!"

"If you say so. But still, just the thought of someone eating another person from their own species... It's too cruel for me." Aaron sighed as he reluctantly tasted one croissant. Althought he was still a bit disturbed had to admit that it was delicious.

Then, the Rescue Squad noticed Muffet's pet.

"Wow... That's quite a pet you got there..."

They also left some Poké in the web before following him.


Clyde was secretly scanning the Art School at a safe distance, ignoring the various decorations for Valentine's Day. The Shuppet deduced that Scipion wasn't in the building.

As he was floating away, a squad of Peacekeepers that were patrolling the area noticed the Pokemon. They immediately pointed their weapons at him.

   "What is it? I have no time to interact with you, humans."    Clyde sighed.

"You're a Pokemon, are you? What were you doing wandering near the Art School?" The leader asked.

   "I was looking for a Zoroark named Scipion who just left the Disortion World, and my mistress told me that he was in this world."   

"Scipion? He has returned in Panem despite our warnings? If what you said is true, you must help us find him for all the crimes he comitted. He must be punished."

   "Oh, so you are looking for him as well? My mistress share a close relationship with him. Maybe you could be usefu-"   

Clyde was interrupted as the soldiers started to shoot at him as soon as they heard he was on Scipion's side. The Shuppet didn't defend himself, the balls and lasers filling it's cloth with holes. But Clyde didn't screamed. He didn't felt anything and was still carrying a neutral expression.

   "How strange. You seems to have something against Scipion, I can feel your anger. Unfortunately, I see that you are preventing me from accomplishing my task. It seems I have no choice..."   

Clyde's eye flashed and a small dark ball emerged from the bottom of Clyde. The ball became larger before 3 lasers immediately incinerated, electrocuted and froze the entire squad at the same time, save from the leader. The ball took the shape of a large Hydreigon. The dragon jumped on the leader and teared him apart violently by using it's arms shaped like mouth, with Clyde watching the scene without any emotions.

   "We have wasted enough time with this group of humans. Let's go Cerberus."   

Cerberus growled as he finished to devour the leader's remains and the monster turned back into a ball. It entered Clyde's body and the Shuppet resumed his search like nothing happened.

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Spider Web

   "Thanks y'all for wishing her well but let's get through this giant mess."   

She and the others step into a very sticky room. In there, they meet Muffet. Tabby and Susie feel bewildered by the voice of her chattering about their secrets.

   "Oh,it's just Muffet. She's cool but she can be really scary"   

   "I don't like where this is going."   

One spider gives her a donut, she happily accepts it and eats it. She gets a very crunchy feeling in her mouth, realizing they're spiders.

   "These are really good but you used spiders in your pastries from what I can taste? There's nothing wrong with that."   


   "Susie, Muffet has a different culture than us. In ours, it's depraved but in hers,its justified."   

   "Sorry about that,madam. I didn't know that."   

   "You know,I recommend using Joltiks in your next batch to get that sparky taste since Spinaraks are poisonous."   

   "Let's go now before her pet wakes up. It's giving me the creeps."   


They say goodbye to Muffet before heading to the Theatre.

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