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How is the above avatar offensive?

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Afterwards the cake is an alternative fact from Where Nothing Gathers Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
the cake is an alternative fact
Apr 29th 2020 at 2:49:55 PM

bronies are disgusting and therefore so is all of MLP

A full course meal on the Holy Night! The last supper, Ultima Cena!
Bluethorn Spooky Duplighost from Spiral Mountain Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Spooky Duplighost
Apr 29th 2020 at 3:06:12 PM

He's eating a lollipop. That's unhealthy.

The steeple bells are ringing...
The_Dag Protect the cinnamon bun from bad to worse Relationship Status: Norwegian Wood
Protect the cinnamon bun
May 22nd 2020 at 11:27:11 PM

It's too spooky for children.

Mankind is unloveable. No more kindness!
ginsengaddict The Ship You Can't Take from Gone, Gone and Gone Relationship Status: Star-crossed
The Ship You Can't Take
May 22nd 2020 at 11:41:05 PM

She has a subtle smirk. That means she has a up to no good.

Lightning McQueen IN SPACE!
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